Inhabitants of Mukuna Village. In the Kazungula District of Southern Province lies the rural Mukuni Village. It is just seven kilometres from the world heritage site of Victoria Falls and was founded in the thirteenth century by Bedyango the Leya Tribal Matriach, it was originally called Gundu. However it was renamed in the seventeenth century to Mukuni Village after and in honour of Mukokalya Mukuni N’gombe. Mukuni Village is sitauted on a dry, sandy knoll and has a population in excess of 7000, it is the main village of the Mukuni Chiefdom. The soil is relatively infertile and they cannot rely on agriculture; therefore they have turned to tourism. Mukuni Village is now a tourist destination, introducing an insight into the Leya people’s cultural inheritance; with a wonderful developing curios market, selling intricate wood carvings, stoneware, jewellery and baskets. There are over 100 villages within the Mukuni Chiefdom, with twelve schools and three health centres at Mukuni, Songwe and Katapazi.  July 2013 saw the completion of a fourth clinic at Mahalululu. Mukuni high school and the special education unit, both funded by The Butterfly Tree, were the first rural schools in the district. WE have advanced a number of schools by adding classrooms and bore holes and built an entire new school at Mailami. We work in partnership with the Mukuni Development Trust, which takes care of the Chiefdom’s administration to assist the people.