Entrance to the park from Prospect Park. <M> Prostect Park B-Q. Crossing Grand Army Plaza to the south we arrived at Prospect Park, with a large expanse of lawn about 40 hectares, in which the people of Brooklyn are doing here as well as their counterparts in Manhattan in Central Park. In the southern part of the park is a small lake called Lake Prospect with a creek and a white terra cotta mansion called The Boathouse. In summer, the New York Philharmonic concerts, musical program in this park, which attracts people from all over New York. Prospect Park is an area of 237 hectares of the most populated district in the city of New York in the heart of Brooklyn. Its design was landscaped by the same architects, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, who designed Central Park. More than seven million people visit the park every year. The park has 36 acres of virgin prairie that is called 'Long Meadow. " Every year the New York Philharmonic presents numerous summer concerts. Added to that, Prospect Park contains the only forest in Brooklyn. Inside the forest is 'The Ravine', a steep and narrow canyon with flowing water. Visitors can enjoy hiking through the jungle. In addition, have the opportunity to enjoy fishing and pedal boating in the lake of 24 acres of Prospect Park. Also available are power boating. The park is also home to the Audubon Center, an interactive exhibit that allows visitors internalized more on what the park is concerned. The Audubon Center has an information center, a gift shop and cafe. Besides all this, the park also highlights the zoo (Prospect Park Zoo). It has 400 animals of 80 species, apart from the many exhibits for children as "Animal World" (World of Animals), in which children can observe prairie dogs and small kangaroos closely. Other options offered by the park include: • The villa of Litchfield • The Grand Army Plaza • The Children's Corner (Children's Corner), near the Zoo • The ice rink 'Wollman Rink' • The center of tennis • House picnic