New York Botanical Garden. Kazimoroff Bronx River Parkway and Boulevard. It has a large Victorian conservatory named Enid A Haupt Conservatory, which is just inaugurate Kiku, which is what they call the new Japanese garden full of chrysanthemums that evoke the beautiful gardens of Kyoto.Este Botanical Garden opened its doors in 1891 and has 100 acres filled with lush vegetation. It also has a forest walks from coniferous trees and the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden with 2,700 roses, including the American varieties, among many other points of interest. An electric train runs every half hour the most important points of the Botanical Garden. Children have a special section called Everett Children's Adventure Garden for the smallest to learn many things in nature exploring and discovering a fun way. The Herbarium of the New York Botanical Garden houses a vast collection of plant specimens preserved and cataloged according to a standardized classification system. All groups of plants, angiosperms, gymnosperms, ferns, mosses, fungi, lichens, liverworts and algae, are represented by specimens collected around the world, but the main emphasis has been on copies for America. This collection includes information belonging to 5 families Mimosaceae, Caesalpiniaceae, Fabaceae, Asteraceae and the Division Pteridophyta of Mexico and Central America. The database includes records for 16 730 354 2 728 genera and species.