Theatre Shubert Alley in the Theater District. 225 West 44th Street. Inside the Venetian Renaissance facade, lined up aspiring actor in the 20 to audition and assess their talent. The theater was opened in 1913 with Shakespeare's plays as Othello, Hamlet and Merchant of Venice. Say hello to Broadway on the route through the most famous theater district in the world. Viewed from the perspective of the entrepreneur nicknamed Yankee Doodle Dandy, you will make a visit to the legendary performance of the area as the New Amsterdam, and the Imperial Palace. In Shubert Alley you can follow the footsteps of your singers and dancers or dancers favorites and discover the history of the great achievements and musical theater in Times Square and surrounding streets. The New York Pass entitles you to make the journey George M. Free Tour Cohan Theatre District or one of the following walking tours of Uncle Sam's New York Walking Tours, as well as entry to 50 attractions of the city of New York.