Huaqing SPA Located at the foot of Lishan Mountain in the north, about 30 km from Xian City, Huaqing Hot Spring is famous for its scenery as beautiful as the love story of Emperor Xuanzong (685-762) and Yang Guifei concubine in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Among the famous gardens of China, it enjoys the status of a National Cultural Relic Protection Unit and National Scenic Area key. Guifei imitated pond. The most comfortable experience to bathe in the pond Guifei imitated. With the temperature of 43 degrees, the hot spring water contains far this mineral and organic materials, which has no therapeutic effect on the skin. In the pond, you can enjoy the same convenience that made the Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei. Imperial River. The Imperial River is the only of its kind in China. The five pools left are lotus pool, Pool Haitang, Shangshi pool, swimming pool and Principe star. The Lotus was used exclusively for the emperor, the pool was Haitang for concubines, and the pond was Shangshi for officials.