Battery Park is a wonderful place for cycling. The name comes from the artillery of the Netherlands and British who settled there, in order to protect the port. At the north end of the park is Pier A, formerly a fire station. Along with the Hudson River Park, a system of bike lanes and walkways extending to the edge of the Hudson River. A bike path is being built through the park, which will connect the Hudson River and East River. If we are interested in buying an apartment in New York we have the following considerations: As in the case of rentals, there are several methods. The first and most common is to use a broker, or realtor. Needless to say you will pay the price for their services. How? Well to give you an idea, the broker usually charges the seller 6%. A lot, right?. Yes, and unfortunately this affects the sales price is increased by this amount, so it ends up paying the buyer. The disadvantage of using a broker is obvious, 6%. The advantages we all know. You save much time, because what you seek you have access to more apartments and then advise you and help with the buying process, especially in the case of co-op's.