New York is the largest city in the United States New York has three airports  


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New York

New York is the largest city in the United States and it shows even before landing. The massive Manhattan skyline looming on the horizon many miles before the plane should land. For over a century, is the center of global finance directed from Wall Street, where major listed companies in the world and besides, this city is a reference in fashion, culture, politics and education. In its streets also enters the headquarters of the UN which implies that many of the global political decisions are taken and discussed at the headquarters of which 192 states are party. Spain for example, a member since December 14, 1955.
In the cultural field of the last century has always been a leading city with movements like abstract expressionism in painting, the Harlem Renaissance visual arts and literature, punk, hip hop and documentary photography and many more.
Today its inhabitants are composed of a motley melting pot (Jews, Germans, Italians, Chinese, Hispanics and Asians and others) who have come to this city in search of the American dream in a somewhat turbulent time since the city seems a little number from the Sept. 11 attacks combined with the financial crisis of 2009.
New York City comprises five boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan neighborhoods divided all. Like most interesting things are in Manhattan have divided this guide into 15 areas of Manhattan (some of them include more than one quarter) with a tour that includes outlying counties in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

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New York has three airports located first-order two in Queens (the John F. Kennedy International Airport and JFK International Airport La Guardia LGA) and one in Newark (Newark Liberty International Airport EWR). From Spain there are direct flights from Madrid with Iberia Tel 902400433, 902401501 Tel Air Europa and American Airlines Tel 902,115,570. From Barcelona it does directly Delta Tel 917496630, 915592710 Continental Airlines and American Airlines, Delta and from Valencia has a direct flight in spring and summer. When we travel outside of Madrid must be careful on flights as offered by companies such as Iberia and direct technical stopping or standing in Madrid and then turns out to be a simple flight level that forces you to change planes and go wandering the airport for more than 50 minutes back to again pass all inspections of customs posts in the same manner as if viajásemos to New York via Frankfurt Lufthansa, Air France Paris, or from London with British Airways, because many times the price of similar companies usually would have to assess that offers each of them. For example if you fly with British Airways are usually very strict with the weight of the luggage, they charge you to reserve a seat, check more than one bag, plus the controls are more stringent in London, with the consequent need for more time at the airport before boarding. If we do together with children, for example, American companies do not provide any additional care and children do not go up first on the plane unless you have a ticket bussines, of course. These companies have also eliminated alcohol, except wine and beer, including beverages served for free in class. Another value to consider companies would use the same airline group to earn miles and get free flights or other privileges.
John F. Kennedy (JFK) Tel 718-244-4444
It is located about 24 miles from downtown Manhattan and it takes nearly an hour to arrive. The cheapest way to get the new AirTrain is combined with the metro. The AirTrain is a kind of shuttle train that connects all the airport terminals by underground lines A in Howard Beach and the E, J and Z at Sutphin Blvd - Archer Ave El service between terminals is free and the connection to the meter has a cost of $ 5 added to the 2.25 meter. It always pays when you reach the subway connection and there is a combined ticket to both costs $ 7. Yellow taxis can cost from airport to downtown Manhattan between 45 and $ 55 more depending on traffic tolls and tips. The bus costs $ 15 and takes about an hour, and minibuses are $ 20. Another way to get to town is by limousine and its price is about $ 225 excluding tip that we give the driver of it. In recent years, and to make things easier for travelers, there are shared shuttle vans to drop you at the doorstep. The price is $ 21. If money is no problem for us is a helicopter service that costs $ 600 and it takes you to the Big Apple in less than 10 minutes.
LaGuardia Airport (LGA) Tel 718-533-3400
This is the closest airport to downtown Manhattan, but is mainly used for domestic flights. Located just 13 kilometers and it takes half an hour to reach three quarters of an hour. Public buses M60, Q33 and Q47 connect the airport to Manhattan and various subway stations. Work on the same subway pass or coins and the price is $ 2.25. The express bus service costs $ 12 and there are three lines. The first covers the route of the hotels are located in the east between 31 and 59 streets. The second and the third covers the Central West area of Manhattan, stopping at NY Penn Station (31st-33rd and Seventh Avenue) and the bus stop in the eighth with 42 respectively. The shuttle vans and cost from $ 13. A taxi to Manhattan costs about 35-40 dollars for a half hour trip, plus tips added. It is also possible at this airport limousine service rent to $ 225 and the helicopter to 600 dollars or more depending on the company.
Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) Tel 888-397-4636
The airport, which operates 24 hours a day, is located in Newark at 25 miles from Manhattan and it takes at least 45 minutes to 1 hour to arrive. The cheapest way to get there is the AirTrain, which is free to New Jersey, where we catch a train to Penn Station will cost us $ 15. For a few dollars ahórranos can also take bus 62 to the Newark Penn Station (1.35 U.S. $) and from there the NJ Transit to Penn Station in New York (4 U.S. $). A taxi from the airport to city, we can cost up to U.S. $ 50 plus toll and tips. The Newark Liberty Airport Express Bus Express provides service every 15 minutes, 365 days a year to U.S. $ 15 with stops in three different places of the city: Port Authority Bus Terminal, Bryant Park, Fifth Ave and Central Station. NYC Limousine provides limousine from the airport to the city for six people for 170 U.S. $.
From Central Station, Park Avenue, between 41 and 42, one of the key places to visit, local trains leave from the Metro-North Railroad Tel 212-532-4900 offering service to the Hudson Valley, New Haven, Harlem and Connecticut. Railway line is convenient if you want to visit the Botanical Gardens or the Bronx Zoo. In have timetables and fares for all rail lines.
At Penn Station, 33rd St. between Seventh and Eighth, is the main station from where trains depart famous Tel 800-872-7245 Amtrak to Canada and other distant points of the country. This station is built just below the famous Madison Square Garden.
The New Jersey PATH Tel 800-234-7284 work all day with trains to New Jersey, with stops in different parts of the city, such as the World Trade Center, the Sixth Av, Christopher St and Avenue of the Americas, among others.
New Jersey Transit Tel 800-772-2222, which is the train that we used to arrive or depart from Newark Airport also offers services to the coast of New Jersey.
The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). Tel 718-217-5477, provides commuter service between Penn Station station in Manhattan and Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island. You pay for parts depending on the distance and offers, like the subway, passing a week or 14 days at attractive prices.
With over a thousand kilometers long, 468 stations and its daily average of almost five million passengers, it is clear that the subway in New York is one of the largest in the world. Almost all the 26 lines that make up work 24 hours a day, even on weekends and at night the frequencies are lower and some trains travel change. At present almost all the cars that operate on the subway are new and have air conditioning, although the major unresolved issue is access for disabled people and baby strollers, because the vast majority of stations have no elevators. To enter the subway requires a MetroCard, issued by the same company MTA public transport, with an amount exceeding U.S. $ 2.25 which equals the price of a trip. The card is obtained in the many vending machines located throughout all the seasons and also serves the local bus and tram to Roosevelt Island. It works like a prepaid card which we are leaning money every time we needed and validate a trip once we discount the cash equivalent of 2.25 U.S. $. If we make recharging more than the $ 8 we are gratified by 15% of the amount, so we would get if ressourcer 10 U.S. $, U.S. $ 1.5 more in our account. These refills can be made through bills, coins, VISA or American Express. If we are to use the subway to move much better it get us an unlimited travel card, which can be obtained on the same machines at a price of U.S. $ 8.25 for a day, 27 U.S. $ for a week, 51 50 U.S. $ for 14 days and 89 U.S. $ for 30 days. The first thing that calls attention to reach the Metro is that the platforms are much longer than we have here, exactly twice as ten cars driven by them and not five. A disadvantage is that it is forbidden to move around inside of them between carriage and wagon at a council would be subject to one of the two ends of the convoy which are almost always more empty. Traveling by subway can be very confusing at first without taking into account several details. Stations can call the same way, such as 23 St, is the name of 5 different metro lines with hundreds of meters away from them but they all are located on 23rd Street. For every subway line there may be additional pathways by moving two express trains and two local trains in each direction. The former are often located in the platform interior and only stop at some stations, the second stop at all stations, so are slower. In the nomenclature of the subway map stops where only local subway stops are marked with a black circle and the local and express that stop with a white circle. It is important not to go stop a few stops because we can not catch a train in the opposite direction but is out of the enclosure and re-entering, which is re-pay a ticket. In the same way we have to pay attention to the gateway through which you access the underground and some are exclusively for trains to the lower part of the city and others that are placed on the opposite side of the street used for trains going north. Some lines share the same color stops in downtown Manhattan but split up when reaching the end thus gets busiest railway in the center and cover a larger radius in the suburbs.
The New York yellow cabs are almost an advertising slogan for the city, but what have the writers of Hollywood films in all developed in the city sooner or later someone takes a taxi. They are everywhere and is almost always easy to find one available, and rates are not extremely expensive. The initial rate is 2.5 U.S. $ to which are added every 320 feet or every minute another U.S. $ 0.40. Tolls are on us and there is an extra peak time from 4 to 8 pm Monday through Friday from U.S. $ 1, plus a night rate from 8 pm to 6 am with an extra 0 5 U.S. $. A taxi driver is free when you turned on the overhead light illuminating the word off-duty. There are neighborhoods such as Chinatown where rush hour is not advisable to use the taxi as the movement is chaotic, as happens on rainy days in which, besides moving very slowly, it is mission impossible to find a free taxi . They are obliged to follow the trail blazed by the customer and we can tell you down or turn off the radio, stop smoking, which turns off the air conditioning. If you do not contemplate our requirements we can always claim the receipt of the race and record the license plate later denouncing the nearest police station or at the Taxi & Limousine Commision. / taxi
It is a tourist attraction rather than a mode of transport and are often seen wandering the streets of Times Square trying to avoid the fines that put them traffic cops. They have a set rate and has to negotiate the price with the driver function distance. Prices are around 20 to 30 U.S. $, but everything is negotiable.
Water taxis.
Recently introduced, these boats are usually community also painted yellow. There are several companies offering very different services. New York Water Taxi offers such routes tourist bus including key points of the city as the Statue of Liberty or the famous Brooklyn Bridge from 16 U.S. $ or 90-minute cruise to view sunset landmarks for 25 U.S. $. Zephyr offers more comprehensive tours from 16 U.S. $ on board his ship and DJ parties Friday at 8 pm.
City buses
As the streets in Manhattan are so long almost always work in the transverse and longitudinal in the city, so it is hard to miss our destination. Only stop at marked stops provided we have advised that we stop throwing the yellow or black cord, or it has a passenger waiting to climb. They work 24 hours a day and the easiest to navigate, search the canopies of the stops on the route information. You climb the front doors and down the back. The ticket can be paid in cash or do it through the MetroCard subway card with which we can change the line of bus, subway to bus or vice versa during a period of two hours without paying more.
Long distance bus
The bus from Port Authority / transportation / port_authority.html located between Eighth and Ninth Avenue between Calle 40 and 42 carries 55 million passengers a year to the most remote cities in the country. Some of the companies operating in this season are: 800-556-3815 Bonanza Bus 212-397-2620 Grayline Bus Lines Peter Pan 800-343-9999 and ShortLine 800-631-8405 Bus
In the area of Chinatown, right next to the entrance of the Manhattan Bridge to the right of Mahayana Temple Buddhist Temple bus services are available to Boston to 15 U.S. $. Can not be reserved in advance and leave every hour.
Tourist buses
Several companies engaged in transporting tourists from one landmark to another. Gray Line New York for example, offers a package of 54 U.S. $ in which we can spend two days going up and down the bus from Downtown, Uptown, Brooklyng and other key locations. NY CitySights offers something close to 49 U.S. $.
To see the city in bird's eye view is nothing better than flying over Manhattan by helicopter. The company Liberty Helicopter offers tourist flights ranging from U.S. $ 135 per person for flights from 6 to 8 minutes until the 1025 U.S. $ for the rental of equipment for up to four people for 22-25 minutes flying the most important places of the city.
The Staten Island Ferry ferry workers use to travel between Manhattan and Staten Island, it's perfect pair to contemplate the statue of liberty to a relatively close distance and at no cost, as it is completely free in two directions. The boats leave for 24 hours with a frequency ranging from every quarter hour during peak hours every half hour up often at night from the South Whitehall Ferry Terminal (Subway L1) to the St. George Terminal in Staten Island. To return in the same boat you must exit the same and get back in line to tackle it again.
The company Manhattan by Sail offers us an outlet on the Hudson River on a nineteenth-century replica sailing for an hour and a half U.S. $ 39 departing from Pier 17 at South Street Seaport.
Car Rental
To rent any vehicle in the U.S. have previously provided us with the International Traffic Card in our country. It is pure bureaucracy that takes place in any Head of Traffic with a passport photo and an approximate cost 9 euros, so long as we have over 25 years, which is the minimum age required to rent in New York any vehicle.
New York is not a cheap town to rent a car but just the opposite. Despite the many deals that can be seen in many places is more than likely rent for a basic car type not less than U.S. $ 100 with third-party insurance. Besides this disadvantage is possible to add others as the price of gasoline has increased greatly in recent years, traffic is chaotic and also some tunnels and bridges are extra, this coupled with the fact that almost impossible to park on public roads and car parks are too expensive, do more than unwise to use this means of transport. If you still are interested these are the main companies: Avis 800-331-1212 Budget 800-527-0700 Dollar 800-800-4000 Hertz 800-654-3131 and National 888-826-6890
Increasingly, the reserved areas in the asphalt York to bicycles, although 90% of cycling is often performed by the Central Park and the Hudson River nearby parks. Transportation Alternatives The association carries out multiple campaigns every year to promote cycling as sustainable transport and environmentally friendly and produces maps with the locations of bike paths and joint WALKS. It is forbidden to drive on the sidewalks and it is most advisable to do so with a helmet. The rates for renting a bike ranges from $ 20 an hour to 65 U.S. $ for the whole day. In the Central Park Central Park Bike Rental company located at the northeast corner of the park at 58th Street Seventh Avenue corner (Metro AC-1-DB Columbus Circle) rents bikes in very good condition. In the park entrances and, most Saturdays and Sundays, it is easy to see individuals, especially Chinese, renting the bikes out loud. One problem that often happens when renting a bike is that on many occasions requested the passport as security, something we have to deny so absolute.
On foot
Without hesitation I can tell you that a trip on foot in combination with the subway is the best possible combination to see the city and its inhabitants, although sometimes can be exhausting. New Yorkers, like many Spanish, are used to pass the street where they think and not caring if the pedestrian traffic light is green or red, so that drivers always seem to be more vigilant. Unlike us, when the pedestrian traffic light will change from green to red light is not flashing green but flashes red light "Do not Walk" until it stops flashing and stays red, which obviously implies that we should not cross the street. The site publishes an interesting quadrant to guide to finding a specific number of building in one of the avenues. It is a formula by which first removes the last digit, divide between two and adds or subtracts a number key and then they give us will detail the number of street which crosses the avenue with a margin of error of a street. The key numbers are:
Ave A, B, C & D add 3
First and Second Avenue to add 3
Add 10 Third Avenue
Add 8 Fourth Avenue
Fifth Avenue (<200 add 13 / 200-400 to add 16 / 400-600 to add 18 / 600-775 score 20 / 775-1286 not divide by 2 and subtract 18 / 1286-1500 added 45 / 1500-2000 add 24)
Avenue of the Americas subtract 12
Seventh Avenue, scoring 12
Add 10 Eighth Avenue
Add 13 Ninth Avenue
Add 14 Tenth Avenue
Add 60 Amsterdam Ave
Broadway (23 to 192) subtract 30
Adding 60 Columbus Av
Central Park West to divide the whole number between 10 and adding 60
Add 22 Lexington Ave
Add 26 Madison Ave
Add 35 Park Ave
Riverside Dr. to divide the whole number between 10 and add 72 to 165th Street
Adding 60 West End Ave
For example, if we look for the Guggenheim Museum is located at 1071 Fifth Avenue should take the last digit (107) and subtract 18 = 89. This would mean that the museum is right at Fifth and 89th Street which fits perfectly.
As the best way to discover the city is walking, this guide will indicate a route within each district, stretching into account the museums, entertainment venues, restaurants, hotels and everything that could be interesting from every corner of this city.

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Perhaps this is one of the only stick that can be found in New York. In summer (July and August) temperatures can reach 30 º C with a humidity stifling, and in winter (January and February) the more normal is that thermometers down to 0 º C with some snow, which, although stained the landscape of romanticism, may be relatively hard to withstand the cold. It is true that rarely ever snowed in April or May, but we could say that during the spring and fall are two of the best seasons in terms of climate refers to visit the city.
Temperatures range in the following indicators:
January from -8 º C and 4 º C
February -4 ° C and 5 º C
March 2 ° C and 10 º C
April 8 º C and 17 º C
May 12 º C and 20 º C
June 18 ° C and 28 º C
July between 21 º C and 31 º C
August between 19 º C and 29 º C
September between 17 º C and 25 º C
October 10 ° C and 20 º C
November 5 º C and 12 º C
December between -1 º C and 8 º C
Every month it rains more or less equally, although May and July are usually the most-boiled. As sunny days, the average between November and February is usually 15 days of sunshine per month the rest of the year rising to almost 20. July is perhaps the sunniest months with an average of 21 days.

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New York has a difference of 5 hours behind Greenwich over and four fewer in the summer time, which, as in Spain (except Canary Islands) have a difference of +2 GMT and we also offer summer schedule change the difference is always within 6 hours. When here is 12 noon there is dawning and it is 6 am on the same day.

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The hours at the offices of the city ranging from 9:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday with no break at midday. The shops are open a little later, between 10:00 and 11:00 h, but also tend to extend the closing time to 20:00 to 21:00 hours. The day of rest in museums is not fixed for all as to what, although the majority rests on Mondays, it's easy to meet others who are on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Meals are more suited to a European and Spanish time that is easy to find the open kitchen of a restaurant until 15:30 in the noon and until 21:30 at night.

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Internet is nothing cheap in this country and their prices can range from 2 U.S. $ per hour in cheaper Internet cafes in the city and 14 U.S. $ in more expensive, depending on location and demand for them. In the hotels of course this figure shoots quietly for three or four, but some we can access Wi-Fi for free. If this is the case, it would be advisable to bring your laptop at home. In some city libraries can also get 30 free airtime. In some public parks in Bryant Park is easy to find New Yorkers sit in chairs browsing from your laptop as there are some places in the city with free Wi-Fi. On page usually hang the places where we can have free coverage. In the JFK airport in Delta's Terminal 3 can receive free access to the net courtesy of the airline. We also have the possibility to enter in some bars or restaurants that have hung the poster of Wi-Fi and browse over breakfast or drink a soda, yes, it is necessary to ask before ordering to eating does not happen as in the case of Starbucks coffee in addition to paying prohibitive prices would have us pay extra for the connection.
In the case of telephone calls and where to relocate the cheapest laptop would open up a Skype account. Through this company and an internet connection so we can talk free of charge to other Skype users or make calls to any country at bargain prices without paying roaming or abusive rates than we would charge our phone company. For this we should provide our computer a microphone and a speaker. In some Internet cafes can also make calls from Skype and they have it installed and have helmets and microphones. In the case of not taking computer and we had to call several times a day or be connected with the outside world would take the advice liberalized 3G phone at any store and buy New York-based prepaid phone card "cell phone" with its SIM with which we could call the same prices as any American would. We can also buy a prepaid card for use in the booths located throughout the city, including subway platforms, but these phones also accept coins from 25 cents, or use some Asians have booths scattered throughout the city. The international code for calls to the United States is 1 and to call another country must dial 011 plus the country code, ie to call Spain 01,134 doing this, and the phone number you want to call.
Free phones beginning with 800, 888 and 877. The emergency telephone number is 911. To reach an operator mark the 0 and 00 in the case of international telephone information.
Postal rates increase as in our country every year. For a card of up to 15.24 inches long and would pay U.S. $ 0.28 U.S. $ 0.44 if it is longer. To learn exactly how much it would cost to send something United Status Postal Service has posted on its website a calculator rates depending on the size, weight and desired service: We can buy stamps at any post or delegation in the same souvenir shops that sell postcards. To deposit the mail boxes are located in different parts of the city, but we can also take them to a post office or submitted to the receptionist at our hotel if they have this service. If we want to send an urgent letter "Express mail" will guarantee delivery within 24 hours and Priority Mail in less than 48.
Newspapers, Radio and Television
Of course the New York Times is one of the most prestigious journals that publish in this city, like the Wall Street Journal it is in the world of finance, but not the only ones that are published in New York. New York Daily News known for its sensationalism, New York Post by ultra-conservative tendencies, New York Observer brings us to the Manhattan tabloids and newspapers are free and Metro with pages and pages of advertising and any news medium banal explanation, and El Diario La Prensa Latina with news.
You can find the Spanish media the previous day in one of the ten shops News is distributed by Universal lower Manhattan. To know which is closer to our location in find the addresses of all these shops.
As regards radio stations there are many among them could highlight 93.9 FM WLIB talk shows and classical music, WNEW 102.7 FM rock music, WBAI 99.5 FM programs WQXR 96.3 FM activists and classical music.
A score of television channels can be tuned without needing to pay for cable TV, among these channels we can find exclusive news channels and time, the tele-preachers giving gibberish to others the caliber of the CBS, FOX and NBC, among others. Depending on the category of the hotel where we are, we can add these channels to all charges.

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In the United States all the plugs are ready for shooting of two blades so it is more than advisable to take at home multienchufe an adapter and if there are many devices to connect. Another thing to consider is that the voltage is 115-120 volts AC and although many of the appliances we buy lately are ready to operate at either 120 or 220, others are not and we should use a transformer to connect them.

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As is more than resabido the national currency is the U.S. dollar $, called back here, and that when they made this guide was a change to the euro at 1.45. You can find notes for 1, 2 (very few) 5,10,20,50 and 100 dollars and coins of 1 (penny), 5 (nickel), 10 (dime) and 25 (quarter) cents and a dollar golden color that are very difficult to find. There are exchange offices in train stations, airports and some of the city. The exchange rate is usually the same as we find in our country so that we could go quietly with euros in their pockets.
Credit Cards
ATMs are scattered throughout the city in many places including even small shops, restaurants. Keep in mind that at the time of making money is not the same doing in a place than another, that is, if we took it in the cashier of a bank, our bank charges us a commission for doing it, but if we do at the supermarket, this committee will have to add the establishment, with which the thing is more expensive in some cases by more than 5 U.S. $. In some Mc Donalds hung the sign "no commission" other "only 99 cents" so that there is no fixed rule to be guided and the best always make money in a bank teller and if possible within this and not visible to everyone.
In this country, fewer hot dogs, anything is possible pay with a VISA or American Express card, we can even pay the way metro ticket to any of these cards, which would be most desirable change in our country the minimum dollars for the expenses of everyday life and the rest to pay credit card carries no commission added.
Travelers Checks
Traveller's checks are also deeply rooted in this country, mainly those issued by American Express, although the best option is still take a couple of credit cards if you fail. Anyway, in the case of American Express for example, in case of loss, theft or defect we will make a duplicate within 24 hours.
Telephone numbers and addresses
The following numbers and addresses can get us out of trouble:
American Express 822 Lexington Ave 800-528-4800
800-336-8472 Visa
MasterCard 800-424-7787
Diners Club 800-234-6377
BBVA 212-728-1500 at 1345 Avenue of the Americas
In Santander 212-350-3500 45 E 53rd Street at the height of Park Avenue

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One of the biggest problems with which the country is with the medical care that, apart from being cheap, they often lose all coverages at the time that you lose your job and can not afford to pay insurance doctor. Right now the incoming president Barack Obama is one of the things you want change, and the debate is on the streets of the city where the citizen is solely concerned with their day to day and the last thing you want to go up taxes, even for a good cause. For us as tourists only thing left is to get us out travel insurance which average prices ranging from about 75 euros for a 15 day journey. From the website of MAPFRE / insurance / es / private / solutions / insurance-viajes.shtml is accessible to the final price of what it would cost for that insurance. A much cheaper option (45 euros per año/1er year free) and much higher coverage and is not limited to a 15-day trip, but is unlimited in time is get a credit card with health coverage. American Express and Spanair, for example, promote the credit card with which Spanair Plus in addition to health coverage, repatriation expenses, etc, have other advantages such as free flights, access to lounges and compensation in the event that misplaced our luggage company. / spain / spanairPlus
The emergency waiting rooms in hospitals Yorkers are always crowded and the minimum time is usually five hours.
Telephone numbers and addresses of interest:
Lenox Hill Hospital 212-434-2000
St Lukes Roosevelt Hospital Center 212-523-2214
Newyork Presbyterian Hospital: Children's Hospital of New York 800-245-5434
New York Downtown Hospital 212-312-5000
Harlem Hospital Center 212-939-1000

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If we're lucky because students with International Student Card, the famous ISIC (International Student Identity Card) can obtain a 50% reduction in major museums and theaters in the city. For adults, there is a card called New York City Pass with which we can access the Empire State Building Observatory, the American Museum of Natural History & Rose Center, Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan and the Statue of Liberty for saving us U.S. $ 79 U.S. $ 61 as the price of the six attractions would be U.S. $ 140. This card can be purchased online or in any of these monuments.
If we go to the theater, and the function is not release, we can buy the tickets the same day TKTS in Times Square at the corner of Broadway and 47 and we'll save between 25 and 50%
In the large Macy's department store can order them on the ground 1 ½ visitor card which will make us a 10% discount on almost everything but colony and electronics.

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One of the first things that you notice when you come to New York is that when you go to a restaurant has nothing to do with the price marked on the card and just paying the price. When we add a marked price 8.875% in fees and the final result we will add between 10 and 20% gratuity and eye, not to leave because some waiters are able to get us out colors if we have not left a tip that they believe merit. Even card payments there is a space reserved for the tip, and it can even pay by credit card. In some Italian restaurants in Little Italy even dare to add a 17% tip without notice. There are other restaurants that charge extra for outdoor table service. The footwear and clothing are exempt from fees if your price does not exceed U.S. $ 110 and hotel rooms to 8.875% tax must be added another 5.875% typical of the city of New York, plus a fee occupancy ranging from 2 to 6 U.S. $, so it is only appropriate if the price to make sure that we agree to take all fees included or not.
As in America there is no I.V.A. nor should we expect the return of it.

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Shooting in New York has become easy. After the fear and mistrust in the wake of the September 11 attacks any person taking photographs in public places is almost certain suspected of terrorism. To take some of the photographs in this guide has been necessary to give many explanations to employees of the metro, and police among others. People always expect to be asked permission to be depicted, it is difficult to take spontaneous photographs. This guide will try to give some photography tips in each chapter on how to improve our pictures.
Despite being almost prehistoric today, there are still many shops in New York that sell reels, slides and everything related to analog photography. As for photo shops out among all and also globally, shop B & H Photo-Video 420 9th Ave occupies an entire block and is fully computerized. It is curious to see how the orders passed over our heads on trays operated by remote control. Their prices are very competitive, but we must ensure that the guarantee it can be effective in our country.

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While many things are changing in the city, there are still many who have to change. Many subway stations, especially to the suburbs, do not have elevators or ramps and a person in a wheelchair is nearly impossible to access the platform. The fleet of buses, by contrast, has been modernized and most of them have a ramp for easy access. In some theaters of Broadway, people with disabilities have a certain discount on tickets. The hotels are generally well equipped and do not have accessibility problems, but make sure before booking. On page of the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities published a guidebook in PDF in English on the accessibility of different places to see in New York: access_ny_review_2006.pdf

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More and more families are afraid to travel with small children and the truth is that in a city like New York will not have any problem, especially if we seek entertainment to share with them. For younger children, diapers are everywhere, but not very practical to typical baby shopping because it is prohibited on buses and subways is a terrible effort up or down by the endless stairs. Bring a backpack baby carrier Ergo type that distributes weight on hips and back. In this guide in each chapter indicate what are the best activities we can share with children.

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Visas and passports
The Visa Waiver Program allows citizens to Spanish, among others, travel to the U.S. for tourism purposes for up to 3 months without a visa, but our passport will have to meet certain requirements: to be readable and have an expiration date more than 6 months of our return date, and also If the date of issue is between July 25, 2003 and October 26, 2005 no problem, but if the date is between October 26, 2005 and October 25, 2006 must also carry the digitized photo identification page, and if after October 26, 2006 need to carry a chip with all the information contained in the passport. In short, if your passport has been issued in Spain after the July 25, 2003 certainly has all these features, otherwise, we will renew it. We will also need a return ticket and an address in the U.S. may well be the direction of our hotel. With this information we will request several days before and the internet (compulsory since January 12, 2009 and valid for two years) to the Customs and U.S. Border Control / spain we need to deliver approved and we return at the time of check-in at the counter of the airline. On the plane to fill in a green for the immigration service and other white for Customs to give to reach U.S. Then when we deliver the green form and we carried a photograph take fingerprints, collect the bags and deliver the white form in that order.
We can enter the country with 1 liter of alcohol, 200 cigarettes or 100 cigars (as long as Cubans are not, of course). Is not permitted meat products, seeds, plants and fruits, not even canned. If we travel more than U.S. $ 10,000 in foreign currency or traveler's checks, money orders, etc., We declare them, because if not you might think that we are evading taxes or engage in drug or arms trafficking and we would be inspected plus penalties.
Spanish Consulate in New York
Tel: 212-355-4080 / subwebs / Consulates / new york / en / home / pages / Home.aspx 150 E 58th St Floor 30 - New York NY 10155
e-mail: @ cog.nuevayork
United States Embassy in Spain
Tel: 915872200
Serrano 75 28006 Madrid
United States Consulate in Barcelona
Tel: 932802227
Paseo Reina Elisenda de Montcada, 23 08034 Barcelona

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The latest information on the city in a wide range of possibilities such as hotels, restaurants, arts, sports, etc. .., we have focused on which is also translated into Spanish ref = menu

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Security in New York really is something that has changed dramatically in recent years with relatively low crime rates and unthinkable a few years ago. This is due largely to the thousands and thousands of police patrolling every corner of the city. Almost no one in Manhattan corner where no one can see a policeman. Anyway it is always best to go with eyes wide open and in the suburbs increased security measures.
Emergency: police, fire and medical: Tel 911

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In a city like this one might be curious about the reason for themselves in a book, so we had to do a summary of the most interesting:
"The police and firefighters in New York City have a special department to advise writers of movies and TV series.
"The twin towers located on the World Trade Center before September 11 were so high that due to the curvature of the earth were not parallel.
"The Empire State, which spent nearly $ 41 million in its construction, with 6500 windows, 73 elevators and 1860 steps from the street to the plant measured 102 and 443 meters tall if you count its antenna. It houses more than 1,000 offices and has its own zip code.
"The water from the tap in New York is considered, according to experts, as one of the best in the world, because every day should be consumed 3780000.000 liters of drinking water.
"In Times Square the cheaper the announcement of Coca-cola that costs $ 1 million a year.
"The Metropolitan Museum of Art has more than two million works of art located in 186,000 meters square and its facilities each year spend more than four million people.
"In the Federal Reserve Bank located in the business district stores a quarter of all gold bars scattered throughout the world.
"The Staten Island ferry that runs from 1810 for free, every year transports 20 million people in its 109 trips a day on which takes an average of 25 minutes.
"The Queensboro Bridge that connects Manhattan to Queens is the busiest in the city. Every working day 140,000 vehicles cross it.
"In Chinatown have decided to promote good citizenship by placing posters in which if we observe the rules and not throw garbage will be blessed with good fortune, however, if we do we pay a fine of U.S. $ 1500

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Every month there are events and celebrations that can be very interesting to take them into account when planning our trip.
Three Kings Parade in Harlem. Every year this parade is held in which children parade with donkeys and sheep. It is organized from El Museo del barrio.
Chinese New Year. Between late January and early February, held at the entrance to Chinatown Chinese New Year. Dragon Fireworks and parade through the city.
Black History Month. In the parks, libraries and schools are exhibitions and events related to African American history.
Westminister Kennel Club A competition of more than 500 dogs in Central Park to find out who the "Best of the best"
St. Patrick's Day. All March 17 the Irish celebrate this day to the sound of bagpipes and beer. Gays and lesbians held a counter-protest by not letting them participate in the official.
Havana Film Festival. Festival of short films and Hispanics.
Herat Annual Festival Day. During this festival tries to raise awareness among people about the nature and the environment.
Cherry Blossom festival. It is a tradition coming from Japan in which we celebrate the Kwanzan cherry blossoms in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on the first weekend of May.
Parade in honor of Martin Luther King. The third weekend in May at the 5th Ave.
Gay Pride Festival. As in many of our cities, gays and lesbians take to the streets at a party in style on Fifth Avenue last Sunday of the month
Day Parade Puerto Rico. It takes place on Fifth Avenue with music and floats.
Independence Day. During the July 4 ratifícales fires light up the East River at 9 pm.
Contest of the famous hot dog restaurant chain Nathan, in New York is located at Pier 17.
Harlem Week Harlem During one week festival celebrates music, dance, films and art exhibitions.
The Open Tennis During the last days of August and early September is being celebrated this prestigious tournament in Flushing Meadows, Queens, where stars like Nadal's struggle to become number 1 in the ATP.
Carnival of the Indians of the American West. This carnival celebration in Brooklyn with parades, bands and prizes for the best costumes has nothing to envy those who are held in the Caribbean.
Feast of San Gennaro. Little Italy is full of splendor to celebrate the day of the Italian master. The restaurants bring out their tables in the street with white checkered tablecloths and red.
Columbus Day Parade. The second Monday of the month the festivities in honor of Columbus on Fifth Avenue.
Halloween. This party is so important that a month before arriving on October 31, many businesses already have their windows decorated cos the famous and huge pumpkins.
City Marathon in New York. Many Spanish flock to this 42-kilometer race through the streets of the city.
The Rockefeller Center Ice Rink. On October 9 the Rockefeller opens its doors so that people begin to skid in place install the large Christmas tree.
Thanksgiving Day. A celebration home where the family gathers for a big roast turkey dinner after a prayer of thanks. Held on the fourth Thursday of November.
Tree lights lit in Rockefeller Center. In early December, where the world gathers next to this tree the first day that turns on and opens his enlightenment.
New Year. The venue is undoubtedly Times Square. People gather here to toast the new year and watch the ball drop in Waterford crystal glass.

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Normally you will find plenty of information on hotels in New York in the form of maps, brochures and free magazines tourist (note that the recommendations are in many cases, paid ads).

Many local magazines, including Time Out New York or some other free like The Voice (you can find in many cafes, libraries ...) also offer an expanded, updated and reliable information and reviews on all types of events and exhibitions the city.

In any case, and for more information or to resolve any doubt, these are essentially the addresses to be addressed:

NYC & Company

The official center of the city of New York for visitors, offering all kinds of information, maps, brochures. It also provides information on tour operators and travel agencies, and excursions outside the city.

810 7th Avenue, between 52nd and 53rd street (Tel. 1-212-484-1222)

Getting There:
By underground:

1, 2 on 50th street
N, R, W to 49th Street

8.30 am - 18.00 pm Monday to Friday
9.00 - 17.00 Saturday and Sunday.

Times Square Visitor Center

Here you can find discount coupons for Broadway shows, Internet access, MetroCards, free maps and many other free information.

Tip from a reader of (Montse): From the tourist information center in Times Square you can send your photo via e-mail to anyone, with a short message gratuitamente.Hace look forward to hearing your friend's photo , family, acquaintances ....

They speak 10 different languages.

1560 Broadway between 46th and 47th street (Tel. 1-212-869-1890)

Getting There:
Subway lines N, Q, R, W, 42nd Street-stop Times Square
Also 1,2,3,7 to 42nd Street - Times Square.

Open daily from 8.00 to 20.00h

Tourist and Visitors Centre Brookling

It is essentially a tourist information and advice on Brookling and other 'boroughs'

209 Joralemon St. between Court and Adams streets (Tel. 1-718-802-3846)

From 10.00 to 18.00 Monday to Friday

Some websites that can provide tourist information for visitors: - used by many local search for restaurants, find tips, where to buy. - for updates on news, weather, and much more

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Are you still you're thinking, what does need to decide?. New York welcomes you with open arms every day thousands of tourists from around the world and is undoubtedly one of the landmarks of this great country called America. Not long ago, it was a dream destination but not as accessible to the majority, today, there are some good reasons to fly here and be impacted by such an incredible mix of people, variety of neighborhoods, dining, shopping ...

Are you wondering perhaps from some other destination? Well, here are some reasons why, if you have time, you should not miss a visit to the Big Apple:

Needless to say, the cheapening of air transport carriers and low-cost fares have become a destination accessible than before it was not so. It all depends on what time you are traveling and how to buy tickets in advance, but you can get round trips for less than 400 euros.

The factor that at this very moment is attracting an incredible mass of tourists to the streets of the Big Apple is, perhaps more than any other, the strength of the Euro against the dollar. Depending on the current exchange rate, the Europeans are paying prices 30-40% cheaper than when the parity of exchange was similar. This is certainly a good reason to take the hitch.

New York is certainly a financial center, cultural and artistic record. The brief history of this young city is full of content yet. A story made by the thousands of immigrants who initially settled here and built this modern Babel and fascinating. Nobody is a stranger in New York, or you will feel as such in this city.

Something fascinating is to see how a multitude of races, religions, languages are mixed daily in a pulse-controlled content that lives without problems or tensions. Accustomed as they are to be recipients of immigration, everybody has a past that contains echoes of other places, so it is amazing to see such a mix in almost perfect harmony.

This variety of nationalities makes gourmet level in the city becomes a vast range of colors, smells and tastes of the world. Mil snacks without leaving a single space. Foods produced by and for native country and for anyone who is willing to try. If you like to enjoy dishes from a distance, there is no better place. Besides price, unbelievable. It is much cheaper to eat out than at home so, bon appétit!

New York traditionally has always been known as a shopping destination. Needless to say, electronic items, photography and mostly clothes and shoes are favorites of tourists. Here you can find discounts all year and when in season, the lack of control can be total. With the euro-dollar exchange, if you're crazy about the shopping, there is no better place to melt the credit card.

If you come with time, New York is relatively close to some interesting cities on the east coast. So, if you stay with a desire to do some hiking, Philadelphia (2 hours), Washington DC (4-5 hours), Boston (4-5 hours), worth a visit.

New York drag a past conflict with neighborhoods and moments where you walk through the city, underground park was not too sure. However, despite many complain that the city has lost the authenticity of the past, now is a place to move freely. Today, without forgetting that it is always better to be a little warning, I must say that New York is a fairly safe city, especially if we talk of Manhattan.

If we come to New York, probably most of our time we spend in Manhattan. We are on an island, but the multiplicity of neighborhoods and the difference between them will not allow a single moment of boredom. Discover the differences between some areas and other peculiarities and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

A final point in favor of the city is open and willing people.

Are you ready? You will not regret.

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New York is a city that offers so many options that no matter when you come, you can adapt to cold or heat with multiple possibilities. But generally, if we have to choose a better time to come, no doubt are the seasons of spring and autumn.

New York City has a humid continental climate, so you can record extreme temperatures in summer and winter with the addition of moisture, being located at the bottom of Hudson Bay.

But if anything we can say is that every year the city experienced a change of the four seasons. Thus, temperatures in spring (March-June) are usually quite soft rain.

The autumn (September-December), are fresh and drier, but the city, especially Central Park, is a sight to be enjoyed.

Summers (June to September), contrary are very hot and humid, so the feeling of shame takes all day "on it.

In contrast, in winter (December-March) can reach temperatures of 15-20 degrees below zero. This includes snow and wind storms. Whenever the wind blows on the island exacerbating the feeling of cold.

In favor of the more extreme seasons, summer and winter, it must be said that the houses, shops, museums ... are well prepared for the cold and heat with powerful heating in winter and sometimes ice cream makers air conditioners in summer. This includes the metro network.

In any case, no matter what season we come, the weather changes rapidly. The changes, meteorologically speaking it happen day after day, so do not bring clothes over a little of everything especially at intermediate stations.

In any case. Always good shoes. If the weather is favorable the frantic pace of the streets, parks and squares will captivate you. If it is not so, you can practice more tourism museums, galleries and safe, enjoy the shelter of the hundreds of restaurants scattered throughout the city.

Apart from the weather. It is difficult to determine a date on which the city is less saturated with tourists. No doubt for the summer, is a destination for thousands of visitors, like Christmas. However, it is increasingly difficult to escape the crowds at any time of year, especially in tourist spots like the Empire State Building.

The Euro-Dollar parity strongly in favor of European currency these days, tourism is making across the Atlantic are attracted to see this destination. Even being an expensive city, there is everything and if we talk in terms of eating out, electronic items, sports clothing or cosmetics ... we will be surprised at all that we can buy here and maybe we can not so blithely allow our country.

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How much money go?, Where it is best to change it?, How much cash I can take over?, "Euros accepted in the United States? ...

In the planning of our trip, sooner or later these doubts assail us. Well, here are some tips when thinking about money:

- It is always best to change effective in Spain, here in New York the commissions are higher.

- We suggest a turn for several banks before ordering the exchange rate and that the commissions vary and if you bring a substantial amount of cash, they will charge you a chunk that will not do you any grace.

- Better not change at airports except in cases of emergency, you apply the change is not as favorable.

- Coming to New York, everybody here works with cards. My advice is to carry cash for small purchases and pay day card whenever possible. The change is usually not bad, and the commission your bank charges you every time you use the card is not usually high. Find out first but is a matter of cents per transaction.

- If you have perfect photo card, if not, you should carry identification. It can be a passport even if you're safer leaving it in the hotel for fear of theft or loss, the DNI is usually enough in places where asked. In most stores and restaurants, just ask you if you pay by credit or debit card. You'll have to swipe the card and usually have no problem.

- When asked if they accept euros, say that on very rare occasions. In any case, does not interest us now with a less favorable exchange rate to pay in euros. Easy is rounded at a price that harms us.

- With regard to withdraw money from ATMs with foreign cards is totally undesirable. The commission is very high, though again, it depends on your bank and card type you have. Talk to them before they come and advise you.

- In any case, if you going to get emergency money from an ATM, try to do it in a bank. There are many acronyms ATM terminals across the city. You can find them in stores, street, theater, ... are very convenient when we are in trouble, but the commission is even higher.

- As to how many dollars we can bring over to come to America, the rule says we can take up to $ 10,000 without declaring it. It is rare that we will spend that amount but if you do, remember that you must notify before boarding.

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Areas of New York. The boroughs and neighborhoods more attractive to tourists.

New York consists of five districts called boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Manhattan and Staten Island are each a single island, while Queens and Brooklyn both belong to Long Island. The Bronx is the only district that is located on land.

Manhattan neighborhood is undoubtedly the star of the city, he concentrated all the attractions of New York. His heart is cultural, commercial and tourist. The island, which is very easy to walk due to his organization of streets and avenues that intersect perpendicularly, is divided into three parts: high, low and medium Manhattan. It measures 22.5 km long and 3km at its widest part. To the north of the island is Central Park with a gigantic (8 km long and 1 wide), along with the Fifth Avenue divides Manhattan into East and West. Most notable are definitely its huge skyscrapers that give the world's most famous skyline.

Queens district is quintessential bedroom, mostly composed of rows of houses. It houses the airports of La Guardia and JFK and is the largest of the five that make up the city. As the most remarkable attractions is the American Museum of the Moving Image.

Brooklyn, best symbolized the bridge of the same name that joins the island of Manhattan and offers breathtaking views of the city, is the most populous of all and in it there is an ethnically diverse neighborhoods can find Arabs, Jews or Latino. It contains the New York Aquarium, a major amusement park and the beaches of Coney Island to which New Yorkers are going to enjoy the sunny days.

The Bronx is the Latin Quarter, a predominantly Puerto Rican and has the worst reputation, as it relates to all crimes, drug problems and poverty. But this does not happen in all areas of the Bronx. The most troubling is the South, the most attached to Manhattan, while the rest of the district can find quiet residential areas. As attractions include the zoo and the New York Botanical Garden, the stadium also houses the New York Yankees.

Staten Island is the least populated districts. To access it there is a free ferry from which you can have another view of the Statue of Liberty. In this district there is a giant landfill that have gone to the remains of the Twin Towers.

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This area is named using a pun, as it refers to London's Soho district, besides being an acronym of their geographic location (South of Houston, that New Yorkers pronounced House-tin, as it is bounded on the north by the street .)

In the lower part of the city, the SoHo is located between Lafayette Street, Canal Street and Varick Street, which form its boundaries to the east, south and west respectively.

He is currently fashionable, mostly populated by yuppies and fashion victims, but not always so.

In the early nineteenth century was a residential neighborhood, until people started moving to the north of the city. It was later transformed into an industrial area, known as the Cast Iron District (cast iron, in reference to the multitude of buildings in this material that proliferated at the time) and even its existence was threatened with a highway project that would span and it was never carried out by political pressure.

In the 60s and 70s, some artists began to use the old industrial buildings and warehouses as studies due to the wide range of spaces offered and its low price, and so gave rise to the characteristic open spaces of lofts and SoHo.

When the neighborhood was so popular that soon began to be unique and more expensive, there was the so-called SoHo effect was repeated in many American cities. The artists left the area and searched for new stores in other nearby districts, SoHo finally becoming one of the most exclusive in the city, ideal for those addicted to fashion, fine hotels, exquisite architecture and art galleries.

The southern part of the neighborhood still retains a bit of artistic spirit of a few decades ago and we can find some artists sell their works on the street.

No doubt an interesting place to visit and walk, we do not care if it infested streets of tourists. Very curious set of 26 pieces of iron declared historic district in 1973.

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Chinatown OF NEW YORK

It is the place most Chinese immigrants in the Western world. Located between Tribeca, Civic Center and Little Italy. The latter has been increasingly eating terrero leaving only a pocket of what was the original district, now called NoLIta (North Little Italy), as the Jewish neighborhood on the east side. According to official census, 250,000 people currently living in this area of Manhattan, although unofficial figures say there are many more.

It emerged in the last quarter of the nineteenth century with a population of about 200 Chinese rose in a few years to 2000.

Originally it was dominated by the 'tongs' Chinese, a kind of secret societies or clans that had agreements with gangster gangs in the city. During this time was one of the sites inhabited by immigrants more dangerous, in fact its only park, Columbus Park, located on the old ghetto of Five Points, where the action of the film Gangs of New York.

Today is colorful, full of signs written in Chinese and full of greengrocers and fishmongers at street level, especially in the Canal, Mulberry and Catherine Streets. Of course we also find thousands of posts takeaways very prolific as well as restaurants. This explosion of colors reached its peak in the first full moon after January 19, the date on which celebrates the Chinese New Year, and if there is no should be lost.

Another of the main attractions of the area is the large number of objects of imitation to be found in any of the small shops in Chinatown. Perfumes, bags, shoes, sportswear and any other object that comes to mind and the brand we want to have your copy (and quite accurate) in one corner of Chinatown. Do not forget to haggle the price.

Http:// On this page you will find a guide to events held in place as well as maps of the area and even discount tickets to various shops and restaurants.

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TriBeCa, short for Triangle Belong Canal, due to its location south of Canal Street could be considered an extension of SoHo, both geographically and historically. Separated from the north of this district on Canal Street, TriBeCa neighborhood extends south to Park Place and runs from the Hudson River to Broadway.

Initially the area was a farming area, moving later to be used mainly for industrial, to its approval as a residential area in the 60s, so the dominant architecture also consists of former industrial buildings converted into housing.

TriBeCa was the heir to the artistic spirit of SoHo after the mass of the latter, which made the artists find space to install their studies south of Canal Street, and is today a great place if you want to visit art galleries and some of the best restaurants in town.

Tan is quoted today that it has become one of the most expensive districts of the country, and some of the biggest stars of film, live music and fashion here. Among its illustrious inhabitants are Gisele Bundchen, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Harvey Keitel, Meryl Streep and Karolina Kurkova. But it is certainly Robert de Niro his favorite resident, as well as having his residence here is the creator of the TriBeCa Film Festival (

At the level of visits in this area include the Washington Market Park, a huge space is always full of children and the only campus of the University of New York located in Manhattan: the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), suitably rehabilitated after serious damage during the attacks on the Worl Trade Center.

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We are just north of Central Park, the upper part of the island of Manhattan.

Harlem is the one area of New York of all New Yorkers speak, but for a time, many of them did not dare to tread. The transformation of suffering throughout the area in recent years in improving safety on the streets and attracting the curious eyes of tourists, are on the one hand economically revitalize the area, but also away as some of those who complain live there, its true essence.

In Harlem he ranked among South 96th Street, the 155-160 to the north, Fifth Avenue to the east and the Hudson River to the west. This is essentially an African American area, but we can not ignore all Hispanics live in the area is in the so-called Spanish Harlem or, at the other end, to the west, the area of the University of Columbia, with a full profile different.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

Neighborhood History

Harlem takes its name from the time when the Netherlands, back in 1658, came to the area called 'New Harlem' in honor of the town of Harlem in the Netherlands. Until early twentieth century, it came up here the first men and black women.

However, after arrival, the population grew rapidly over the years, having to necessarily remember now that in the '20s was called the "Harlem Renaissance" that was a refuge for black rhythms, food and some of the southern names that will never die even though times like Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong ... They were the stars of endless evenings of jazz in some of the many clubs during the 20s, witnessed the rebirth and cultural development of Harlem. Today, however, of the 46 clubs that came to be open, there are no more than half a dozen.

However, now we hear of a 'second renaissance'. Unfortunately it is providing more resources to Harlem with the daily influx of more tourists and a number of professionals who are buying property and moving to an area that until recently, there was a point to visit, but a somewhat dangerous area far did not reach the curious.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

Sightseeing in particular Gospel Masses.

Currently the area is much safer and more tourists are called by the curiosity of the masses especially the food and Southern Gospel.

In a brief sketch of the area, we must say that Harlem is well worth a leisurely visit and beyond Sunday mass.

Focusing on good and bad called 'attraction', we say that Sunday mornings are perfect, around 11 to find a church where we welcome you with open arms. The streets are filled with people of color on the way to worship, dressed to the nines and trying to hold their ritual in the most 'normal' as possible.

It is not always easy. There are some churches which for some time, get busloads of tourists with cameras in hand in search of more authentic snapshot of something that can hardly be true to the bus waiting at the exit of the temple. What we recommend is that do not hire a trip to Harlem to go see a Mass Gospel. Take the subway to 125, down there and enter any of the churches not see people queuing. The best known are 'The Abyssinian Batist Church' or 'Mother Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church. " It is quite possible that both are saturated so walk a little, there are churches on almost every block. The experience will be much more authentic and faithful will be delighted to welcome you as long as they show respect and discretion for their beliefs.

In this central area of Harlem, north of Central Park, it is worth stopping at Sylvia's, a landmark of southern food, stop by the library Liberation or Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. We are in the area where two of the most important streets are named two key black leaders, 125th Street and Lenox Avenue, also called Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

By this, we find the Spanish Harlem, also known as 'El Barrio', populated mostly by Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans and Mexicans. They all come together on a daily 'La Marqueta', the big market and also attract curious where you can find in more than 200 posts on food all the different regions of Central and South America. In this area we also find the so-called 'Museum Quarter', where you can discover the evolution of the area and the people that inhabit it for decades.

Harlem can not leave without us around the other end, the west side bordering the Hudson River. Here the vision of its inhabitants and buildings tell us of an area populated by students from Columbia University. We also find the enormous Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The largest of the United States. Also, in the area, along the campus of the University, is the Spanish Socity of America.

You can find more information and advice on 'Harlem Visitor Information Kiosk' 163 West 125th Street to Seventh Avenue. Open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm

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Bronx is without doubt one of the 'boroughs' of New York that is installed deeper in the collective subconscious, and not by pleasant grounds.

The film did not improve the poor image of the Bronx and that is why today, nearly everyone feels a tremendous curiosity to discover the realities and fantasies of this city.

The first thing to say is that as in other boroughs, we can not generalize. Bronx and Queens or Brookling covers a large area where more than one million people as we find good areas and not so good.

In particular, the reputation that precedes identified as mythical quite neighborhood with a large population of color and place of conflict, still has something real.

As in Manhattan, things have changed a lot but still there is a part, in general the South Bronx, closer to Manhattan, which does not want to miss your face lost tourist. However, there are neighborhoods like Riverdale, Morris Park, JohnnyMass Park ... some of them residential where peace prevails and people with a lot safer, a lot of money in your checking account. This is also Bronx.

In short, if you're one of those who come to town with curiosity to go there and you want to see what you've seen so often in movies, it's best to forget the idea.

You are not lost anything by neighborhood and somewhat conflicting, however, you can still get close to the Bronx to meet any of its other attractions such as the Yankee Stadium baseball (the mythical and ancient stadium is about to disappear but the new is being built near there and be ready for the 2009 season).

Bronx also has one of the most impressive botanical gardens that you could see, and a major zoo. Nearby, Arthurh Avenue represents an area with a history of Italian origin that is still felt in many of its restaurants, delis, pizzerias ...

Bronx Another interesting point could be the Woodlawn Cemetery, where they ended up as famous names like Miles Davis or Duke Ellinton and other historical figures. In the entry can give you directions on a map where are the different graves.

New York Yankee Stadium

Address: East Avenue 161 River St.
Phone: 718 293 60 00
Directions: B, D or 4 to 161 St. Yankee Stadium

Bronx Zoo

Address: 2300 Southern Boulevard
Phone: 718 367 10 10
Hours: 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday - weekends and holidays from 10 am to 5.30 pm
Price: Adults, $ 15. Children 3-12 years: $ 11, Over 65 years: $ 13. Wednesday is the day where you can pay what you want ('Pay What You Wish ").
Directions: metro line 2 or 5 to Pelham Pkwy

Botanical Garden

Address: 200th St and Kazimiroff Blvd
Phone: 718 817 87 47
Hours: Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm. Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas
Price: consult the web. Rates depend on several aspects
Directions: B, D, or 4 to Bedford Park Blvd Station

Woodlawn Cemetery

Address: E 23rd Street and Webster Avenue
Phone: 718 920 05 00
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 pm
Directions: Line 4 to Woodlawn

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The Financial District places it in the area is known as Down Town.

Essentially characterized by hosting the New York Stock Exchange and buildings which host the largest commercial firms in the world.

This is an area which despite being increasingly occupied by private apartments and some hotels, it remains eminently commercial, with lots of activity during the day, but hardly moving at night. We recommend getting up early and spend the morning with a tour. In addition to the bag and ground zero, has a lot more. We propose a route that you can modify as you please, even after expanding by moving into Soho travel north or northeast to China Town and Little Italy.

A good option is to start the morning with a visit to the Statue of Liberty. To do this we must get to Battery Park where we take the ferry. Depending on the time of the year, we may touch to queue, but if not we are particularly interested in reaching and climbing to the statue, another option is to take the ferry to get to Staten Island in Staten Island Ferry Terminal, next to Battery Park. It is free and the ride is a great show, especially on a day with favorable weather. Try to get a seat on the right side of the ferry and you can have a great view of the Statue from a distance quite acceptable, while observing the skyline of Manhattan's financial district. To get here, take the subway to Whitehall St. (R or W lines) or South Ferry (line 1).

Turn back to visit the nerve center of the financial district. We are talking about the building of the New York Stock Exchange, the better-known Wall Street and Broad Street. This area was located the first capitol of the country where George Washington proclaimed the first president of the United States. We can see the monument to George Washington on the corner of Wall Street and Nassau Street. Nearby, in Bowling Park, there is another icon of the area, called Bowling Wall Street Bull or Bull, an imposing sculpture of a bronze bull in more than 3000 kilos, conducted by Arturo di Modica, a symbol of aggressive optimism and financial prosperity of the city.

If we move a little to the west, we arrive at the infamous Ground Zero. Currently work continues on what will be the new shopping and office headed by the Freedom Tower, taking the place of the Twin Towers. Can not see much because the entire perimeter is covered with billboards and banners, but information panels describe the process and progress of the work until its scheduled completion in 2009.

Close by, we arrive at City Hall, where the City of New York. Nearby is the impressive building next to the Federal Bridge Brookling.

Finally, it just refer to two points must be visited if we are interested in buying shoes and clothes, or new technologies. In front of City Hall are J & R, where to get quality items and very good prices in picture, sound, new technology and photography. In the above-mentioned Ground Zero, is Century 21. A towering department stores with clothing and footwear. Find articles from leading brands with prices that have applied to heavy discounting.

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In the colorful urban geography of the island of Manhattan, are on the Lower East Side, an area of dangerous reputation in the past.

Today is nevertheless represents an interesting area, perhaps further away from the mass tourism of other areas, but with a history and a present of the most peculiar.

We are located on the banks of the East River from Manhattan Bridge to Houston Street. Broadway is its boundary to the west.

For a long time, it represented an area populated by lower working-class neighborhood with a reputation as dangerous. Even today we can perceive a different feeling in the streets if we have to walk around other areas like the West Village. Its development has not been as flourishing as in other areas of the city, but certainly, the reputation of this area has improved a lot and it's worth a walk and discover the place that was the center of Jewish immigration from Eastern European and today, is also home to a growing Asian community that comes from nearby Chinatown.

In the northwestern part of this area, it was called at the time East Village. Bordering the neighborhood of Greenwich Village, builders in the 80's, seeking a formula to try to differentiate this area with the poor reputation of the Lowe East Side. Thus the Lower East Side, was located south of Houston Street.

With the aforementioned Jewish background, the area has some distinguishing features related to the sale of clothing, leather goods and footwear at good prices along Orchard and around the heater. At many stores you can bargain and get a bargain. Sundays are a good day for a walk around the area, while on Saturdays, because of the Jewish Sabbath, many establishments are closed.

Needless to say, there are interesting restaurants, Jewish delis exquisite dishes of this community as the famous pastrami sandwich with mustard, baba ganoush or knishes.

To find out more we have the option of a free two-hour tour through the neighborhood. Every Sunday at 11 am from April to December. No need to book, just presented in Katz's Delicatessen on East Houston & Ludlow St.

More information:

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A new district of Manhattan this time we moved to an area that might say, is a good place for those who enjoy the alternative culture.

East Village is bounded by 14th Street to the north, the East River to the east, south Houston St. and Bowery Street and Third Avenue to the west. On this side, bordered by Greenwich Village neighborhood which in turn would attract its charm by proximity, in order to clean a bit the bad reputation of the East Village.

During the seventies and eighties, the area was well frequented by homeless and people involved in drug and drug trafficking.

This is why at the end of the 80 builders who have invested in this area, they tried to renovate and clean up the neighborhood's name to promote the name East Village to differentiate it from conflicting Lower East Side.

However, his fame not too exquisite neighborhood, did not prevent its particular character to attract a number of important figures who have died, resided here, finding their own inspiration in the middle of Alphabet City (also known as well for having the avenues to advance to the east after the first, in the order of the alphabet).

Thus, with names such as Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan, Charlie Parker, Jack Kerouac and Jimi Hendrix among others.

Today the streets are filled with an identity.

During the day, we find in places like St. Mark's Place, several local tattoo and piercing shops, music stores, second hand clothes, as well as a number of galleries, boutiques, not forgetting the special coffees.

Certainly the area must meet if we around there should be at least that runs the first and second avenues and avenues A and B between 14th Street and Houston.

Also for Tompking Park, a black point of last renovated, which today represents an area of respite from the city. much safer and enjoyable indeed.

At night, a good number of restaurants, pubs and the live music venues scattered throughout the space to print their own character with particular proposals.

With regard to food, here we find almost anything, so if we go with the mouth open to new options, we can choose from a number of flavors of the world, highlighting Indian cuisine in sixth Street between First and Second Avenues .

A little Little India that transports us with its spicy flavors other gastronomic worlds highly recommended, as well as tasty, for prices that are not bad.

In this way, and not entirely separated from the hindrances of the past which give the area its unique charm, today is where they live increasingly professionals and people involved with the arts world.

Here each year in late August and since not too, has been installed on the Howl! Festival of the Arts for a week with a number of events related to writing, music, dance, film ... many of them are free and activity is relentless these days.

Much more information on the official website of the neighborhood. Here you will find news, history and a number of proposals for tours to see the neighborhood now witnessing in situ than many of its streets and offices represented in the past.

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IN MANHATTAN Gramercy Park

We are entering a neighborhood where the landscape are countless nineteenth-century buildings, some of which around Gramercy Park, the only remaining private park in Manhattan.

This is an area that is bounded by 14th Street, Third Avenue, 23rd Street and Park Avenue to the north. The special feature of being a very quiet despite being surrounded by spaces like Union Square, more and more crowded. It is also a fairly safe area.

The real hallmark of this neighborhood, continues to set Gamercy Park. Samuel Ruggles bought the land in 1831, which at that time was a somewhat marshy area. Clean area and removed the water by designing a project of 66 buildings around a park, which only would have the privilege of owners of apartments in such buildings. Even today, the privilege is held for those who live there, only a few can access this oasis in the midst of the madness of the city. We must also say, the annual rent paid for a key input, a good sum of dollars annually. In addition, it must meet a number of rules inside the enclosure.

The first building was built in 1840. Leading professionals and politicians were so privileged populated space that today occupy many actors and famous artists like Julia Roberts or Kate Hudson. Also have been coming here many of the models who work for one of the many agencies Broadway.

A curious fact is that President Theodore Roosevelt nation in one of the buildings near the park, one block west.

For the quarter, are now quiet, but also options to delight the palate with a variety of care and restaurants.

Unobtrusive, but selected, some of which have names and Spanish flavors, like Casa Mono and Bar Jamón, at number 52 on the corner of Irving Place to the corner of 17th Street. If you miss a good tapas, you can always find a plate of ham in the elite of Manhattan. Just do not be surprised when we bring is worth the bill.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon


Art galleries, nightlife, shopping, many places to have brunch on weekends and an area where the gay community feel like a fish in water. These could be some of the hallmarks of a district that is located between the streets 15 and 34 delimiting the west by the Hudson River and east to Sixth Avenue.

This is a district that, like all of Manhattan, has undergone a major transformation with the evolution of the twentieth century. In 1750 a railway line was installed along the 11th Avenue and gathering, with the passage of time, a greater number of working class. This area began to become the pre-Broadway theater center. With the closure of rail line in 1930 the area went through moments of decline. Today, you can see the vestiges of past industrial warehouses and old buildings now restored between 20 and 25 streets or so, between the eighth and tenth avenues. This space is called the Chelsea Historic District.

After a period of hours available, Chelsea were started to be occupied by young executives, professionals, artists and owners of small businesses who printed the neighborhood the very special shows today.

During the Ninth and Tenth Avenue, there are numerous cafes and restaurants. West of the tenth, is where we met with the deployment of galleries that feed the pilgrimage of buyers and art critics, especially on Thursday and Friday night, leaving the weekends for the eyes of the curious or just as many New Yorkers who like spending the morning walking here and there before taking the brunch. Chelsea has become over time in an artistic reference point, while many of the galleries that proliferate in Soho, has been moved or opened up in the area of the city.

Attached to the artistic taste, those who enjoy antiques can also occur around Antiques Garage, a much smaller market than the famous Flea Market (now traladado Hell's Kitchen), but worth the shop around. We found at 112 25th Street between the sixth and seventh avenues Saturdays and Sundays only.

Another market, this time much more sweet is that localize in the so-called 'Flower District "on Sixth Avenue between Calles 26 and 29. Colors and fragrances, flowers and a gentle stroll before continuing our steps to some of the attractions of Chelsea.

Among them, you can get a tour of the Chelsea Hotel, famous for its numerous and well known clients. Artists, musicians, writers, converted the hotel into a cultural center in New York. These have passed through Arthur Miller, Jack Kerouac, Standley Kubrick, Uma Thurman, Robert Mapplethorpe or Frida Kahlo. We found at 222 23rd Street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues.

Nor can you miss the bizarre but interesting Chelsea Market. Is at number 75 Ninth Avenue. From outside you will not make the idea, be sure to enter and find an old cookie factory converted into a market where you can find delicacies from all over the world. Prices are not cheap to say but it's worth shop around.

It is also interesting Chelsea Piers, West Side docks of Manhattan, which have been converted into an entertainment complex that even includes a training center for gymnasts, two basketball courts, bowling, cinema, golf club with driving range , skating rinks ... also includes private boat marina.

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We are in the middle of the island, where we can delight in some of the most representative of Manhattan skyscrapers (Roquefeller, Empire State Building and Chrysler Building) and towering apartment buildings and crowded shopping areas and offices.

This is a large area covering several neighborhoods and that we will divide the east and the west. Focus on the 'East Side' as located between the streets 34 and 50, from Sixth Avenue to the East River.

You have to put on good shoes and start walking. These are some of the points 'hot' in Midtown East:

Surely we can not overlook the stunning Grand Central Station on 42nd Street and Park Avenue. Do not stay only in the central hall, stroll through the aisles and low to the ground floor. If you walk there you hungry to make a stop on the way to take a bite of that food as you want. Or if you like Indian food, but you should walk a little in Lexintong Avenue between Calle 27 and 30 or so, we can find many restaurants with delicious Indian food.

In front of Central Station, we found the Chrysler Building. External profiles will always be more interesting to appreciate from a distance, but since you're here, and although it is possible to upload, check out the lobby. Ceilings, marble walls and art deco doors of the lifts are worth a stop. Inside the building, you will also find information on the construction and evolution. It's in the 42 with Lexintong Av

Continue on 42nd Street and between Fifth and Sixth avenues, you'll run the New York Public Library. It is almost always free and interesting exhibits in any case, it is worthwhile to see the reading room and interior architecture. It is also interesting to shop around the store in the library, with a good number of titles on art, writing, architecture ... and original gifts.

Next to the library, find the fantastic Briant Park. A place where tables and chairs are spread around the esplanade hundreds of grass where when the weather starts, you can relax and escape quitándote shoes from the bustle of the city.

In the fifth, you can start the descent to 34th Street, where the Empire State Building elevator is waiting to soar to the heights to see one of the most breathtaking views of the island.

After the Empire by the 34th you can move to the west. You get to a shopping area presided over by the famous Macy's. Very near here, we find the famous Madison Square Garden, landmark sporting events and concerts.

Without leaving the area, not over-shop around Little Korea, between 31 and 36 streets, Broadway and Sixth Avenue. Numerous restaurants, karaoke rooms, shops, spas ... We eat there certainly will be interesting. The textures and flavors are quite distant from our kitchen, but worth a try.

In Midtown East, but farther away, we would have to visit United Nations. A tower of babel that is much more to the east, First Avenue and 46th Street. It's worth a tour we will have access to almost every language if we do not defend well in English (the English tour is available every 30 minutes) in case of other languages, the time between visits is somewhat higher.

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The other half orange Midtown East, is found on the west side comprising the area stretching along Eighth Avenue to the Hudson River, from 14th Street to 59. While Midtown East represents an office environment and trade, the West, offers more options for entertainment at night.

In this area are mostly young, affluent professionals and a recent gay community who embrace the neighborhood and the environment in which to live in this island of a thousand faces.

With regard to what to see, we can start at the bottom. The inevitable visit to Times Square, at the confluence of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, will leave you speechless. It is spectacular by day, but must be seen especially at night.

The waste of watts of light will leave you mouth open and will have to come here also if you decide on one of the great Broadway shows. Although there are theaters throughout the city, here are the most representative works.

Once you have saturated, the suggestion is to go out there and you keep exploring. Times Square is impressive, but the saturation of tourists can be too. Especially recommended not to eat there. The big chains have taken up the space but neither the price nor the quality of the meal worthwhile.

For lunch or dinner, no doubt walk for example, 42nd Street west. At the confluence with the Eighth Avenue find Porth Authority Bus Terminal, where both paths start within and outside the city, the neighboring state of New Jersey or longer trips to other U.S. cities. Nearby, outside the terminal on Eighth Avenue, is the new building of the famous New York Times.

When we got to go up nine Avenue. We are in Hell's Kitchen, where they decide what to eat is a problem. There restaurant after restaurant with culinary delights from around the world and a particular atmosphere.

Going north, where Hell's Kitchen just find the famous Time Warner building. Log in to him and take a look at an exclusive shopping center that represents the border from which if we walk north leads to the Upper West Side.

In one of the floors above the mall, is a jazz concert hall recently, Dizzy's Club Coca Cola, which is worth spending an evening. The room is lovely with a glass front overlooking Central Park and from there watch the city lights while enjoying good music. Very New York.

From Columbus, we have to mention the famous Canergie Hall. One of the most important concert halls in the city. It is located on Seventh Avenue and 57th Street. Its exterior is interesting but inside, it's really worth seeing.

Finally note that if we leave aside some tourist town Manhattan and get into something a little more authentic, we just have to move an avenue to the Hudson River. If instead of climbing the ninth Avenue, from 42, do it for the tenth, we realize that the local landscape has changed. Here, even less, we also find some restaurants, but above all, a neighborhood much more authentic. Only a block and it seems that here have not yet reached the tourists and the pace is different. Although we all are, we must recognize that we always carry in the sense of seeing or experiencing the spaces and places where they all come up.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon


Central Park is undoubtedly the lung of Manhattan and a real spectacle at any time of year. The figures speak of 25 million visitors annually and is the most visited park in the United States.

His fame is not for nothing, since we lost in the trails, lakes, open areas or forest areas and uncover one of the most fascinating parks we have visited.

For a time, Central Park as well as being the scene of many movies, was a dangerous place with fame, where the crime rate deterred visitors and locals looking for going into the corners for relaxation.

Today this huge rectangle of four kilometers long and nearly one in width, is itself one of the great attractions of the Big Apple.

Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in 1958, now represents a wide range of options in a natural environment embraced by the hectic pace of the city. Its creators projected it as a place where people of all races and social classes could mingle and enjoy the environment. The north and south of the park were first opened to the public which, however, had to wait for the rest of the park with its rolling hills, rocks, trails were completed in a period that lasted for 16 years.

In it we find open spaces such as Sheep Medow, several lakes, ice rinks, playgrounds for children as the carousel or a zoo, various venues for sports, walking stick their heads where famous statues like ' Walk of the poets', 'The Boathouse', the restaurant next to one of the lakes where you can enjoy a Sunday brunch is a real exercise in a truly glamorous New York ...

The design of the park itself, we must add the efforts of initiatives such as 'Shakespeare in the Park', the Free Theatre Festival every year since 1962, brings together hundreds of people and how they started their careers some who later became famous figures big screen. City Park Foundation also offers each summer SummerStage, with free activities including concerts, film screenings, dance classes ...

In short, a place to miss, especially when you wake up during the spring and all summer and autumn. An oasis that although it is certainly a break to escape the bustle of the city is not devoid of activity. During good weather, you can not miss the Sheep Medow Sunday with dozens of skaters who come up there with the sole aim to relax, take a rolling their feet to the rhythm of the music and have a good time. There are real experts in dance on wheels. You can not fail to follow with his eyes.

We also recommend walking in search of the many singers, musicians, comedians and actors who give away their art to visitors. They are really good and we will encounter them as we go. Many referred to throughout the 'Walk of poets' and near the lake end of the street.

Nice shoes, want to discover and enjoy the show. If the weather is not or for some reason you can not walk far, the option of taking a cab to show you the park with an explanation including the driver, is always a good opportunity to not miss a landmark without doubt among the most contains this special city.

To get here, check out a map and that due to their size, many Metro stops near you and let you can be more convenient depending on where you are.

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On the west side of Central Park, found a less affluent neighborhood is not the Upper East Side, but traditionally more liberal, politically speaking. It is a mainly residential area, quiet and the lung near Central Park, as present in the lives of all those who are fortunate enough to live in this quiet area of the city. We delimit the streets 59 and 110 south to the north and Central Park to the east and the Hudson River to the west.

In the Upper West Side hotels we usually find more affordable than other areas of the city. Communication is good with any point of the island and give us when the day just kicking the Big Apple, a nice quiet neighborhood and go out to dinner or a drink.

The essence of the Upper West Side is the print border with Central Park. Endowed with an elegant architecture, one of his most famous buildings is 'The Dakota' (72nd Street and Central Park), where John Lennon was shot and where Yoko Ono still lives. Front of this building and boarding a bit in the park, find 'Imagine', the famous image, drawn with small tiles on the floor, remember the figure of the famous former Beetle.

As for attractions in the area, we can start by mentioning Columbus Cilcle in the southwest corner of Central Park, with the Columbus statue presiding over the imposing edifice of Time Warner Center. Sign in, you can enjoy from the first floor of a beautiful view of Manhattan and take a tour by an interesting shopping. You'll also find the recently opened Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola, where you can enjoy an evening of jazz is something truly magical with the lights of Manhattan and embracing the special atmosphere of the room.

A little further up, followed by Broadway, we find the famous Lincoln Center. Imposing building where music, dance and art permeate halls, concert halls, and where we can always find a number of artistic proposals to complete our visit to the Big Apple.

Above, we can not ignore the presence of the interesting Museum of Natural History (79th Street west side of Central Park). Also if you travel with children, will come here if we spend a morning or an afternoon at the Children's Museum of Manhattan at number 212 West 83rd Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue.

Much further north, are Columbia University (116th Street to Columbus Avenue) and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine (112th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenue). It is the largest of the United States.

For lunch or dinner, along Columbus Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue, found a good number of restaurants where the diversity of flavors of the world is present to consumer taste.

Some useful links:

Lincoln Center:

Natural History Museum:

Children's Museum:

Time Warner Center:

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Bounded by 59th Street to 96, between Park Avenue and Central Park, we place this wealthy neighborhood. It is certainly one of the most expensive residential areas of the island. True to his reputation as a wealthy neighborhood has long been settled here, along Madison Avenue, the most important companies of national and international fashion. Thus we find Ann Taylor, Chanel, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta or Carolina Herrera, among others. The fame of the most select area of fashion is topped with stores Bloomingdales on Lexington Avenue and 59th Street.

A good guide to this area if we wanted to go shopping is found at the following link: A comprehensive directory with the elite for more carefree pockets.

Besides fashion, jewelry should not be missed, and that is why almost every corner cabinets are only suitable for luxurious high-level pockets. To get an idea, have lived in this area names like Woody Alen, Joan Collins, Sean Connery, Donna Karan, Rupert Murdoch, Jackie Onassis or Rudy Giuliani.

Art, as one would expect, is also present in the streets and avenues in the form of galleries. In this way, sprinkling the road between signature clothes and flashing diamonds, we can delight with renowned artists in rooms that can enter and enjoy the art while discovering the neighborhood.

If we move to larger, certainly not least is the Metropolitan Museum of Art One of the most impressive museums in the city which can easily spend a whole day. We found him at 1000 Fifth Avenue (between Calles 82 and 83). We also find Upper East Side in the Guggenheim Museum 1071 5th Avenue (between 88 and 89) or the Jewish Museum 1109 5th Avenue (92nd & 93rd). With certain parallels with MOMA, also worth shop around for the prestigious Whitney, with contemporary art. We found in 945 Madison Avenue (between Calle 74 y75).

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Brooklyn is one of the 'boroughs' popular New York and certainly a place well worth spending time discovering the life of the city outside the borders of Manhattan.

As in many areas of the city dominated by a multiculturalism that is manifested throughout its various neighborhoods, scenic walks in search and capture of everyday expression of Brooklyn.

Cover all the space is practically impossible. However, here are some notes and recommendations on where to get lost.

The 'borough' (or district) is connected to Manhattan by three bridges: Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge.

Possibly the best present in the collective consciousness and that to that arrive every day hundreds of tourists who carries the name of the 'borough'. A good walk would cross the impressive bridge and walk to Brooklyn Heights (walking south), where you can enjoy your ride in front of Manhattan along the river, a breathtaking view of the financial district from the other side.

Then walk through the streets with their houses of different styles is a pleasure and we can always gaining momentum in some of its many restaurants and cafes, especially in Montague St.

Walking south through Atlantic Avenue, we will move by a couple of interesting spaces, quiet, with the soul of the past quarter full of shops, family businesses and a number of restaurants, antique shops, boutiques and bookstores. The new architecture captures the attention of passers in the residential side streets.

This is Boerum Hill and Cobble Hill. Here we also find the peaceful Cobble Hill Park

Nearby is the famous Prospect Park (, considered by its creators an improvement in his other major project New York: Central Park, full of activity, especially during weekends and summer months. More information about the park in Audubon Center Boathouse, west exit of B and Q lines in Prospect Park.

Other attractions in Brooklyn could be Dumbo and Williamsburg.

Dumbo, near the East River north of downtown Brooklyn, is a space between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges with breathtaking views of the city. You can get here by walking from the Brooklyn Bridge and walk through its streets, which tell of a somewhat dark past began to improve when for 70 years, different kinds of artists started arriving in the neighborhood today, represents one of the places where they have one of these bohemian lofts and studios is only available to wealthy pockets. Within the art scene of galleries that dot the area, highlights Dumbo Arts Center (

Williamsburg is another neighborhood that has improved greatly over time. He is currently a haven for young people coming to New York and above all, for a number of artists.

Because of its proximity to Manhattan, its growth in recent times has been important, allowing for a number of different ethnic groups, among them, Germans, Italians, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans ... A number of options we communicate with the neighborhood from Manhattan. Lines L, J, M and Z.

The above reference to various neighborhoods. With regard to cultural, highlight the Brooklyn Museum (, the wonderful Brooklyn Botanical Garden ( or the Brooklyn Childrens Museum (

There are many more neighborhoods and areas to investigate in a 'borough' of about three million inhabitants.

If you are curious and want to know more, find information or physical office with maps, brochures, shopping guides ... (209 Borough Hall, Joralemon St. - lines 4 and 5 to Borough Hall)

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The Big Apple has been the scene of more than 10,000 movies and television series directed by renowned directors such as Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, among many others. Some have portrayed the city in an ironic tone, others plan comedy, some people have paid a loving tribute and others have decided to send attacking aliens or monsters. Despite being thousands of movies and video clips filmed here we must be careful not to believe all the locations that some guides are determined to add and among them the famous cemetery abut the video of Michael Jackon's Thriller that really was filmed in a studio in Los Angeles, or the source of presentation of Friends that is not in Central Park but in a private lot at Warner also in Los Angeles. To ensure the accuracy of the locations, the tourist office of New York has created the website in which, through a yahoo map are positioned filming locations of famous movies. We can start in the 125th near the 7th Avenue where X and go Malcon rolled down to the 90th in Riverside where we found decorated You've got a mail. Nearby, on 86th Avenue in Columbus we will find Taxi Driver. If we cross Central Park to the east side, at E 88th St and Fifth Avenue will remember Men in Black. A little further down in the 81st St. we Kramer vs. Kramer. Central Park Center comes the memory of the legendary "Breakfast at Tiffany's, translated into Spanish as Breakfast at Tiffany's. In the southern part of the park shot Ghostbusters, and close on the 59th Fame. Manhattan, for many the best Woody Allen film, shot at the MOMA in the 51th stage near Crocodile Dundee. Spider-man flew in Midtown at 47th Street and Midnight Cowboy was filmed at the 1414 Broadway. The Fisher King, Men in Black, North and Northwest were filmed in Grand Central Station on the 87 E to 42nd Street. If we continue down to Madison Square Garden where they took scenes from Godzilla. In Katx's Deli at 205 E Houston St. Meg Ryan faked an orgasm in When Harry Met Sally. Finally we can get an idea of the shooting of King Kong in 1976 in the Wold Trade Cender, when it was still standing and the Little Italy neighborhood in The Godfather.

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Spanish is the second most spoken language in the U.S. after English. In this country we can find the community of Hispanic fifth largest in the world only behind Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Argentina.

In 43 of the 52 states that make up this country Spanish is the language most spoken, but if we focus in NY, no doubt, this is not necessary to speak English to get around the city like a fish in water.

In New York, Spanish is already the most studied foreign language and mother tongue of more than two million people.

You can open a bank account, the declaration of income, medical assistance, watch TV in Spanish ... in short, you can almost say you can lead a fairly normal life without speaking English (though of course it helps).

The poster for "Spanish speaking" is everywhere and if you can not see, never mind, someone in every store, every restaurant or place of entertainment can speak our language.

The figures speak for themselves: one quarter of the population of NYC census decade earlier, is Hispanic. Another thing is the different accents you can recognize, let alone a growing use of Spanglish with a mixture English-Castilian that gives us such peculiar expressions like: I have to vaccinate the folder (vacuum the carpet - vacuuming).

In figures, the Mexicans are the largest Hispanic population of the city followed by Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Salvadorans and Dominicans.

Spanish is spoken, but can also be read, and can find multiple newspapers in our language, but especially two of them, have over 100,000 readers.

Also, Jorge Luis Borges gives its name to the library which houses over 70,000 volumes of books in Spanish in the Instituto Cervantes in Manhattan. In this space we also find the largest collection of Spanish-language movies free access to the city.

Faced with a growing Hispanic market in this country, interest in Castilian is increasing, as well as finding a large Hispanic population speaking, there are many Americans who speak and work harder every day to move closer to our language. The same has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of politicians. Nationwide, Hispanics are the largest minority with about 35 million people, representing just over 12 percent of the total. In this way, every time you can earn more winks of politicians and many of them already speak our language correctly.

In short, for the English language the visitor must not imply in any way a barrier, so if that is what you for, it's time to pack. You can try to understand you in English, usually people are very friendly and welcoming. If this fails, a few words in Spanish and no doubt someone will understand you and offer you the help you need.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

POPULATION OF NEW YORK - races, ethnicities and cultures

New York City, more than 8 million people, nearly 200 languages in use by over 35% of city residents born outside the United States (2000 census).

This could be the stark picture of what is the population of New York City, where cultures, races and religions mingle daily resulting in a cultural hodgepodge difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

It is expected that by 2025, the population amounts to nearly 9.5 million people, a kaleidoscope of races that never ends. Only in the last decade of last century (between 1990 and 2000), the city admitted more than one million two hundred thousand immigrants.

For population size, Dominican Republic, China, Jamaica, Russia, Italy, Poland and India, are those that provide a higher rate of population. Here we go China Town, Little Italy, Little Korea, Little India, Spanish Harlem ... without leaving a single city.

Significantly, if we call to your information from the New York City, it is ready to meet in 170 different languages. This gives us an idea of how the world is represented here in a good part of small and not so small communities of people come from all over the world. That is why the calendar of festivities in the city, has been added to over the years, days festivities commemorating Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu ...

A part of the festivities related to religion, many are the days when we refer to the different communities living in the city as the Chinese New Year St. Patrick's Day or the day of Puerto Rico.

But if a community has a particular weight in New York, could say that this is the Jewish community. In the city focuses more Jews (over a million) than in Jerusalem itself. In this way, and with the passage of time, New York has inevitably been influenced by many elements of this culture.

New York is also home to a growing population of southern Asia. A quarter of the population in this area living in the United States, is established here. Similarly, the largest African American community of the country, is living in Manhattan or any of their 'boroughs'.

With these touches, it's almost impossible not to become amazed when you travel by metro observing the different features, languages, clothing ...

But careful, because not everyone accepts While observers eyes of tourists. Be discreet and let go from the amalgamation of colors and languages. When you're here forms part thereof, of this fascinating multi-ethnic community each day goes fast, fast wide avenues and streets of the Big Apple.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon


If New York can find anything, could not miss a gay community with no complex, intense activity throughout the city and some areas of Manhattan in particular. Here gay culture manifests itself freely, perceived in recent years, a particular effort to strengthen New York as a destination for a group that often has a high purchasing power and willingness to travel. As I have tried other cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, New York now spends a chunk in promoting the city as a destination for this group growing and more liberated.

If we focus on Manhattan's West Village is the gay neighborhood par excellence. Here began the famous battle for the rights of the gay community. It happened early last weekend in June 1969. Police launched a raid on the local famous thereafter: Stonewall. Tired of the harassment and persecution they were subdued and tired to continue hiding, there were those who were revealed on a night where the riots continued in the street and ended with four policemen wounded, thirteen people arrested and a riot in the streets Manhattan.

Currently, the West Village remains an area closely identified with the gay movement, as well as Chelsea. Where taboos are becoming less and socialize publicly showing a gay orientation is quite common and accepted.

Who comes to town and want to know where the best places to move and the intense artistic activity related to the gay community has only to glance at Time Out New York. The kiosks will find in all week and has a special section with information about events, activities, bars, clubs ... also a number of publications, many free of charge at various points in the said areas of the Village and Chelsea.

Finally note 'Creative Visions Bookstore', one of the libraries of reference for the gay community on the Internet:

Other pages with interesting information:


We are in a host city of immigrants for a long time now. New Yorkers are almost a minority in their own city but when you find them, no doubt have their own identity.

There are people who say they are extremely open to foreigners and very friendly and welcoming to tourists but in recent times, despite the avalanche were mostly Europeans to land in the city every day. Do not be surprised if you go down the street with face confused and someone offers help to guide you or whatever you need, just leave them inside. I also love chatter about any subject and any excuse for what is easier if you're open, make conversation with people here and know first-hand impressions about the city and its changes.

Everyone has a story, with parents or grandparents came from all parts of the world. Therefore, anyone is welcome here. It is difficult to determine a profile of the people of this city but we could say that it is usually quite progressive people (politically speaking), very conscious about environmental issues as well as maintaining their own health and shape. Rare is who is not going to yoga class, is targeted to the gym or just running. Here almost everyone finds time to practice donning his slippers and yogging.

Returning to the theme of tourism, it must be said that development in the city certainly is helping to nurture an industry that involves millions of dollars a year and this encourages the economic boom in NY. However, the shift to tourism, has meant that much of what was New York before, is gone, and many places have lost their authenticity. Still, the most authentic New York is in its 'borouhgs' as well as its people. Here you will be able to differentiate who is from New York, because they are always willing to tell a story or help with directions if you go somewhere.

New Yorkers are, in short, one of the reasons that make New York a special city, and especially welcoming for which arrives here, whatever their purpose.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon


Speaking of New York is talking about the largest city in the United States.

Located in the Northeast, at the mouth of the Hudson River that traverses the state, we have no record of its history until the sixteenth century on the island of Manhattan. The island was inhabited by different tribes (Manahattoes and Canarsie) dedicated to hunting, fishing and some agriculture, when in 1524 the Italian Giovanni da Verrazzano, made an appearance in these lands to the French government's orders looking for a step east to the northwest.

Almost a century later, in 1609, Henry Hudson sailed up the river that now bears his name. Soon after, he installed the first settlement they called New Amsterdam Netherlands. This lasted until the onset did the English took the land and renamed New York in honor of the Duke of York.

Netherlands, following the second Anglo-Holland, New York formally delivering end to the British who imposed their criteria until 1776, declaring independence from the United States of America, with George Washington in the lead, with New York's capital country in its infancy.

During the nineteenth century the population increased rapidly evolving. New York City becomes a recipient of immigration from all countries of the world. In 1811, plans and works in the efficient grid layout in the streets and avenues of Manhattan. By 1835, it already exceeds in population that had hitherto been the most populous U.S. city, Philadelphia.

Not until the end of the century when New York acquired the current political organization. Prior to this date, only Manhattan and the Bronx were united politically. From this point, forms the union of New York City consists of Manhattan and the so-called 'boroughs': Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island Brookling.

Jumping into the twentieth, the city became one of industrial centers, trade and communications in the world. The 30s are the years in which construction is flourishing skyline so characteristic of the island.

Advancing the century, we can say that the pre-World War II represents a time of moving population of people who move from the city to the suburbs. This is accompanied by an erosion of the industrial base, and after the war, also live several racial clashes in the 60s and 70s. The 70s were, in fact, high-crime times. Things were not going well and the culmination of the bad years came with the declaration of the city into bankruptcy in 1975.

Bad times in the city, far from sinking further, he worked to emerge from its ashes. The 80 represent the rebirth of Wall Street and the city assumes the role of world's financial center. In the '90s, with the performance of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, various formulas and actions, succeeded in lowering crime rates significantly. The city begins again to be host of Americans who came from other parts of the country and immigrants from around the world.

The attacks of September 11, 2001, once again undermined the spirit of this city, once again, far from surrendering worked to clear the area and work hard to help maintain the pulse thrilling, full of strength and optimism that always characterized to New York.

Currently, New York is receiving people coming from anywhere. Many brought by commercial ties, others absorbed in the idea of getting their dreams artistically speaking, many others who come from poorer countries, seeking to take advantage of the many options and possibilities that this city seems to offer. Manhattan is becoming true in the city where the rich are concentrated in the world and a good dose of artistic talent or business acumen. Borougsh In New York we still find the more authentic, more diverse and cosmopolitan, less pretentious and more profound in many ways.

Today and always, this is a city that never stops and for sure worth visiting at least once in their life. What are you waiting for?

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon


Area: 62.16 km ²
Population: more than 1.5 million

Many visitors have a preconceived idea of Manhattan, through films or books, and the image that contribute to form the media and what they have told those people who know firsthand. In fact, Manhattan has all these ideas and much more: it is an urban landscape characterized by its diversity and excitement, that resists a single definition that meets the interests of people of all ages.

The borough stretches for almost 21.73 km, an amalgam of different neighborhoods to which is attached in the heart of Central City Park, with its 3.41 km ². If this is your first visit, be sure to see the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center. Others may have a priority to visit the museums: the Museum of the City of New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Museum of Natural History offers three different options, and this is just the beginning. The performing arts lovers can enjoy performances and representations of Lincoln Center, on Broadway or jazz clubs of Harlem. However, if you are like shopping, you can enjoy walking along 5th Avenue or afternoon browsing the boutiques of SoHo and Nolita. In many cases, the best way to see Manhattan is by foot, soaking up the atmosphere of different areas. Both as Chinatown or Little Italy Harlem or the Lower East Side has its own identity and cultural heritage worth discovering.

Restaurants and nightlife

New York is home to some of the best and most famous restaurants in the country, such as Four Seasons, Le Bernardin and Peter Luger Steakhouse. Enjoy the latest proposals from the city's chefs, including Mario Batali, Bobby Flay and Anthony Bourdain. Besides the cuisine, the city offers all the cuisines of the world, associated with many neighborhoods, each one from the kitchen of a specific region. And, of course, there are always those references that are a must on a visit to the city of New York bagels and smoked salmon from Zabar's, a piece of pizza from Joe's Pizza or large sandwiches Katz's Delicatessen. There is an option to suit all tastes and budgets. For more information in English, click here.

Besides food, the city offers an incomparable range of nightlife options. There are plenty of trendy night clubs where you can dance. Chelsea and the Meatpacking District offers some of the best alternatives in the city. If you want a quieter night, there are many pubs in the neighborhood in the five districts in which to take refuge and enjoy a drink, good conversation and a chance to relax. And to prove more sophisticated environments, the city offers visitors the chance to take a cocktail while enjoying a performance of cabaret and jazz. Click here for more information in English about nightlife options.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon


How much can cost me a trip to New York? Is it as expensive as it may seem, what kind of alterative is, what kind of daily budget can be assumed to visit the Big Apple?

In the city that never sleeps, as it surely presupposes either before coming, we find everything. It is paradise for those who want to burn money, but if your wallet is not exactly overflowing, do not worry, here are options for all budgets.

It must be said that the impact of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 left the city econonómicamente very touched, not to mention the negative impact this had on tourism in the city. The city went through some of the low cost him several years to recover, however, in this spirit that never comes under all those living in this city, New York is once again an economic point, artistic, political and important tourist .

In a moment they begin again to be heard echoes of the slow-down of the economy, tourism is bringing to town a lifeline that never stops. Never before were so many tourists, especially Europeans in the city. The depreciation of the dollar against the euro, is attracting many people who previously may not have the option of a planned visit to the Big Apple.

Costs and typical prices:


Even so, to get an idea of the cost of living in the city, start by saying that housing is still the point that concentrates the highest percentage of our budget to consider when coming here.

Perfect if you know someone who can stay for a few days at home, if not in Manhattan, difficult to find hotel for less than 150-200 dollars a night. This figure varies considerably down if we go further north, and the Harlem Hispanish. Yes, the night in a hostel can get out for about 35-40 dollars, of course, room and shared bathrooms.

Dining in New York

The food is another's strengths. We must say that is not expensive to eat in the city. Everyone eats out and if you miss a look at the price of groceries understand why. If we are kicking the city, we have access to a variety of meals and prices.

A dog in a street stall costs about $ 2, kebabs and other options also in street stalls can get out for about 6-7 $. A piece of pizza, depending on where you buy it you can find it from about $ 2. An option to eat well and cheap, are the daily menus that offer almost every restaurant in the city from Monday to Friday (some Saturdays and Sundays). You can taste foods from around the world from 6-7 dollars a plate, yes, plus tip.

If money is not a problem, it goes without saying that we can find the finest restaurants and emblematic of every kitchen in the world, where, with drink and dessert easily spend about $ 250 per person. Between one option and another, obviously there are a wide variety of restaurants where you dine from 15-20 dollars ...


For purchases, we find here a lot more affordable than in Spain. Electronics, audio articles, photography are some of them. As for clothes, large Madison Avenue firms are light years ahead of prices in places like Century 21, H & M (many stores throughout the city) and Daffy's.


As entertainment, it must be said to go for a drink is much more expensive here. Alcohol and snuff are not considered at all a necessary, but rather a luxury that we have to pay. A glass of wine is around 7-8 U.S. dollars minimum. Least $ 6 a beer and a glass or cocktail about 10.

The musical theater and often exceed $ 100, but you can always find last minute discounts on Broadway to 47th Street. Tails reasons, soon the crowd will guide you to where you can get two for one tickets or discounts.

The museums are between 10 and $ 20 but almost all have a day whose motto is "Pay What You Wish ', so you can pay what you wish, but not the full price of the entry. MOMA on Friday afternoon is free. Also in almost all there are discounts for students and seniors. If you want to go to the movies, admission is $ 11.

In newspapers like The Voice (found in coffee shops and bookstores for free) or magazines like Time Out, you'll find a lot of options for all budgets.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon


The city that never sleeps with this name for a reason, and that the times here are certainly much broader than in Europe. In many cases, the lineup of 24 hours allows us to pull through only to cross the other side of the street.

With regard to shopping hours, they vary widely depending on the area of the city where we are.

Typically, businesses in offices open earlier but they close soon.

However, in areas traditionally identified with the 'shopping', the stores stay open later. As difficult to define standard here, we say that the time is usually from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm, but better confirm.

Definitely on Sunday but everything is open, the hours are usually cut from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm.

As for supermarkets, again I must say that's all there. From those close at 8.00pm, even extending their hours until 23:00 hours or are open all night.

A good solution to any time of day or night are here called 'delis'. They usually have extended hours and will not be difficult to find those who are open 24 hours throughout this city, even in the 'boroughs'. These small shops have almost everything for an emergency. 'Deli' here should not be confused with 'delicatessen'. What we find is not exactly tasty but from a pack of snuff, to a pack of beer, soap for washing clothes or pieces of fruit.

As for the banks, most are open from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm Monday to Friday, but some extend their hours until 6:00 pm or serving on Saturday morning.

With regard to post offices, the hours are from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. However, the central, on Eighth Avenue at 33rd Street, remains open 24 hours a day.

The museums have different schedules even varying on different days of the week. Many are closed on Mondays and some holidays, so it is best to check first before giving us the tour and find out of hours. Normally close early, but according to the season, some extending their hours Tuesday or Thursday afternoon.

As for restaurants, kitchens are usually open until 11 pm on weekdays and midnight on Friday and Saturday. However, in tourist areas and when it comes to large restaurant chains in crowded places, we can have dinner later. Needless to say, any time of day, you can eat any dish on the menu.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon


If you come from a country such as Spain traditionally smoker, no doubt we do not just clash smokers in this city.

The few who still cling to smoking, they leave the office to the street, but they are certainly a minority.

Since 2005 in New York can not smoke in workplaces, bars, restaurants, game rooms, university facilities, banks and public buildings. The purpose is to protect the health of both active smokers pasivos.Se estimated annual cost to the state is 6,400 million dollars in health care.

In a controversial issue, there are plenty of voices raised in defense of space for smokers, who in this city are feeling increasingly trapped. However, and although some claim that the activity in bars and restaurants has suffered limiting the consumption of snuff, a survey published by the Zagat restaurant guide, says that in New York City 60% of respondents say they would go less to restaurants where not smoke-free.

As surprising as the limited consumption of cigarettes and how bad it is seen smoking, is the righteousness with which it complies.

No one to bring into play a possible closure of his establishment, or to pay a substantial fine, so be cautious if you are a smoker and meets the standards.

With regard to alcohol, you must be over 21 to consume or buy at any liquor store or supermarket. Do not be surprised if even your appearance is far from having 20 years, you are asked to justify the date of your birth.

Again, nobody wants to risk a lawsuit for selling alcohol to minors that would jeopardize business continuity.

With regard to alcohol and demands, is an interesting figure of the role of the staff attending the bars of bars and restaurants. Under his responsibility is a customer exceeding the alcohol intake and the consequent problems that this can generate. The 'bartender' has to say no to a cup more, if the client insists.

As with the consumption of snuff, you can not drink alcohol in public places. If a police badge to someone drinking in a park, not only receive a substantial fine but can be even arrested.

That said, we recommend smoking only in the street or if you're in a private home. With regard to drink, do not risk and do the same, only those sites that have to do (bars, restaurants and private homes).

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon


Contrary to what might seem, New York is one of the safest cities in the world. Definitely one of the safest in the United States, especially if we talk of Manhattan.

If you are visiting here, you may save some quick raid we will not spend much time in the 'Burroughs' (Bronx, or Queens Brookling). This is where a higher concentration is sometimes people with less purchasing power and possibly more contentious. However, they are very specific areas which can be dangerous and usually if we are here as tourists, not spend time in them.

In a time now, the city has changed considerably. In many respects has lost the authenticity of the past, looking back thanks to tourism but it is a safe city in which you can walk almost any time of day, even at night.

To point out some places that might be conflicting and is best avoided, we will say that traditionally South Bronx is not the place where we want to get lost with a map in hand. Nor Brookling as parts of Brownsville or Bed-Stuy.

Needless to say, but Central Park is very safe during the day, you should not wander far from the park at night.

Also, the subway is not usually a dangerous place but it works for 24 hours. During the night is much less crowded and we never know who may suddenly appear and give us a scare. If we go and we will return later, they recommend taking a taxi. It is not too expensive for distances within Manhattan and we have to take risks.

In any case and may even say that New York is a fairly safe city, here are some tips are more than ever if we are to prevent any accidents that somehow tarnish our trip:

Do not walk with cameras or video when you start to delve in less busy areas of the island.

If you long lost, but you can check your map to make it less obvious, go to a store while you guide. In addition, if you ask, people in general is very willing to help in this regard.

In the most crowded areas like Times Square or the subway at rush hour, as in all large cities, beware of pickpockets. Obviously know where they are so infatuated tourists taking pictures which will be easy to find yourself without portfolio if you're not careful.

Regarding the homeless (tramps), you'll see time wandering around the city. Usually are not dangerous. Just do not mess with them and they will do likewise.

Another obvious rule is not left unattended bag or backpack if we're in a cafe or restaurant. In any case, it is not uncommon to see as people leave their laptops even on the table while going to ask for a coffee or go to the bathroom. Unbelievable but true, but better not to provide an opportunity for friends gossiping.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

Among the attractions in New York we find monuments, gardens, parks and zoos. Many of them are not only emblems of the city but also throughout the United States: the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the Empire State Building or the Brooklyn Bridge. Others, such as Federal Hall and the newly founded African Burial Ground National Monument, offers a different view of the history of the city. The city also offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature: the Bronx Zoo, known throughout the world, the New York Botanical Garden and Wave Hill. Throughout the five boroughs, from Coney Island in Brooklyn to Orchard Beach in the Bronx, beaches and public parks are a natural beauty that is worth exploring, beginning with Central Park, with its 3.41 km ², in the very heart of Manhattan.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

Essential Information for visitors
To enter the United States, proper documentation is necessary as a passport and / or visa. Click here for more information in English ( / xp / Cgo / travel / id visa).

Emergency phone numbers (police, fire and ambulance): 911

Governmental entities in the city of New York (non-emergency): 311 or 212-NEW-YORK (639-9675)

Information phone numbers: 411

Support multilingual visitor information: 212-484-1222

Printed information about NYC: 800-NYC-VISIT (692-84748) or 212-397-8222

In New York the legal drinking age is 21. To buy or drink alcohol, it is necessary to show proper documentation.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

Sales tax
In New York applies a sales tax of 8.375%. This tax does not apply to articles of clothing and footwear. However, it applies a tax of 4.375% for items of clothing and shoes when they exceed the amount of $ 110. The price tag usually does not include VAT.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

Tips for visiting attractions
In some places it is necessary to show proper ID to access the same, so do not forget to bring documentation during the visit to the city. Also, you may need to undergo an inspection of backpacks and cameras at the entrance.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

Consumption of snuff
No smoking allowed in public areas of New York, such as meters, taxis, restaurants and bars. You can smoke cigars and cigarettes in the specific rooms that are licensed in the city.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

Services for disabled people
The transport system of the city, which operates 24 hours a day, with access for people with hearing disabilities, visual or mobility. The metro has an automated voice system that announces each stop, and all buses and some subway stations have wheelchair access. Many attractions, museums and Broadway theaters offer special services for customers with hearing and visual disabilities, and access for wheelchairs or chairs for easy access. For more information, visit, or to obtain a complete guide, visit the website of the Office of the City Council for Persons with Disabilities ( / html / MOPD / html / home / home.shtml).

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

Time Zone
New York Time Zone: 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The city maintains the summer schedule from March to November. For the current time in New York [link to].

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

The salaries of many New Yorkers who work in the service sector (hotels, restaurants and transport) is calculated taking into account their tips. Therefore, tipping is expected and appreciated. This is a guide to how much to give as a tip for the service:

Hotel Porter: $ 1 for stopping a taxi.

Buttons and responsible for transport of luggage: 1-2 dollars a package.

Staff Room: 1-2 dollars per day of stay, or even $ 5 per day.

Waiters: 15% to 20% of the total bill.

Taxi drivers: 15-20% of the total amount of the trip.

It also appreciate tips to other employees in the service sector, as ushers, tour guides and staff cloakroom.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

Electric current
In both New York and the rest of the United States, the current is 110 volts (60 cycle power). If traveling from outside the United States or Canada, it is recommended that you bring a plug adapter to connect their own electrical appliances. You may also need a power adapter from 110 to 220 volts. Most current devices operate with 50 or 60 cycles. The electrical frequency may affect the electric clocks, audio equipment and other electronic devices. Be sure your appliance is compatible with the electrical current before traveling to the United States.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

Tourist Offices City

NYC & Company Official Visitor Information Center (currently under construction and closed until October 2008)
810 7th Avenue (53rd Street to the north of Times Square), 212-484-1222
Subway: B, D, E to 7th Avenue, 1 to 50th Street, N, R to 49th Street

Times Square Alliance (temporary location)
1560 Broadway (between Calles 46 and 47)
Metro: lines 1, 2, 3, 7 to 42nd Street, N, R to 49th Street
Hours: daily, 8 to 20 hours

NYC & Company Visitor Information Kiosk City Hall South end of City Hall Park
Sidewalk of Broadway and Park Row
Metro: lines 2, 3 to Park Place; R, 4, 5, 6 to Brooklyn Bridge / City Hall, A, C to Broadway / Nassau, E to WTC / Chambers Street, or J, M, Z to Fulton Street
Hours: Monday through Friday, from 9 to 18 hours, Saturdays and Sundays and holidays, 10 to 18 hours

Chinatown NYC & Company Visitor Information Kiosk at the confluence of the Canal Street / Walker / Baxter
Metro lines J, M, N, Q, R, W, Z, 6 to Canal Street
Hours: daily, 10 to 18 hours

Federal Hall NYC & Company Visitor Information Center 26 Wall Street. (Between William and Nassau Street)
Metro lines J, M, Z to Broad Street, 2, 3, 4, 5 to Wall Street
Hours: Monday through Friday, from 9 to 17 hours (except holidays)

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon


Three major airports: JFK, LaGuardia and Newark, all within an hour from midtown Manhattan. To retain means of transport on arrival, please contact the information desk, bus or taxi to request transportation and insurance license. If you need help with your luggage, look for the porters or airline employees in uniform.

International Airport, John F. Kennedy (JFK), 718-244-4444
located in Queens, 24.14 miles from midtown Manhattan (50-60 minutes)

This International Airport operates 24 hours and has nine passenger terminals. The cheapest means of transport (although not the fastest) from JFK to the city of New York's AirTrain, with connections to the subway line at Howard Beach, and the lines E, J and Z, in Jamaica (cost total: $ 7.) Transport alternatives: 16-20 dollars in van or bus, taxi yellow $ 45 (plus tolls) or more if you opt for a private limousine.

LaGuardia Airport (LGA), 718-533-3400
located in Queens, 12.87 miles from midtown Manhattan (30-45 minutes)

It is the closest airport to Midtown Manhattan, with mainly domestic flights.
The cheapest means of transport to the city of New York is by bus or subway ($ 2). Transport alternatives: U.S. $ 12-20 van or bus, taxi yellow 25-45 dollars (plus tolls) or more if you opt for a private limousine.

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), 888-EWR-INFO (397-4636)
located in Newark, NJ, 25.75 miles from midtown Manhattan (40-60 minutes)

It has domestic and international flights and operates 24 hours. The cheapest means of transport to the city of New York's AirTrain, free service that links the train to New Jersey, for $ 14, takes us to Penn Station, New York. Transport alternatives: 16-20 dollars in van or bus, taxi 60-75 dollars in New Jersey (plus tolls) or more if you opt for a private limousine.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

VERY IMPORTANT! Again, very important not to travel to the United States without some type of health insurance.

Accustomed as we are in Spain to the public health, we can not imagine what it can cost to treat every little accident here, let alone if something serious happens unfortunately.

A couple of examples: first consultation with a specialist without insurance: $ 300 (other drugs are, or if you need any medical tests). Another fact: domestic accident, cut in the foot with 5 points, direct to the hospital emergency room when we leave the bill amounts to $ 1,300. This is real and therefore recommend:

- If you have private insurance, check before you travel coverage with your company.

- Sometimes, when we pay by credit card, we have some type of health insurance abroad. Check if this is so.

- Some banks, life insurance, student ... cover this type of assistance. Check it and find out how much cover.

If you do not have any option off the public health offering in the country, do not hesitate and take out insurance with an agency. For a stay of 10 days, and coverage of 12,000 euros, the price is well spent just over 50 euros.

If we have a problem, what we do unless we are unable to, is to call our insurance you will want to know where we arranged to indicate the center closest to you can go. Insurance depends, sometimes we have to pay us the bill and then claim it when we get to Spain. That is why we carry a credit card is almost essential.

With regard to medication, remember that this is not counter and get you to pay a consultation with a physician.

Best to come forewarned and if you think you need something, talk to your doctor. There is no harm that he or she will make a receipt if you bring a lot of medicine or, if you need to carry on the plane if the control questions asked.

Usually no problems with this but the more we can prevent problems, the better.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

If there is a season in which New York is deck and show your face more special, it could be Christmas.

Traditionally, the city becomes even more of a tourist destination and there are many reasons that are here to live a really nice experience, despite the cold that usually do at this time.

The first thing to say is that the holiday season has its kick-off with the day of Thanksgiving, or 'Thanksgiving'.

On this day, and for over 80 years, Macy's celebrates a famous parade that attracts thousands of people, especially children. The day of Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November as the next Friday, has been called Black Friday. It is said when the red ink turns black and that from this day, it becomes evident that the holiday shopping season is a reality. Everyone carries their bags with gifts throughout the city.

Another benchmark of what New York Christmas tree lighting marks the main entrance to the Roquefeller Center.

Something has to be a point of media attention and popular for over 70 years now. This is the first week of December. At the foot of the tree will install the famous skating rink that has other replicas in Bryan Park and in Central Park.

The Fifth Avenue windows are decorated. It's worth a walk observing the works of art representing as they compete among them more than ever in this time of year. There are real wonders through the glass.

We might think that the city is more enlightened on these dates, but the fact is that the lighting is very subtle, with thousands of small bulbs tangled in the trees of the avenues. The sound of carols and snow often covers the city, creates a truly special atmosphere.

New Yorkers tend to celebrate family and Christmas Eve. Many times someone has to move and it is common for families to live in different parts of the country. However, Eve is a night to spend with friends.

Undoubtedly, the big show tonight, especially if we are visiting here, is in Times Square.

Must arrive on time if we get our share of space to welcome the year in this mythical place. If you do not like crowds, forget it. Tonight police work diligently to safeguard the security in an area full of people who do not want to miss a second of music and light show bouncing the year.

It is also curious to see the race held in Central Park, at the same time, ie after midnight to welcome the year. Some people run a conscience and who does it in disguise. It is a curious and picturesque way to receive the year.

In short, Christmas represents the perfect excuse for a trip to this city, if anything, is even more beautiful when Christmas sound echoes.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

Internet cafes and WiFi networks in Manhattan

If you're in New York in passing and need, or simply miss the connection to the Internet to find information or check your e-mail, there are several options.


There is almost assumed that a very high per centage of people in the city are connected so that, Internet cafes, but there are sometimes not so easy to find. Here are some:

Soho Cybercafe
273 Lafayette Street (Prince St.)
New York, NY 10012
Tel: (212) 334-5140

Cybercafe Times Square
250 West 49th Street (between Broadway and 8th Avenue)
New York, NY 10019
Tel: (212) 333-4109

Internet Cafe
82 East 3rd Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenue)
New York, NY 10003
Tel: (212) 614-074

234 West 42nd Street (between 7th and 8th Avenue)
New York, NY 10036

NY Computer Cafe
247 East 57th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10022
Tel: (212) 872-1704
Fax: (212) 872-1703

For a fix are not bad but are extremely expensive. Rates vary but you can easily pay $ 6 for half an hour of connection.

Editorial: Grupo Everest , Leon

Wireless Networks:

Like many other cities, New York and could not be less than daily progress in providing wireless points throughout the city.

If you have a laptop or phone with Internet connection, there are some parts of the city where we can connect.

The best known are parks like Bryan Park, the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue and in Soho or Chelsea Market.

Besides these, there are many cafes, bars and restaurants that allow free connection.

The following link will give you a list of points 'hot' to connect to the network without paying a single dollar.

Moreover, Sturbucks offers free in all its premises but must pay a premium with your drink. The good thing is that they are all over the city.

No doubt the wifi option in different parts of the city is spreading increasingly.

Thus, during the summer of 2007, Central Park was endowed in various hotspots covering most of the park area.

Likewise, the CBS television network, joined in the heart of Manhattan, called Mobile Zone for six months, with free in an area comprising of Times Square to Columbus Circle. One of the districts with more density of buildings around the world and an area frequented by tourists.

Other options:
Public libraries have Internet access and have no problem in that let you use it even when you're passing through.

If you're in Manhattan, go to the Public Library. In the rest of the 'boroughs', you can ask for the nearest library.





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New York for children
New York for Kids: The Big Apple is also open for the kids


New York is the largest city in the United States and offers fun for all audiences of all ages. From museums specifically for children, visits to skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty, bike rides, huge parks, shopping, etc. New York is fireproof.


Liberty and Ellis Island. Batery Park (South Ferry) Metro (8:30 to 16:30) (U.S. $ 23 with audio, museum and visit the crown / 15 U.S. $ museum visit by the Crown / $ 12 museum. In all cases include the area around the statue and Ellis Island). This ferry carries the tourists making the trip from Manhattan to Liberty Island and stopping at the back at Ellis Island. Since the attacks have intensified security controls, very similar to the airport and everyone must pass. To avoid wasting time doing endless queues, it is best to buy tickets online and arrive early in the morning to avoid crowds of people. If you also want to visit the top of the statue where the Crown, we buy tickets several months before, as there are very few tickets available each day to include this part of the statue. Also, buying this ticket in advance are entitled to priority in the queue security access, which sometimes is very much appreciated. To purchase tickets on the day you should go inside Castle Clinton (Battery Park) along the pier, a fort established in 1817 to defend the port of New York and currently serves as a concert venue.

Ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Liberty and Ellis Island. Batery Park (South Ferry) Metro (8:30 to 16:30) (U.S. $ 23 with audio, museum and visit the crown / 15 U.S. $ museum visit by the Crown / $ 12 museum. In all cases include the area around the statue and Ellis Island). This ferry carries the tourists making the trip from Manhattan to Liberty Island and stopping at the back at Ellis Island. Since the attacks have intensified security controls, very similar to the airport and everyone must pass. To avoid wasting time doing endless queues, it is best to buy tickets online and arrive early in the morning to avoid crowds of people. If you also want to visit the top of the statue where the Crown, we buy tickets several months before, as there are very few tickets available each day to include this part of the statue. Also, buying this ticket in advance are entitled to priority in the queue security access, which sometimes is very much appreciated. To purchase tickets on the day you should go inside Castle Clinton (Battery Park) along the pier, a fort established in 1817 to defend the port of New York and currently serves as a concert venue.

Statue of Liberty. Liberty Island. Combined ticket with the ferry. (Check ferry). This gift of the French people to commemorate the centennial of the Declaration of Independence of the United States was inaugurated on October 28, 1886, was built based on 31 tons of copper and has a height of 46 meters from the torch to the base. It was built in France by thousands of individual donations and sent divided into 350 parts packed in 214 crates. In the main hall, is the original torch was replaced in 1986 by a new gold-plated. The statue was designed by Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi to, in his words, "to glorify the republic and freedom there, waiting to find here some day" and spikes of her crown represent the seven seas. Access to Liberty Island where the statue was banned after the 11-S to 2004 and access to the crown until 2009.

National Museum of the American Indian. 1 Bowling Green Phone 212-514-3700 (every day from 10am to 5pm and Thursdays until 8pm - closed December 25). This museum is free. He is considered the best museum dedicated to Native American culture. It has a large collection of masks, local customs and crafts pieces and collected on the first floor great information on the life of the different tribes. For younger guests there is an educational space in which children learn something about these cultures playing with puzzles and other interactive games. Some days are also held dances and exhibitions by contemporary artists.

Battery Park City. is one of the trendiest and most buoyant of the city. A large green area with a promenade along the Hudson River, beginning at the southern tip of Tribeca, at Rockefeller Park and ends at the ferry terminal in Staten Island, sharing the limelight with modern buildings in which they live the jet set New York. No doubt a great place for walking, sport or take a bike ride.


Battery Park City


Children's Museum of the Arts. 182 Lafayette St. between Broome and Grand. (From 12pm to 5pm Wed-Sun / Mon and Tues closed - U.S. $ 10 per person from 1 to 65 years - Thu 4pm to 6pm with donation). Phone 212-274-0986. This museum is devoted to smaller start in the art world. It has a permanent collection of 2000 paintings and drawings made by niñode around the world and make art classes, sculpture and painting.

Tribeca Cinemas 54 Varick Street Phone 212-941-2001. These theaters, founded by Robert De Niro in 2002, is the venue for the Tribeca Film Festival each May. Often make alternative cinema and film festivals, including the Saturday morning movies for children.

City Hall Park. City Hall Park Place (all day). Just outside the town hall we found this park that both serves as a relaxation for the clerks who work nearby, to manifest, or to conclude the parade starting at Broadway and Battery. It is a place with gardens, benches and chess tables, ideal for children to be entertained for a while. Also in this park is a statue of Horace Greeley, editor of the New York Tribune.

Seaport Pier 16 and 17. At Pier 17, we have a three-storey shopping mall which includes many shops and restaurants, and a Water-taxi stop. Just ahead, at Pier 16, we docked the schooner Pioneer Phone 212-748-8786 Built in 1885, and in which we can take a walk along the Hudson. (Mon-Fri 3pm-5pm $ 25US - $ 35US 7pm-9pm - Sat-Sun 1pm-3pm and 4pm to 6pm $ 25US - $ 35US 7pm-9pm). This pier is also the Ambrose steamship built in 1908. In front of the Pioneer is also information office located in a cockpit of a tug in 1923.

Brooklyn Bridge. Built between 1870 and 1883, and initially called "Bridge of New York and Brooklyn," was the first suspension bridge in the world made of steel, becoming arguably one of the main icons of the city. It measures 1825 meters long and has a distance of 486.3 meters between the two towers of support, a record that remained six years until they built the Forth Bridge. Six hundred people worked on this project which was designed by John Roebling, who died before the start of construction. His son took over but was immobilized in a bed suffering from decompression sickness while submerged in the waters of Hudson assisting in excavations. In the end, the wife of the son of John, Emily Warren Roebling took over the work and was the first person to cross the bridge once open to the public. A few months after being opened to the public, a woman stumbled as she walked by him and screamed. Word spread quickly that the bridge was sinking and the people ran in a stampede, killing 12 of them. The people at first doubted his strength and it took the presence of a known circus with 21 elephants to confirm its safety. It has also been used as a backdrop in numerous films including "Saturday Night Fever," "Manhattan" by Woody Allen, "Gangs of New York," among many others. The cars go through the bottom of the bridge, while above there is a pedestrian and bike path passing by the authentic suicide bombers do not hesitate to trample or yelling gibberish to any tourist who interfere in the way.


Brooklyn Bridge.

Columbus Park (Mulberry St between Baxter St. and up to Bayard St.).
Practically this park is the only green area in Chinatown, and also has one of the very few public toilets in the city. In the early nineteenth century prostitutes and street gangs were the masters of this area known as the Five Points neighborhood, until 1892 that the neighborhood was gone and the area was remodeled. Today the Chinese community comes to the park to play mahjong games and dominated on the cement tables prepared for the occasion.

WH Seward Park. In this quiet park located on the Lower East Side can be seen every morning about nine as several groups of Chinese people are preparing to do tai-chi. The park also features a playground for children. In front of the park, at 173 East Broadway, is the building that housed Forward Building drafting the Jewish newspaper The Jewish Daily Forward until it closed and in 1974 the building became part of a church missionary in China.

Williamsburg Bridge. Clearly, not the bridge Brooklynn, but if we have time we can take a walk and see Manhattan from a different perspective. More than two miles long and he spends the road and the metro at the bottom and the top is a bike lane and a pedestrian area.

Washington Square Park. This huge park which congregate today saxophonists, blues singers, tourists and college chess players all the time, was once a marshy area in which people are challenged to duels, executions and even practiced had served as a mass grave. One of the greatest charms of the park is on Stanford White Arch, a marble arch 22 meters high, which was initially built in wood, and that helped the artist Marcel Duchamp in 1916, climbed to the top of it, declaring the park "free and independent Republic of Washington Square, New Bohemia".

Shopping in Earnest Sewn. Washington St. Phone 212-242-3414 (Sun-Fri 11:00 to 19:00 Sat 11:00 to 20:00). Jeans, shirts and accessories at the cutting edge, which are covers of magazines like Vogue, Elle, Fashion, and Cosmopolitan, among others. It also has a section for children.

Tompkins Square Park. Between Avenue A and B and 7th to 10th streets. In this park and look quiet sturdy trees began in 1991 the great revolt when police tried to evict the homeless and drug addicts hundred living on it and broke down the pergola commemorative festival Wigstock gay, causing bloody clashes. Today is a good place to stay in the shade of trees. There is a fountain and children can play freely.

Madison Square Garden. 4 Pennsylvania Plaza. Phone 212-465-6741. (Times as parties or concerts / NY Knicks from 10 U.S. $ / NY Rangers from U.S. $ 49.5). This impressive stadium is built right above the subway station in Pennsylvania and can accommodate 20,000 people. It is the home of the New York Knicks (basketball), the New York Rangers (ice hockey) and the New York Liberty (netball), in addition to concerts, wrestling and other events. Said to be the arena of lies because there is a garden, or a place or is on Madison Street.


Rangers game at Madison Square Garden.

Empire State Building. 350 Fifth Ave corner 34th St. Phone 212-736-3100 (Mon-Sun 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. / 20 U.S. $ / audio 8 U.S. $ / pass without queuing Express $ 45 / children 6-12 14 U.S. $ / seniors $ 18/102 plant extra pay U.S. $ 15). It is without doubt one of the most important icons of the city of New York, but when in 1933 King Kong jumped to the big screen above the building up fighting against military aircraft. Construction was completed in 1931 and was the world's tallest skyscraper until 1972, which raised the Twin Towers. After the 11-S was once again the tallest building in the city with its 381 feet (443m counting the antenna) spread over 102 plants, although far away from the Burj Dubai in UAE, which with its 818 meters since 2009 holds the record for height. The building was invested 60,000 tons of steel, 10 million bricks, 6500 windows, 113 kilometers of pipes, valves 9000 and nearly $ 41 million. The ilumninación the last 30 floors varies by day, orange, blue and white when they play the NY Knicks, red, white and blue when they play the NY Rangers, Green St. Patrick's Day, black World AIDS Day, purple in the gay pride festival, etc.. Quite an experience to see the city from the viewpoint of the plant 86 or 102. If we buy the tickets online will avoid the first queue in the lobby, but a time will surely come back up to line unless we find a ticket purchased for $ 45 express. Here there is usually more queues at the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center.

Views of the Empire State Building.

Union Square. Between the 14th and 17th and between Union Square West and East. Union began calling for joining the Broadway and 4th Avenue and has always been the hub of demonstrations and protests. There are several statues such as George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi or that of adorning the gardens. Right in the number 1 of this square is the Metronome, a facility created by steaming semicircles Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel, muesta also the time that has passed since midnight and the remaining to the next, in this case the reverse .

Madison Square. Between 5th Ave and Madison Ave, between 23rd and 26th St. It is named in honor of James Madison, fourth U.S. president. It is a green space that come to eat the office of the area in which there are several interesting statues like Farragut, naval hero of the Civil War, or that of William Henry Seward, governor and senator in New York in times of Abraham Lincoln.

Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). 11 West 53rd Street Phone 212-708-9400 (Wed-Mon 10:30 am-5: 30pm / Closed Tues / Fri 10:30 am-8pm / $ 20 senior adults $ 16US $ 12US students <17 years old pleasant). Founded by several American philanthropists, MOMA was launched in 1929 and quickly became one of the best modern art museums worldwide. His early works were abstract cubist line, as they were the most avant-garde movements of the time. Among his most important paintings highlights "Starry Night" by Van Gogh, "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" by Pablo Picasso, "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali, "Broadway Boogie Wogie" Piet Mondrian, "American Flag" Jasper Johns and the first self-portrait by Frida Kahlo, including one of his pets, a spider monkey named "Fulang-Chang and Me." In Photography, the retrospective highlights of this area from 1840 to contemporary times, with authors such as Diane Arbus, Eugène Atget, Man Ray, Walker Evans, Garry Winogrand, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Richard Avedon, among others. There are also sculptures, architecture and design, drawings, illustrated books and a collection of nearly 100,000 movies.


View from Rockefeller Center.

Rockefeller Center. Between 5th Ave and 6th Ave between 48th and 51st Street. Phone 212-632-3975. The 19-storey complex built by the Rockefeller family for the year rose 30. For the first time in the history of the city, in the same building would house offices, shops and entertainment. The first 14 buildings to be erected to coincide with the Wall Street crash in 29, went to the Art Deco style, to which were added between 1959 and 1973, 5 new buildings. Among the most destados, especially at Christmas time, is abut The Ice Rink at the Rockefeller Center Tel 212-332-7654 (Mon-Thu 9:00 a.m.-10: 30pm Adults U.S. $ 15.5-9, 50 U.S. $ children and pensioners / Fri-Sat 8:30 am-midnight 19 U.S. $ adlultos-10, $ 50 children and pensioners / Sun 8:30 am-10pm / skate rental $ 9). This is the famous skating rink which everyone goes to celebrate the arrival of the cold. Right here is also installed at Rockefeller Center Tree The # / 5/-1/-1/86/ Phone 212-588-8601. (5:30 am-11: 30pm). This is the largest Christmas tree in the U.S. and every year a feast in style in early December to coincide with the lighting of the lamps of the same. A visit to the highest takes us to the Top of The Rock Phone 212-698-2000 (Mon-Sun 8am-midnight / $ 21US adults - children 6-12 $ 14US - $ 19US retirees - output + fantastic Sun 30US $). This viewpoint is located on the ground 70 and is a good alternative to long lines of the Empire State Building. The views are breathtaking, especially those of the same Empire State Building and Central Park. It also has a covered area for the winter days.

Buy Build a bear / Ns 565 Fifth Avenue, at the height of 46th St. Phone 212-871-7080. (Mon-Sun 10am-7pm). In this store all about the teddy bear. Thousands and thousands of bears of all sizes and colors give life to this sport of a lifetime. Younger children are great pass it into this store.

Roosevelt Island and cable car.

In the 2nd Avenue and 60th Street Roosevelt get the cable car (same ticket as the metro) that crosses the Queensboro Bridge along the East River to Roosevelt Island. The cable car in itself is already a tourist attraction, but we can also take a walk in this tiny island, which has gardens to stroll with the kids.


Roosevelt Island and cable car.

Roosevelt Island only 240 meters wide and 3 miles long, was called by the Algonquin Indians as Minnahannock, until in 1647 it was bought by the Dutch Governor van Twiller Wouton the island he named the pigs. Already in the nineteenth century, built a hospital for smallpox, a jail, a shelter for homeless and an asylum, which was renamed as Welfare Island (Isle of Welfare). Today, after being returned to rename in 1973 as Roosevelt Island, and get an urban reform designed by architects Philip Johnson and Burgee Hohn, a residential home for 9500 inhabitants, with shops, restaurants, football, swimming and all necessary amenities. 711 Fifth Avenue, at the height of 55th Street. Phone 212-702-0702. (Mon-Sat 10am-8pm / Sun 11am - 6pm). A world of toys from the Disney company. Ideal to buy smaller gifts, or if we accompanied them to be the focus for a moment.
For lovers of fashion, these are the best shops in the area of ??Fifth Avenue: Bergdorf Goodman, 754 Fifth Avenue Bergdorf Men's, 745 Fifth Ave Brooks Brothers, 666 Fifth Ave Bulgari, Cartier Fifth Ave 730, 653 Disney Store Fifth Avenue, 711 Fifth Ave Fendi, 720 Fifth Ave Women's Ferragamo, 661 Fifth Ave Fortunoff, 681 Fifth Ave Gucci, 685 Fifth Ave H. Stern, 645 Fifth Ave Harry Winston, Henri Bendel 718 Fifth Avenue, 712 Fifth Ave Kenneth Cole, 610 Fifth Avenue Louis Vuitton, 1 E. 57th St. NBA Store, 666 Fifth Avenue Prada, 724 Fifth Avenue Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave Sephora, 636 Fifth Ave Takashimaya, 693 Fifth Avenue Trump Tower, 725 Fifth Ave Van Cleef & Arpels, 744 Fifth Ave . Versace, 647 Fifth Ave, Zara, 689 Fifth Ave

Avery Fisher Hall. Lincoln Center, 62nd and between 65th Street and Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues.Telf 212-875-5656. (Times as functions). It is the main stage of the New York Philharmonic, the oldest philharmonic orchestra in the U.S. At first opened in 1962, experts complained about the acoustics of the room that has been undergoing modifications to get the great sound you have right now. On Saturday morning usually do musical activities for children between 6 and 12 and their families.

American Museum of Natural History. Central Park West to 79th Street. Phone 212-769-5100. (Mon-Sun 10:00 a.m.-5: 45pm / Closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving / grant recommended including the Rose Center: $ 16US adults / seniors and students $ 12US / $ 9US children 2-12 years). This is one of the largest natural history museums in the world, and one of the most recommended of the city if traveling with children. Founded in 1869 and contains over thirty million objects. The areas that attract attention are the three rooms devoted to dinosaurs esquelos real size, along with another skeleton hanging from the ceiling belonging to the replica of a female whale captured on the south coast in 1925. In the hall you can see also the largest in the world barosaurio mounted through original fossils. This is a female defending her brood is attacked by another predator. There are also scenes of grizzly bear habitat in Alaska, African lions and elephants, Komodo dragons, and many other animals.


American Museum of Natural History.

Rose Center for Earth & Space. Central Park West at 79th Street. Phone 212-769-5100. (Mon-Sun 10:00 a.m.-5: 45pm / Closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving / show space every 30 min: Mon-Fri 10:30 a.m.-4: 30pm / Sat-Sun 10:30 am-5pm) recommended donation including the American Museum of Natural History: Adults $ 16US / seniors and students $ 12US / $ 9US children 2-12 years). This planetarium is located on the north side of the American Museum of Natural History contains an area of ??26.5 meters which houses the Space Theatre, the Cosmic Pathway, a spiral ramp of 106 meters which explains the evolution of the planets for thirteen billion years, and the Big Bang Theater. There is a room that explains the whole operation of Planet Earth and its geological characteristics. It also features exhibitions, and the first Friday of every month there are jazz performances at 18:00 and 19:30.

Children's Museum of Manhattan. 212 West 83rd Street. Phone 212-721-1234 (Mon-Sun 10am-5pm / $ 10 U.S. children and adults / seniors $ 7US / under 1 year of free / first Friday of every month from 5pm-8pm free). Always crowded and no wonder since they are of the theory that children learn much more playing. The museum's mission is to inspire children and families learn about themselves and about our world, full of different cultures through interactive exhibits and games, encouraging creativity and skills. The exposure of CMOM programs and exhibitions are designed to serve children in many ways, to learn and to help parents understand and support the development of their children.

Riverside Park. From the 66th to 110th along the Hudson River. A pleasant tree-lined promenade runs along the Hudson River with playgrounds for children and tennis to play various sports. Arriving near the 89th Street is a monument called Soldier's and Sailor's Monument and a statue of Eleanor Roosevelt at the entrance of 72nd Street. It deserves a visit especially at sunset.


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. 

We begin our tour of Central from the east entrance of the 97 near 96th Street subway 4-5-6, or start from the northern entrance on 110th Street and go down. Jacqueline Kennedy is the most important reservoir of water in Central Park with 43Ha. Northwest of the lake there are several baseball fields, one of the sports star of the country. A path around the lake, and so many joggers here, which is set to run in one direction, namely in the direction of clockwise.
Belvedere Castle. This castle of stone, with tower included, was built in 1869 and used by the City of New York Meteorological Observatory as. It is open to the public and from the highest terrace, called Vista Rock has one of the best views of the park. Nearby to the northwest is the Delacorte Theater, an outdoor theater where summer is celebrated in Shakespeare in the Park.

The Ramble. The Lake down to the left are a series of wooded trails where you can see and photograph some of the 250 species of migratory birds Atlantic routes which find their temporary habitat in the park.

The Lake. This lake is located south of the Great Lawn and rented boats to navigate the area. (April 15 to October 10am-5: 30pm / $ 12US the first hour 2.5 U.S. $ each additional 15 minutes / Phone 212-517-2233). The Lake is pratically divided into two areas are connected by a channel on which there is a wrought iron bridge called Bow Bridge, from which have good views of the area.


Central Park: The Lake.

Conservatory Water. The Conservatory Water, also called Model Boat Pound, is a pond in which weekend enthusiasts gather ship modeling. Dozens of boats ply the lake level led by radio. Many of the hands of a child. If we wish, we can also rent a boat here by U.S. $ 10 every half hour. North of the pond is a sculpture of Alice in Wonderland that all kids love to climb up and down it, and on the left bank is the statue of Hans Christian Andersen, which is represented by reading his own book "The Ugly Duckling ". Just below the statue, from June to September and at 11am, every Saturday there is a storyteller for children.
Bethesda Fountain and Terrace. On the south side of the pond is the plaza that culminates in a huge circular fountain with a statue called Angel of the Waters instituted here in 1842. From the top of the stairs have good views of the source to the lake bottom.

Strawberry Fields. This is a memorial garden to the person of John Lennon who was murdered while driving home a few yards from here in the aparatamentos Dakota. In addition to the garden with over 150 species of plants, soil, there is a circular mosaic with the word Imagine donated by the city of Naples, where fans and admirers lay flowers almost daily.


Strawberry Fields.

The Dairy. This Victorian Gothic style building, designed by Vaux and erected in 1870, is the park's information center and souvenir shop, but not always the case. Called "milk" this building children came in search of fresh milk to meet their basic needs until a cholera outbreak and a series of scandals ended the practice. Near the place there is a beautiful old carousel where you go smaller pipe. In the vicinity of 65th Street is a grassy area called Sheep Meadow in which hundreds of people lie down in the summer months to sunbathe and read the newspaper.

Wildlife Center. (Mon-Fri 10am-5pm / Sat-Sun-holidays 10:00 a.m.-5: 30pm / $ 10 U.S. adults / seniors $ 7US / Children 3-12 years $ 5US / children <3 years free). This zoo is divided into two parts, the children's area, which is between the 65th and 66th Street and conventional. It was reopened in 1988 after a major refurbishment, and hosts more than one species centernar among which are the penguins, polar bears, monkeys and endangered red pandas.

Carl Schurz Park. East End Avenue between 83rd and 90th Street. This park made in 1891, and managed by a neighborhood association, offers good views of the East River and is a quiet place to stroll under the shade of the trees. On the north side of this park is the country home of Gracie Mansion, built in 1799 as the official residence of the mayor. Since 1942 all mayors, except Bloombert, have lived in this federal-style building, and also served in 1887 as the first headquarters of the Museum of the City of New York. You can make 45-minute tours to see the house every Wednesday (10am / 11:00 a.m. / 1pm / 2pm / U.S. $ 7 adults / $ 4US pensioners / students free / need to arrange a visit by calling Telephone 212-NEW-YORK or 311) .

Marcus Garvey Park. The park's name, Marcus Garvey, should honor the leader of the Jamaican "Back to Africa" ??who lived in the neighborhood during the 20's.
This park preserves the last watchtower that firefighters used to control fire, including the bell is sounding the alarm. The park also has sports facilities and a grassy area where some people come to practivar tai-chi or martial arts. Not a place to visit in the evening, especially the monitoring platform that is in the middle of nowhere.

Riverside Park. Located in the extreme west of the neighborhood, this green area along the Hudson River is ideal for walking and cycling. It also has parks for children to play. At the height of the 122nd Street abut the Riverside Church, a huge Gothic church important for its organ of 22,000 pipes and having a 20-ton bell. Grant's Tomb (Mon-Sun 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. / free / Phone 212-666-1640) is also on 122nd Street in the park. This mausoleum honors Ullysess S. Grant, which was the eighteenth president of the U.S. After his death in 1885, 90,000 people donated $ 600.000US anónimanente for the construction of this tomb, inspired by the Greek Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of antiquity. Out of this monument, in the part near the Hudson River, there are benches reminiscent of Antonio Gaudi and the famous Parc Güell.

Brooklyn Children's Museum. 145 Brooklyn Avenue. Phone 718-735-4400. (Wed-Fri 11am-5pm / Sat-Sun 10am-5pm). From the jaws of shark musical instruments from around the world, the Brooklyn Children's Museum houses a permanent collection of 30,000 different objects with the intent to educate from the knowledge of objects. These objects can have new ways to encourage learning from touch. It opened its doors in 1899, and was the first museum in the world aimed solely at children. Alongside the permanent collection, temporary programs also exiben as "Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in action" that allows children to participate actively. Carrying out activities that will help them learn about balance, strength, coordination and cardiovascular endurance while pretending to be super-heroes in training. The program is designed to combat childhood obesity and physical inactivity by demonstrating how much fun it can be to make exercise and health benefits. This activity and some are impossible to complete in Spanish.

Prospect Park. Prostect Park B-Q. Crossing Grand Army Plaza to the south arrived at Prospect Park, with a large expanse of lawn for almost 40 hectares, in which the people of Brooklyn usually do here the same as their counterparts in Central Park in Manhattan. In the southern part of the park is a small lake called Lake Prospect with a creek and a white terra cotta mansion called The Boathouse. In summer the New York Philharmonic concerts program in this park, which attracts people from all over New York.

Prospect Park.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden. 1000 Washington Avenue. Prostect Park B-Q. Phone 718-623-7200. (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm / Sat-Sun 10am-6pm / $ 8US adults / seniors and students $ 4US / <12 free / seniors free on Fridays / guided tours at 1pm). This museum of 20 ha, while not extensive, offers many wonders as the first Japanese Garden in the country (Japanese Garden) which also includes a tea house and a sanctuary, the first Garden of Children around the world (Children's Garden ), the Cranford Rose Garden, and the Steinhardt Conservatory, among others. It also has a greenhouse that has the largest collection of bonsai in the U.S., and a pond with water lilies.

New York Hall of Science. 47-01 111th Street. Queens. 111th St 7. Phone 718-699-0005. (Tue-Thu 9:30 am-2 pm / Fri 9:30 am-5pm / Sat-Sun 10am-6pm / July and August: Mon-Fri 9:30 am-5pm and Sat-Sun 10am-6pm / $ 11US adults / children 2 -17 years 8US $ / students and seniors $ 8US / free Fri September to June 2-5pm and Sat 10-11am). Queens was established in conjunction with the celebration of the World's Fair in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in 1964, and at that time was one of the few existing science museums. Its aim is to promote understanding of science and technology through exhibitions, workshops and new technologies through its halls and a number of interactive exhibits that make the museum an especially attractive to spend the day with children. In fact, a good portion of the offering is focused on school visits, as well as family programs, where you can participate in different workshops in a fun learning science. Here we learn mathematics, what are the molecules, microorganisms, technology networks, and atoms, among other things.

Flushing Meadow - Corona Park. /Willets Point-Shea vt_flushing_meadows_park.html Stadium. Phone 718-760-6565. This park of 5 square kilometers, was built on a former landfill. The monument that stands out is the Uniesfera, a metal sphere 36 meters in height and 375 tons, created in 1964 to be the symbol of the World's Fair that year. The park is also famous for hosting the tracks where it is celebrated every year on Open Tennis U.S. players competing in the likes of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Leaving the subway, in the bottom of the catwalk, you can see mosaics of Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol.

Bronx Zoo. 2300 Southerm Boulevard. Bronx. 2-5 West Farms Sq-East Tremont Avenue, enter through the Gate A. (Mon-Fri 10am-5pm / Sat-Sun and holidays 10am-5: 30pm / general: U.S. $ 15 adults / children 3-12 years $ 11US / $ 13US retired general / +7 activities: adults $ 27US / children 3-12 years 21US $ / retired 23US $ / ride a camel: 5US $ / Wed: entrance is under voluntary donation / all day parking $ 12US). Phone 718-220-5100. This zoo, the largest of New York, was inaugurated in 1899 with 843 animals living inside. Currently more than 6,000 animals of 700 different species. It is divided into themed areas, put the natural habitat of each species. For example, African Plains, are the African plains with lions and leopards on one side and zebras and gazelles across in Jungle World monkeys can be seen in a rain forest through a glass partition, and so on . There is a cable car called Skyfari from which you can get some great views of the park. There is also a monorail, the Bengali Expess, which circulates in the areas for Asia. Children and adults also have an unforgettable experience in the camel ride, but where children spend what is best in the children's zoo with many activities designed to have a good time, like climbing a spider's web or feed the animals .

New York Botanical Garden. Bronx River Pkwy Kazimoroff Boulevard. Bedford Park Blvd Station. BD-4 (10-Tue-Sun 6:00 p.m. / November to March: Tue-Sun 10-5 p.m. / adults 6US $ / U.S. $ 3 seniors and students / children 2-12 $ 1 U.S. / Japanese Garden: U.S. $ 20 adults / seniors and students 18US $ / children 2-12 years $ 8US). Phone 718-817-8700. This botanical garden was opened in 1891 and has 100 acres filled with lush vegetation. There is a large Victorian style conservatory named Enid A Haupt Conservatory, which is just inaugurate Kiku, which is what they call the new Japanese garden full of chrysanthemums that evoke the beautiful gardens of Kyoto. It also has a forest hikes between coniferous trees and the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden with 2700 rose bushes, including the American varieties, among many other points of interest. An electric train runs every half hour the most important points of the Botanical Garden. Children have a special section called Everett Children's Adventure Garden for the little ones learn many things in nature exploring and discovering a fun way.



New York Botanical Garden.



The Bronx

Area: 67 square kilometers
Population: 1.3 + million
Distance from Times Square: 30 minutes
North of Manhattan, The Bronx boasts a picturesque addition to its cultural offerings. Pelham Bay Park is anchored northeast of the district and more than 2,700 acres, is the largest public park in the city. Abarca Orchard Beach, a beautiful stretch against Long Island is a favorite in the warmer weather. From another perspective waterfront, watching City Island, a historic port lies that feels more like a fishing village as part of the largest city in the United States.
Visitors in search of food must prove Arthur Avenue, known for its authentic Italian food. Additional points of interest include Bronx Zoo, home to more than 4,000 animals, the New York Botanical Garden and Wave Hill, the famous public garden and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River and Palisades. The district also is home to the New York Yankees, 27-time world champion, now in its new stadium. The new facility will also serve as special event space for groups of any size.

Area: 116 square kilometers.
Population: 2.5 million
Distance from Times Square: 25 minutes
Across the East River from Manhattan is Brooklyn, the most popular district of the city. It is also one of the most considered both for its atmosphere as its attractions. A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge offers a scenic route along with the opportunity to get close to the famous bridge architecture. The tour takes you to a small walk from Brooklyn Heights, with its historic homes, tree-lined streets and a boardwalk overlooking the river and city skyline.
The neighborhoods of Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Boerum Hill are home to a variety of restaurants, shops and antique shops. For outdoor enthusiasts, Prospect Park offers a respite from the typical urban scenario. The park is near the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Brooklyn Museum, the second largest and best known for its collection of Egyptian art. The performing arts are also part of this district.

Area: 37 square kilometers
Population: 1.6 million
Many visitors have an idea of ??what is Manhattan, portrayed by movies, books and stories. Indeed, Manhattan covers them all and more - a diverse and exciting urban landscape that resists singular definition and responses from people of all ages and interests.
The neighborhood extends itself almost 21.5 km, a mosaic of different districts whose heart is the Central Park with its 337 hectares. Those who visit the city for the first time will want to know landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building or the Rockefeller Center. Others may be inclined to put the museums as high on your list: the Museum of the City of New York, the Metropolitan Museum and the American Museum of Natural History featuring three very different experiences, and this is only the beginning. Culture lovers can enjoy performances from the lobby of Lincoln Center to Broadway and jazz clubs of Harlem. Buyers, meanwhile, can find their fun in another way, through a walk down Fifth Avenue or an afternoon browsing through the shops of SoHo and NoLIta. In many cases, the best way to see Manhattan is on foot, sensing the change in environment from one area to the next. Whether you are in Chelsea or Lower Manhattan, Harlem or East Village, each area has its own identity and history or culture worth exploring.

Area: 177 square kilometers
Population: 2.2 million
Distance from Times Square: 15-30 minutes
Even in a city known for its diversity, the Queens neighborhood known for its multiculturalism. : Any county in the United States has so many different native countries among its residents. The result? Neighborhoods that are continually influenced by other cultures and the opportunity to explore their tastes and traditions. Consider a visit to the Greek tavernas in Astoria, Flushing to Chinatown in one of the largest in Manhattan or the amalgam of American and Asian cultures in Jackson Heights - and this is only the beginning.
The neighborhood is also home to a number of attractions that are worth visiting helicopters, including the PS1 Contemporary Art, the Noguchi Museum and Socrates Sculpture Park - all in Long Island, and the recently renovated Museum "Moving Image" (Museum of Image Movement). A trip to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park takes you to the foot of the Unisphere, built for the Universal Exhibition of 1964 to 1965 and one of the icons of this neighborhood. Nearby is another great attraction: Citi Field, the new home of the New Yorks Mets.

Staten Island
Area: 95 square kilometers
Population: 482.000
Distance from Times Square: 30 minutes
Despite the easy access by car, the most scenic route to Staten Island is by ferry, which is also free. 25 minute tour that offers fabulous views of the entire city, the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor. Once there, the St George Ferry terminal is the gateway to numerous sightseeing within walking distance, including the Museum of Staten Island, Staten Island's monument in memory of September 11 and the historic St. George Theatre. In spring and summer, the minor league Staten Island Yankees play in the area. Further inside, lemurs and other creatures put their softer side in the Staten Island Zoo. Further, the Museum of Tibetan Art "Jacques Marchais" an impressive collection of sculptures, paintings and objects in a quiet The Area. Nearby, Historic Richmond Town invites you to step back in time to the past of the island. And with more than 170 parks throughout the district, there is always a reason to take the air or just enjoy what nature has to offer.

If you're thinking about how well we will photograph our Sunday Mass gospel we are mistaken. In any church let us take pictures, let alone in the Abyssinian Baptist Church. Several drivers and looking malcarados rugby players will control that does not leave a single photo of the room. One of the typical things we can shoot are the curious graffiti that abound in the neighborhood and especially the area near the Apollo Theatre. Good afternoon light, a lens frame graffiti, and a character that is curious enough in our way are the ingredients for a good photo.

New York: the best places to photograph:


If you want good pictures of the Statue of Liberty we try to make the trip by tomorrow morning. Besides rid of the queues, the time of day when the sun's light and afternoon sun would face. From the Staten Island ferry also can get good shots. By late afternoon there is very good light to photograph the Battery Park and the World Finalcial Center, and we can make very good backlighting New Jersey.

Soho and Tribeca

To shoot Seaport and Civic Center is best done in the afternoon so that the Brooklyn Bridge is the last thing we do to get the best possible light. Use from inside the bridge will allow the short tele lift people from cycling or walking away with two typical Gothic arches that differentiate. At dusk, a photo postcard crossing bridge to get away and headed toward the left side of the above in Brooklyn, from the Brooklyn Bridge Park.



Little Italy and Chinatown Both are made up of alleys where the sun shines from mid-morning until late afternoon, so these are the best times to take good pictures. In Chinatown the hallmark is its people and businesses, but not like a lot to photograph them, so either ask before, or use a tele medium, or let the camera ready and focused to eight feet once we stand before the occasion and do the photo that distance without thinking.



In Greenwich Village can get much performance to telephoto. Tomas medium and long distance are good proxies for Christopher Street billboards for the Jefferson Market Courthouse, or Washington Square Park and Stanford White Arch arch and even some shots from the other side of the Caliente Cab. The orange glow of sunset is very much appreciated, although Christopher Street signs are left in the shade after noon.



Astor Place is a good place to get good shots with good light in the morning. We can just sit somewhere and photographing people passing quickly from side to side of the street. The interiors of The Yippie Museum Café and McSorley's Old Ale Hose are a good place to take pictures, but you need to ask permission first. You need a mini tripod or camera support on some table to avoid blur.



The best photographs from the Empire State Building are achieved at sunset, so we need to queue up for at least two hours before. The tripods are totally forbidden, but there is a ledge on which we can support the camera horizontally to prolonged exposure without camera shake. Being the tallest building in the city, we do a little choppy so use your wits to tilt the camera from behind without this move. A wallet, a small notebook or a small hand towel can serve.


UNION SQUARE & GRAMERCY & Flatiron District

The Flatiron Building is undoubtedly the most desired photographic treasure of all tourists. We can juggle several possibilities to get a good picture. From the roof of the Empire State Building South, located 10 blocks, if not windy, and we have a good telephoto can do some photo contrapicada memorable. Another option is to visit at night and put the camera resting on the benches across the 23rd St., so that the picture does not blur.



The panoramic views from the Top of the Rock on the 70th floor of Rockefeller Center are stunning, especially at sunset and at night. Do not carry conventional tripod and almost impossible to support an SLR camera on the railing. The best would be fitted with a clamp style tripod like gorillapod series suitable to the weight of our team, as they adapt to any handrail. If you want good photos of Times Square, we go to the bar of the Marriott Hotel and we will have great views while a beer taste.



The lobby of the Grand Central Terminal is one of the places where you can get good snapshots. If we do not have a tripod, there is a ledge to rest the camera on the side opposite the restaurant Cipriani Dolci, up the grand staircase, from which we can try to capture the movement of the comings and goings of people. The Chrysler Building is illuminated at night and from the Empire State Building if you have a telephoto merdio-long, is a good place to photograph.



In this part of the city, the great skyscrapers belonging to the largest companies in the world we will not easy to take good photos. If we use an angle to photograph these edficios, distorted perspectives can play with or use a short telephoto to photograph small bits as inputs, shutters, trim, and balconies. In the interiors of churches and hotels light scarce so seek a foothold where the camera does not move.



In any of the shows or interior of Lincoln Center will allow us to take pictures, although it can be done within the American Museum of Natural History. The light is low and the skeletons of dinosaurs are huge so you will need an angle to give more scope to the whole. This type of lens, and especially if you have a bright focal 2.8 or more open, it will help us not blur the picture. In animal scenes glazed if you photograph at an angle of 45 º avoid the reflection in the glass.



There are several places in the park in which get very good snapshots. Halfway Lake Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, from the east side, can be contrasted images of the lake with two apartment towers of Century backdrop and a corridor in the foreground. A magical place is also the North Turtle Lake Pound where there are good views of Belvedere Castle. If we have good telephoto and patience, in The Rambla is a perfect place to shoot migratory birds. A first and last hour of light is sencional.



Museums are the highlight of this part of the city and the problem is that not all allowed to take pictures inside, in fact, a vast minority that allow the photograph. Only allow the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of the City of New York, the Society of Illustrators, the hall of the Whitney Museum of American Art and also only in the lobby of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. In these interiors we use a large aperture and high sensitivity, as well as having a good pulse, to avoid blur.



If you're thinking about how well we will photograph our Sunday Mass gospel we are mistaken. In any church let us take pictures, let alone in the Abyssinian Baptist Church. Several drivers and looking malcarados rugby players will control that does not leave a single photo of the room. One of the typical things we can shoot are the curious graffiti that abound in the neighborhood and especially the area near the Apollo Theatre. Good afternoon light, a lens frame graffiti, and a character that is curious enough in our way are the ingredients for a good photo.



The suburb has nature and open spaces that may have just missed in Manhattan hechando. The Bronx Zoo, if we have a medium to long telephoto lens is ideal for photographing gorillas, giraffes, monkeys, camels and tigers. To photograph the elephants do not even need the telephoto. The macro photography lovers have in the New York Botanical Garden plants and flowers galore, even if they know little can also approach the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. If we go to Staten Island do not forget that you get from the ferry memorable photographs of the Statue of Liberty.

The arrival of Sandy megatormenta forced to close the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum, among other sites in the Big Apple that are visited daily by hundreds of tourists.


New York: Thousands of tourists adrift by Hurricane Sandy

Thousands of tourists wandered aimlessly through the streets of Manhattan, helpless before the closing of New York's major attractions, such as museums and Broadway, with few restaurants open and no common transport.

The arrival of Sandy megatormenta forced to close the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum, among other sites in the Big Apple that are visited daily by hundreds of tourists.

WITHOUT parks, theaters or restaurants

Even Central Park, the green lung of the city, was unreachable fearing the mayoralty by falling trees or branches after violent winds that blew at night. The theaters and Broadway musicals were canceled, as the Metropolitan Opera.

To make matters worse, the southern half of Manhattan was without electricity, making the bars and restaurants of the vibrant and bohemian neighborhoods of West Village, Tribeca, East Village and Lower East Side disappeared as an option.


The traditional Halloween parade in the streets of Manhattan, which was scheduled to take place on Wednesday, was canceled by the passing of Sandy, said the NYPD.

The parade was held in the West Village, a neighborhood in lower Manhattan affected by power cuts, which was absolutely impossible to carry it out.


Beyaert Jean-Charles, a French dentist, came with a group of 16 friends and family members for a stay of a week, with a heavy agenda which included attendance at a gospel concert in Harlem, a visit to the University Columbia, Brooklyn, museums, shopping, walks in Central Park.

However, Sandy thwarted all their plans and the group wandered the streets of Manhattan without precise destination. "We walk because everything is closed. But we will have a weekend that will be charged for lost time," said Beyaert trying not to lose enthusiasm.

His wife Aurora also sought to find the positive side: "We could have been blocked, no never have come," he said, referring to the thousands of flights canceled. But other tourists were not such a good mood.

ARGENTINE surprised by the storm

Marie arrived in Paris with his two daughters and after the nightmare of Sandy how cold was now beginning to take over New York. A couple of Argentines, for the first time in the Big Apple, most likely saved a bitter memory of your trip.

"We arrived on Sunday morning. Had not heard anything out of Buenos Aires. We at the hotel Mondrian Soho, no water or electricity. There is almost nothing to eat. Had fruit for breakfast and nothing last night," said Margarita Seeber, a nurse in her 30s. With his friend, a woman looking for a cafe open and wanted to go for a walk to Central Park, not knowing, of course, that was also closed.

New York maintained its Michelin three-star restaurants, and loses two 'biestrellados'

Michelin has just published the new Michelin Guide New York 2013, which has given the award to 66 renowned restaurants in the Big Apple. No new product among triestrellados, since they remain Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare Cesar Ramirez, Eleven Madison Park chef Daniel Humm, Jean Georges chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Daniel the chef Daniel Boulud, Le Bernardin chef Eric Ripert, Thomas Keller's Per Se and Masa Masa Takayama chef.

A list of the two stars this year joins the restaurant Atera, already had one. Six others are maintained: Soto, Momofuku Ko, Tide, Gordon Ramsay at The London, Gilt and Corton. Instead, they lose a star Kajitsu, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon and SHO Shaun Hergatt.

There are eight restaurants that get their first star, mostly in Manhattan: China Café, Sheng Lan, Torrisi Italian Specialties, Hakkasan, The Nomad and White. To these must be added the 44 stores that keep their star: Adour, Ai Fiori, Village, Annisa, Aquavit, Aureole, A Voce Columbus, A Voce Madison, Blue Hill, Bouley, The Breslin, Brushstroke, Cafe Boulud, Casa Mono, Danji, Danny Brown Wine Bar & Kitchen, Del Posto, Dovetail, Dressler, 15 East, Gotham Bar and Grill, Gramercy Tavern, Jewel Bako, Jungsik, Junoon, Kajitsu Kyo Ya, Minetta Tavern, The Modern, Oceana, Peter Luger, Picholine (now closed), Public, The River Café, Rosanjin, Rouge Tomate, Saul, Seasonal, Spotted Pig, Sushi Azabu, Sushi of Gari, Tribeca Tamarind, Tori Shin, Tulsi, Wallse, WD-50 and finally Willy Dufresne.


How much does a taxi in New York?

While you closed your suitcase to travel to the Big Apple (or before), you've asked some minor expenses are not too heavy when deciding a trip, but it's good to be clear for the day. How much does a taxi in New York?, Is one of those questions.
We agree that the cost of a taxi ride is irrelevant for deciding to travel or not. But if you know about the values ??you feel more confident when get on one of the yellow cab and avoid the feel "cheated" out of ignorance.
Here are some tips and updated values:
The clock counter is always put into operation. No exceptions, no excuses.
The initial value of $ 2.50.
Each "unit" costs $ 0.40. The unit is equal to 300 meters with moving cab. O for each minute of waiting or traffic jam retention.
Night surcharge for travel between 20 pm and 06 pm = $ 0.50
Surcharge = $ 1 rush hour Monday through Friday from 16 to 20 hours
The total trip $ 0.5 adds a state tax
The payment motorway tolls and bridges add to the value of the trip
Drivers are required to assist disabled passengers to board and exit the vehicle (calling 311 is sent a taxi with special traction sistem to carry wheelchairs)
The charge carries baggage
To file a complaint, call 311 or send it via this link

Travel by taxi from Kennedy Airport

All travel to and from Manhattan and JFK International Airport have a flat rate of $ 45 plus the toll and state tax.
If you take a taxi from JFK to various destinations in Manhattan, the fixed rate applies to the first stop and activate the clock there starting a new journey.
Rates from JFK and other destinations: (depending on the estimated value traffic jams and tolls must be added)
Taxi from JFK Airport's terminals: 4 to $ 12
The Bronx: 40 to $ 53
At Brooklyn Center: 30 to $ 40
A Coney Island: 25 to $ 40
A Queens: 20 to $ 25
The Kennedy airport hotel to other airports in New York
At La Guardia Airport: 24 to $ 30
At Newark Airport: 70 to $ 75 + $ 15 + tolls surcharge

Airport transfer: from Manhattan to Kennedy Airport

In our times, save a few euros (dollars, yuan, pesos, rupees, pounds, etc..) Are always welcome. Therefore, all the tips are valid and in this case we bring you a cheaper form of transportation to the airport John F. Kennedy from the center of New York.
In the case we are in Manhattan and have to take a flight from the airport, we think that the taxi ride normally costs between 40 and $ 90 (30-70 Euros) depending on the place of departure from the center. A trip by private car (town car) or limo out more, obviously. But in our case, we are alone and we must go to Kennedy: how to reduce spending?
This time we will see the option to make our subway ride. The goal to reach is called Howard Beach station, from there there is a special subway line that goes to Kennedy.
To get there we can take both line A or E of Metro New York in Queens address. The line will be more accessible to you if you are in the area of ??Manhattan south and the E will be your option if you are between the SoHo and Central Park.

The fare is $ 2 (from May 31 will be 2.50 dollars). The ride to Howard Beach can last approximately 40 minutes.
Once in the Howard Beach Station, signaling must continue says AirTrain photo). Access is simple and is designed for travelers with luggage, so there's no difficulty or discomfort. The ticket for the AirTrain that runs all John F. Kennedy Airport terminals cost $ 5.
Thus, adding one plus one, we will have reached our flight at a cost significantly less and in about 50 minutes. The difference of money that we have saved .... for the free shop.


Transfer from Newark Airport

Newark is the second largest airport in New York. Air traffic has almost similar to John F. Kennedy.

Newark Airport has three terminals connected together by the Air Train, a free train with a frequency of 3 minutes during the day and 15 minutes after midnight.

How to get from Newark to New York
Air Train + Train

Newark Airport
Newark Airport Plane
It is the cheapest option to get from Newark to the center. You will have to take the Air Train at any terminal in the direction of the train station Newark Liberty International and from there take the NJ Transit or Antrak, two trains that will take you to Penn Station in Manhattan.

Penn Station is one of the best connected places in the city and from there you can take the subway or buses. The price is $ 5.50 AirTrain to which one must add the train, a total of about $ 15.

The easiest and fastest option. Reserving a driver shuttle will be waiting at the airport with a sign your name and take you to the hotel as quickly as possible, avoiding hidden costs and problems of language. The price of the service is $ 160 per vehicle and can be booked here.

The price of a taxi from Newark Airport to Manhattan is between 50 and 70 dollars plus tips and tolls, being a fast and convenient option. On weekends and at peak times, add an additional $ 5.

Minibus or van
Transfer services minibus or van are priced around 15 or $ 20 per person, with a cheaper option than taxi for lone travelers.

Why New York is called the Big Apple?  New York , the most populous metropolis in the United States, is also known worldwide as The Big Apple , The Big Apple . The origin of this name goes back to the twenties . In the jargon of black jazz musicians , the word apple was used as a synonym for city. Thus, for example , classified the cities where they played in little tiny apples -apples - apples- big - big and rotten apples , rotten cities.


Why New York is called the Big Apple?

New York , the most populous metropolis in the United States, is also known worldwide as The Big Apple , The Big Apple . The origin of this name goes back to the twenties . In the jargon of black jazz musicians , the word apple was used as a synonym for city. Thus, for example , classified the cities where they played in little tiny apples -apples - apples- big - big and rotten apples , rotten cities.

Surely , Chicago and Orleans were large apples, but only New York received the title of Big Apple, because there were the most notable jazz clubs , which came a select audience.

The term spread very quickly, and not only among musicians , as it soon became so popular that everyone started to get to know New York as the Big Apple.

In the thirties came even a dance with this name, in honor of the city by the Hudson River.

The suspension of U.S. government and tourism : What is closed?

Partial closure of the U.S. government has made inactive and without pay , a large number of state workers and froze several services. But for tourists , it also means they can not have access to some of the biggest attractions of the country and for many, creates confusion about what is open to the public in New York , Washington and other points of interest throughout the country. Below is a list of some attractions .

Lincoln Memorial and National Mall ( closed )
The main public monuments in Washington are closed. That includes the Lincoln Memorial , the Jefferson Memorial and the National Mall park . ( The Washington Monument was closed for repairs ) . In the picture you see a worker National Park Service closed the Lincoln Memorial .

Smithsonian Museums : ( closed )
The main museums in Washington have been affected : The Natural History Museum , The National Portrait Gallery and the National Museum of Air and Space . The Holocaust Museum , which is partially funded by the government is also closed , and the National Archives. However, private galleries as the Phillips Collection ( open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm ) and the Corcoran Gallery (open on Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 pm , and Thursday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm ) and the National Geographic Museum ( open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm )

Washington National Cathedral : (open )

The Cathedral receives no direct aid from the federal government and remain open .

Yosemite , Yellowstone and other national parks : ( closed )
The U.S. national parks , including Yosemite , Grand Canyon , Yellowstone , Great Smoky Mountains , ( Big Smokey ) and Joshua trees ( Joshua Tree ) are closed and visitors who were in their properties are given 48 hours to leave. According to plans filed Friday by the National Park Service , 21,379 of its 24,645 employees were sent home .

Alcatraz: ( Closed)
Alcatraz Island , home of the legendary prison in San Francisco Bay , belongs to the National Parks Service and therefore will be closed .

Metropolitan Museum of Art : (open )
The Met, the largest U.S. museum is open . The museum has its own funding ( open Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 pm and Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 pm )

Empire State Building Observatory : (open )
This attraction , from which there is much of Manhattan and the surrounding area is open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm

Central Park: ( Open )

The park quintessential New York is managed and maintained by the Central Park Conservancy under contract with the city of New York , so it will remain open.

The Liberty Bell: ( closed)
The Center Liberty Bell in Philadelphia , is part of Independence National Historical Park , which in turn is managed by the National Park Service , therefore , has closed its doors.

Faneuil Hall: (partially closed)
The visitor center of the historic building that began to take shape American independence is closed to the public. But the adjacent market remains open.

The Statue of Liberty: ( closed)
The most iconic landmark United States also belongs to the Park Service , so it is closed.

One of the sectors that will be most affected by the closure of the U.S. Government will be tourism.

If you have purchased tickets to visit during these days or weeks the country , know that you can get without visiting the main monuments and museums of the cities you visit. In addition , transport systems are affected (trains and buses ) , with a reduction of up to 33 % of their workers.

That is, if a tourist want to visit from the Tuesday, October 1 , for example , the most famous landmark of New York , and possibly the entire United States, the Statue of Liberty , you can not do to find it closed without workers.

National parks and monuments of the United States will remain closed until the end of this closure . This is the case of famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Yosemite National Park , or Yellowstone , the Zoo and the museums of Washington, the Grand Canyon , Alcatraz Island , Mount Rushmore or the Smithsonian Museum .

Most of these places, like the Statue of Liberty, is administered by the National Park Service , a federal agency , which like many others will be affected by a government shutdown , because they can not afford to pay the workers .

The lack of adoption of the budget assumes that the federal government activities that are not essential given stop . This sent home to nearly 800,000 federal employees , including those who are workers in the national parks or monuments.

But also affected services some embassies and visa procedures , a service that is not considered essential . Those travelers who have waited until the last moment to arrange your permission to enter the country , can be seen in the situation of not getting it because the worker who can not work and do not charge their salary.

In total , you can visit some 368 parks, zoos and national museums , which will remain closed . Even U.S. citizens will be difficult to travel , whether to apply for visas or renew a passport, since services will be affected, but the State Department said that foreigners continue to process applications for visas and U.S. passport application , and that embassies and consulates will continue attending to visitors.

In Washington , a city with the largest federal government , lies a third of all federal workers , so it will be more vulnerable city almost ghost, after closure.

It should have nothing to fear if you are traveling by plane , as air traffic controllers will remain in place and continue airports with luggage check processes and people. The planes will fly but because "any non-essential personnel " will be ordered to stay in their homes , many flights may be delayed .

If you decide , for example , leasing a car , you can park anywhere, and that will not work , bad parking fines .

On the official website of the National Park Service of the United States , revise the monuments that remain closed during this closure, by state and region. The website also reports on the divisions that remain functional.


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Albany (New York)

One of New York's most enchanting destinations, Albany provides travellers a chance to experience excellent night life, history that dates to the days of early Dutch influence, to fine dining and lodging options. Their website is clear and informative providing all necessary information in a simple yet appealing user interface.


Alice Austen House Museum & Garden

The Alice Austen House Museum, recalls the world of an exceptional woman, photographer Alice Austen. Austen's quaint, Victorian cottage-style home, with a magnificent view of New York Harbor, displays prints from the large glass negative collection of her work that depict turn-of-the-century American life.


Allegany (New York)

Allegany is a small town with beautiful hills and picturesque valleys, a rural paradise outside of the hustle and bustle of its Big City counterpart. The town boasts lots of festivals such as a Trout Derby, an Artisans Tour, a Hot Air Balloon Rally, Heritage Days, and a Garlic Festival to name a few!


American Airpower Museum

Great for adults, children and history buffs alike, the American Airpower Museum offers not only a unique walk-through experience in the hangers and control towers used to prepare plans and pilots for action in World War II, but also showcases a collection of vintage airplanes. Visitors will be able to interact with historians and war veterans eager to share their tales of flight.


American Folk Art Museum

The museum’s first decade was a time of multiple beginnings, as its founders—Arthur M. Bullowa, Adele Earnest, Cordelia Hamilton, Herbert W. Hemphill Jr., Marian Willard Johnson, and Joseph B. Martinson—sought to give shape and structure to a shared vision. For them, folk art was a vital element in American cultural history, and it warranted the establishment of an institution in the city of New York devoted to its collection, exhibition, and interpretation.


American Guitar Museum

One of Long Island's hidden gems, this unique museum in New Hyde Park houses one of Les Paul's original Gibson guitars, the John D'Angelico guitar played in the wedding scene of the The Godfather and much more. Best of all, it's free.


American Museum of the Moving Image

The American Museum of the Moving Image tells the story of the innovation and artistry that makes the moving image the most powerful artistic and cultural influence of the twentieth century. The Museum houses the nation's most important collection of motion pictures and television artifacts. Exhibitions elegantly illustrate how the art and the craft of moving image making are inseparable.


Atlantis Marine World

Long Island's aquarium, Atlantis Marine world in Riverhead is open year-round and features over 80 exhibits, including Touch Tanks where visitors get up close and personal with living sea creatures. They also offer scheduled museum sleepovers and kids' birthday parties.



This website is produced to promote Auburn’s attractions through collaborative marketing, programming and tourism strategies. Take an hour or spend a few days, visiting Auburn’s historic and cultural sites and you’ll see why it is called "History’s Hometown". View outstanding examples of Tiffany glass at the Willard Memorial Chapel, Cayuga Museum of History & Art and Westminster Presbyterian Church. Visit the birthplace of talking films at the Case Research Lab and take in a contemporary art exhibit or quilt show at the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center.



Welcome to the Town of Babylon! Whether this is your first visit or a return 'home', we am sure that you will find our site thorough and easy to use. Whether you are looking for general information or an application for a permit - it's all here.



The City and surrounding region offer a wide variety of activities for people of all ages. The City is home to the Batavia Muckdogs, the farm club of the St. Louis Cardinals. The City of Batavia provides an ideal location for travelers that want to take advantage of all that western New York has to offer. It is less than an hour from Niagara Falls, Letchworth State Park and Lake Ontario and less than 30 minutes from the Genesee Country Museum, one of the largest outdoor living history museums in the country. Darien Lake Theme Park Resort is located approximately 20 minutes southwest of the City.


Bay Street Theatre

Bay Street Theatre is a professional regional theatre in Sag Harbor. The 299-seat theatre operates year round presenting classic and contemporary works. Bay Street Theatre aims to be a haven for to an extended family of artists and audiences while challenging and entertaining the community. A number of productions that premiered or were developed at Bay Street have moved to Broadway, off-Broadway including productions such as Nobody Don’t Like Yogi, Hedda Gabler, Love Janis, If Love Were All, Full Gallop, Swingtime Canteen and Three Hotels.


Bayard Cutting Arboretum State Park

Bayard Cutting Arboretum was donated to the Long Island State Park Region by Mrs. William Bayard Cutting and her daughter, Mrs. Olivia James, in memory of her husband, William Bayard Cutting. The intent of the donation was “to provide an oasis of beauty and quiet for the pleasure, rest and refreshment of those who delight in outdoor beauty; and to bring about a greater appreciation and understanding of the value and importance of informal planting. The Arboretum is a passive park, and activities such as biking, picnicking, sports, bathing, and games are not permitted.



Welcome to the Bayville community page. You will find a variety of ways to keep abreast of what is happening in its community. ?here are so many attraction waiting to be discovered.


Bayville Adventure & Scream Park

Bayville Adventure Park sure does live up to its name. Adventure is around every corner! Search for treasure on the pirate themed miniature golf course, get lost in Mystery Fun House and Mirror Maze or Lost Temple of the Forgotten Maze. If you find your way out excitement awaits you as you ascend to the tops of the trees on a rope course 30 feet in the air. Do you have wait it takes? Find out by planning a visit with friends and family right away.



What's even more important? The varied experiences you'll discover. Strolls across the Walkway Over the Hudson, treks through the Appalachian Trail, and sips along the Beacon. Couples getaway? Family vacation? Business travel? Whatever brings you to upstate New York, you'll find countless things to do in Beacon!  



Welcome to Belmont. Known for its wooded hills, views of the San Francisco Bay and stretches of open space, Belmont is a quiet residential community in the midst of the culturally and technologically rich Bay Area. This website is intended to help residents, businesses and visitors be better informed about the community and everything happens in Belmont.



Welcome to Binghamton. From one-of-a-kind antique shops, fascinating museum tours and mouth-watering cider mill visits, to out-of-this-world trips to the planetarium and scenic walks through the botanical garden, Greater Binghamton’s attractions will keep you coming back again and again.


Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park

The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park is accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. Founded in 1875, the Binghamton Zoo, formerly known as Ross Park Zoo, is the fifth oldest zoo in the country. Managed by the Southern Tier Zoological Society, the Binghamton Zoo is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a quality zoological facility for the purposes of conservation, education, and recreation.


Bronx Museum of the Arts

Founded in 1971, the Bronx Museum of the Arts offers wonderful exhibitions and programs for children and adults. The Museum's collection consists of over 800 twentieth-century and contemporary works of art in all media.Guided by the Museum's mission--to serve the ethnically-diverse populations of the Bronx and to stimulate community participation primarily through the visual arts--the permanent collection reflects the Museum's surrounding communities and constituents, comprised primarily of African American and Latino populations, as well as a growing number of Asian-American communities in the metropolitan area.



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