From Victoria Falls is possible to visit the nearby Botswana. Specifically Chobe National Park.  A warthog crossing the road near the Chobe River. Warthogs often fall prey to predators such as Lion, Leopard and Hyena but they do not go down without a fight. I have personally observed Warthogs chasing off hyenas that had been stalking the Warthogs and on one particularly memorable occasion I viewed a Lioness chasing a Warthog across the floodplains of Chobe. After a dash of about 75 meters the warthog suddenly turned in midstride to face the lioness. She stopped meters from the Warthog, made a few gestures then moved off. The Warthog continued on its way. Warthog mating is the stuff of legends. When there is a female in season the dominant male will walk around making a clicking sound, of uncertain origin, and foam at the mouth. This foam apparently stimulates the male. Male Warthogs will stay mounted for up to an hour. Often a meal has been disrupted by the antics of Warthogs on the open Botswana floodplains in front of the lodges. This can cause some hilarity with guests. The interaction of Hyenas with Warthogs in Botswana is very interesting. Personal observations do not indicate why a Hyena chooses a particular Warthog to chase. Often a number of Warthogs will pass by Hyenas and the Hyenas will barely take notice but all of a suddenly hey will chase a particular individual.  

Una de las multiples haciendas construidas a modo de castillo en el trayecto en bicicleta de Fontevraud a Saumur. Veinte kilómetros más de bicicleta desde Fontevraud y llegamos a las puertas de Saumur, una pequeña ciudad a las puertas del Loira. De esta ciudad destacan sobretodo la calidad de sus vinos, sus caballos y sus champiñones, aunque el castillo medieval que puede observarse desde cualquier punto de la ciudad también merece muchos elogios.