Cultural entertainers black people dressed in authentic naked african warriors in Zambezi Sun Hotel. Located on the edge of the eastern cataract of the Victoria Falls, the Zambezi Sun Hotel reflects the richness and diversity of the country’s heritage; unpretentious, fun and welcoming, it captures the very soul of Africa. From the moment you step inside, expect to be greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Like a glittering gem, The Zambezi Sun Hotel features warm and earthy architecture, inspired by an African village. The simple finishes are highlighted in bright mosaics and fabrics, as well as intoxicating Zambian artworks and accessories. Designed with guest’s comfort and convenience in mind, the Zambezi Sun Hotel is set to turn your stay into a memorable experience. Opened in 2001, the 3-star Zambezi Sun is a sprawling resort hotel with an informal atmosphere, and a colorful, fun design throughout. The closest hotel to the Victoria Falls, it's really all about the location as you're just a few minutes walk from one of the Natural Wonders of the World. The Zambezi Sun is a large hotel, but it has a superb location and when compared to it's nearby sister hotel, is relatively inexpensive and we think it offers good value for money for a short stay at the Falls. A big plus is that entrance to the Falls is included for guests staying here.