A bus runs through the streets, a city of Xi'an. The buses operate within the city of Xian also offer an effective service of transportation. If you drive around, be warned that the city traffic is usually very heavy. Drivers will find some ferocious, but do not worry, all the signs of tránsito.Las respect China's largest cities have an effective and extensive network of trains carrying thousands of people day by day. Since the city is the center of China, usually take about a day other cities arrive. If you want to travel comfortably not buy the cheaper tickets, will be difficult to sleep or even use the toilets during the journey. To major cities take about travel: 14-18 hours to Beijing, Chengdu 16-27 hours, 14 hours Chongqing, Guangzhou 1 day, 36-53 hours Kunmung; Lhasa 36 hours, 18 to 24 hours to Shanghai, 31 to 56 hours to Urumqi, Wuhan 14-18 hours and 7 hours to Zhengzhou.