Typical landscape in the Bronx to the underground high in the background. There are two main attractions of the Bronx who could not be absent from the agenda of the tourists visiting this famous neighborhood. The Bronx's Zoo is a special place for children, which will appreciate more than 6,000 animals, representing part of the fauna from around the world. Another interesting attraction is the New York Botanical Garden, which was created in the late nineteenth century and where you can see huge collections of plants of all kinds, and a walk through it you can not miss the Rockefeler Peggy Rose Garden, a place which dominates a wide variety of roses. Also in the Bronx have large-scale attractions such as The Yankees stadium. This stadium has been used since 1923, and enjoy a baseball game at the heart of the Bronx into a colossus of the game as this stage can be a wonderful experience. Finally, a curiosity to visit in the Bronx is the Poe Cottage, which was the last residence of the genius that was Edgar Allan Poe. The famous writer lived there between 1846 and 1849, and if you're a fan of this author sure you want to look at this place. To achieve the Bronx take the subway through the South Bronx where the metro runs to open. The areas of most North Bronx have significantly improved its reputation in recent years and are viewed by New Yorkers as a good place to bring home. A Danish immigrant, Johannes Bronck, founded the Bronx when it acquired 200 hectares of land of the Netherlands' Dutch West India Company in 1639. Indeed, one of the attractions is a cemetery and another is the cottage where Edgar Allan Poe spent a very sad period in the last years of his life. Anyway, if they ignore the warnings of New Yorkers be able to explore much of the Bronx in complete security and feel rewarded for the effort.