Sergi Reboredo and Cristina Silvente, with FARMACÉUTICOS MUNDI are running a humanitarian project for Kenya. The aim is to support the action of a medical dispensary in the location of Mwangeni, Kitui, a rural area that suffers from malaria and HIV/AIDS, and has worsen its situation due to the last droughts, being declared by his President as a National Disaster.

The idea came out August last year during our stay in Ikutha, Kenya, while documenting the situation of the population that lives there. Since then, we have been looking for resources to try to raise funds, knocking the doors of NGO’s and Town Councils who didn’t answered nor gave denials. For it, our friend and Pedagogue Puri Martínez has been collaborating.

The aid to Mwangeni consists in dispatching an order of medicines and medical material, so it impels a rotator fund for the later acquisition of them in the country, this way also support the hiring of sanitarian staff: a registered nurse who will train two aid nurses who will work on health and nutritional education in the community.

This dispensary depends on the Catholic Church of Ikutha which runs Fr. Dominic Nzoka who develops since time ago other projects, as the occupational training for girls with low means. He collaborates too with the Program HOME CARE domiciliary care of HIV/AIDS affected families and the orphans of this illness.

The Agencia Catalana de Cooperación al Desarrollo de Cataluña foots the bill of the grant of this project.