Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls over Zambezi River. Surely Bungee Jumping 111 meters off the Victoria falls Bridge has to be one of the most challenging, terrifying, crazy things to do. I have not built up the courage yet but from all accounts.... It’s a must do. Thanks to Shearwater, a leading adventure company in Zimbabwe, I got the chance to fulfill my bungee destiny by leaping off the Victoria Falls Bridge. The jump takes you head first into the Batoka Gorge, where white-water rafters below try desperately to stay upright as they ride through grade 5 rapids. The Victoria Falls are situated right behind the bridge and you can feel the spray on the bridge when the water is high. The bridge is in no-man's land, marking the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. It was built in 1905 and is an engineering marvel (that you get lots of time to appreciate once you've been winched back after your jump). When people aren't driving to and from Zambia/Zimbabwe, or bungee jumping off the bridge during the day, elephants sometimes use it to cross over at night. Some say it's the best Bungee jump in the world...it’s not the highest, that honour goes to Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa which is an incredible 233m. Maybe it is because of the backdrop of the Victoria Falls or maybe just the fact that you are free falling down towards the Mighty Zambezi. Whatever it is, it is a massive adrenaline rush!! There is only one company that operates the Bungee Jump and they are called the Zambezi Adrenaline company. They are based in Zambia and are affiliated to Shearwater in Zimbabwe. If you are not brave enough to do this alone, you can always try to convince a buddy to leap with you and do the tandem jump. First timers normally do a standard head first dive, but the more experienced try all sorts of flips, backflips and inward tucks etc. Pre booked and paid bungee jumpers are entitled to a full refund up until they sign the indemnity form on the bridge and start to strap up, you are then past the point of no return.