Flatiron Building. Between 22nd St. and 23rd St. and between Broadway and 5th Ave Fuller Building Also known by its founder, construction was completed in 1902 and was one of the first skyscrapers that incorporated a steel structure which will allowed to reach 87 meters in height. The facade of limestone and clay, forms a triangle that only two meters wide in the 23rd St. and resembles the prow of a ship. Designed by architect Daniel Burnham who was inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture, looking for beauty and perfection through geometric calculations. The building is located at 175 Fifth Avenue (5th Avenue). The triangular shape of the Flatiron Building is defined by Broadway Street on the east and 5th Avenue on the west, 22nd Street to the south. The defendant vertex of the two main fronts converging on a curve leaves only 2 meters wide between them. These two walls have an angle between them of only 25 degrees. The 5th Avenue and Calle Broadway defining this interesting skyscrapers from the standpoint of structural and architectural triangular, motivated this area is also known as the area of bystanders, since after built the building began to exist numerous air currents caused to rise up the skirts of women passing through the streets of the neighborhood. The materials used in the Fine Arts style facade of limestone are combined with terra-cotta panels of different shapes pillow. There are also several different ornamental facades of French and Italian Renaissance influence. The building seems to evoke the majestic figure of a classical Greek column divided into three parts. The Flatiron Building, for its style, its forms and indisputable as a symbol of the History of New York and the United States, was declared a National Monument in 1989, the famous building is also registered in the National Register Historic Places since 1979.