Escaparete of an exclusive shoe store on Fifth Avenue. Are synonymous with luxury shops of Fifth Avenue and especially in this stretch from 48th Street to 59th Street at Central Park. In 1917, Cartier bought the mansion of banker Morton Plant in exchange for a pearl necklace, starting a trend to be followed by all other business enterprises such as Tiffany, Versace, Louis Vuitton and Armani, among many others. The resort is the chosen one of the most prestigious hotels like the Plaza or the Waldorf-Astoria. In addition, some prestigious companies are also based here such as IBM, General Electric, Apple. Inditex landed in the United States two decades ago with his first start in New York, where it already has eight stores, seven of them on Fifth Avenue, and later landed in 2001 in Florida, with seven stores and three years later in California , with 10 stores. These three cities account for half of the establishments 'Zara' in the United States.