Chelsea is one of the quietest residential neighborhoods in Manhattan, there are still many stone houses of the nineteenth century, and gallery owners have found this place the modern space suitable for displaying the works of their artists. Much of the gay community with greater purchasing power has also been moved to this part of town, so it is also known to this part of the city as "gayborhood." The Garment starts from 27 St, between the eighth and the sixth and has become the ultimate shopping place with Macy's to the head. Taxi There are plenty of taxis in New York. But it is hard to find one when it is raining or rush hour (between 5 and 7 pm). Just ride you are $ 2.50, and say that about the dollar for each kilometer. Overall, the typical displacement you can easily go for $ 9. Recollect tip the driver or if there will be furious. It is normal that the dollar redondeéis next, and if you have the bad luck that total to pay just 75 to 99 cents, you will have to give another dollar tip. Anyway, visit this site for more timely information.