From Victoria Falls is possible to visit the nearby Botswana. Specifically Chobe National Park.   Best of all it is a short trip from the Victoria Falls making it easy to include a Chobe safari Day trip in your travel itinerary. Chobe National Park is widely regarded as having the most diverse concentration of animals within the area. At the Chobe National park you can be sure to see at least four of the big five – it is the Rhino that is most elusive here. But elephants, zebra’s, cheetah’s, lions and wild dogs are just a few of the animals you can view on a Chobe Day trip. The Chobe National Park is situated in Botswana and stretches across 10,689 square kilometers of vast wilderness. It is the second biggest national park in Botswana but has the biggest concentration of animal life within the park. Chobe National Park is known for their huge elephant population. The elephant population here at Chobe National Park is special for a number of reasons. The elephants here make up the highest concentration of elephants in Africa. They are also the largest surviving elephant population on earth. You are guaranteed to see elephants up close on a Chobe Day trip. Chobe National Park Chobe national park also has some extensive San rock paintings which remain from the area’s first inhabitants. A Chobe day trip can be a highlight in your Victoria Falls experience. We can arrange tours to Chobe from both Victoria Falls Zimbabwe and Zambia, A Chobe day trip is easy to organize and will add a whole new dimension to your time at Victoria Falls.