From Victoria Falls is possible to visit the nearby Botswana. Specifically Chobe National Park. Chobe - The Elephant Capital of Africa. Massive elephant populations, riverboat safaris, sunset cruises, riverfront safari lodges and top quality game drives have firmly positioned the Chobe National Park as a “must visit” destination for any enquiring safari enthusiast. Chobe National Park is famous for its elephants. The latest enquiry into the elephant population estimates it to be 120,000 - the highest elephant concentration in Africa and the largest continuous surviving elephant population on Earth. The elephants in the Chobe are Kalahari Elephants and are the biggest size of any elephant, but this doesn't deter the Chobe lions which are famed for being able to bring down elephants, something most lions would not even bother to attempt.  The majority of our handpicked luxury safari lodges front onto the Chobe River and offer sunset river safaris along the Chobe River. The game viewing from the river is outstanding with the huge diversity of Chobe’s wildlife accessible from a different perspective to stimulate the enquiring mind and brook a new perspective on our fragile earth. It is hard to put to words the feeling you get as you glide past hippos and crocs while elephants, zebra, buffalo and even lion have an evening drink, and the sun fills the sky with every colour. It’s a freedom of the senses – nature, peace, beauty, exhilaration, relaxation - all rolled into one perfect African evening - it’s the reason why people book the Chobe lodges year after year. Most of the luxury safari lodges in the area are located on the Chobe River banks giving uninterrupted views of the wildlife-lined banks.