Building of the NYSE. New York Stock Exchange. 11 Wall St. (closed to the public for security reasons). The building of the bag, or simply also called Wall Street, has become the global symbol of capitalism. A large flag flies over the main building overlooking St Broad Street, under which brokers parade dressed from side to side of the street. The building itself is a sight to the building is located on the corner of 5th Street and Broadway in Manhattan. It was built and designed with a classic and elegant style, some critics even claim the Greek and imperial air as 6 large, wide columns appear to the strength and power of all that was decided. All Wall Street area acts as financial heart of the city and throughout the area there are many skyscrapers classic architecture and finally surrounded by the sea, which gives the particularity of the New York skyline. The NYSE (New York Stock Exchange, NYSE, in English) is the largest stock market in the world money supply and the first in number of companies assigned. Their mass action was surpassed by that of NASDAQ [1] during the '90s, but the capital of companies listed on the NYSE is five times greater than the NASDAQ. The NYSE has an annual transaction volume of 21 billion dollars, including the 7.1 billion non-US companies.