Park Central Park. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. We can start our tour of Central from the east entrance of the 97th near 96th Street subway <M> 4-5-6, or start from the northern entrance on 110th Street and go down. Jacqueline Kennedy is the most important water reserves in Central Park with 43Ha. To the northwest of the lake there are several baseball fields, a sports star of the country. A path around the lake, and there are so many people jogging here, which is set to run in one direction, namely in the direction of clockwise. After they are also the typical marathon, and I mean not just the famous New York marathon, but they are usually held throughout the year under large sports companies like Nike, Adidas as well as drinks and a so very long. If anyone is interested, the Nike Town in New York one in the 5th Avenue and another in the Time Warner Towers are dedicated to promote its athletic footwear free loans for marathons and so be promoting. So there's no excuse, if you come to Manhattan and can not say that you threw your tennis bag and so you can enjoy a good race through Central Park with Robert de Niro, Ben Affleck ... or Madonna.