Around Victoria Falls you can walk.  Guided Tour of the Victoria Falls. To discover how the Falls were formed and what local customs and traditions surround them it is well worth taking a guided tour. These tours are extremely informative and end with a visit to the local art and crafts centre. Tours may be conducted from the Zambian or Zimbabwean side of the Zambezi River and last for 1½ hours in Zambia and 2 hours in Zimbabwe Mists of Time Tour. This excursion is a Half Day Tour that focuses on Africa’s Historical and Cultural legacy. You will be accompanied by Russell Gammon, a Specialist Guide with 19 years experience. Russell’s family has been living in Africa since 1870 and he is a Specialist in the field of African Heritage and a wonderful Raconteur and Master Story Teller. This Tour is aimed at giving our visitor a unique insight into Africa’s past, present and future.  You will be collected from the Royal Livingstone Hotel reception at 08h30 by Russell Gammon, your Specialist Guide for the morning. This Half Day tour will include a visit to the Victoria Falls as well as a visit to the near by African Village where you will be shown around by the local residents. Along the way Russell will regale you with stories of Earlier Explorers, Indigenous People, Adventurers, Missionaries and other colourful characters that have passed this way in time.  His unique understanding of Africa combined with his excellent storytelling make him a fascinating and entertaining companion. During the course of the morning you will gain a unique insight into Africa’s past and present as Russell brings to life the many people’s and culture’s that have shaped the destiny of this extraordinary continent. Your tour will end at 12h30 when you will be dropped back at the Royal Livingstone reception.