Metal chariots found in the archaeological site near Xi'an. It houses the collection of figures of Qin army cavalry composed of more than 1,300 pieces, among horses and horsemen, arranged in fourteen rows, protected by an advance party of archers kneeling. In this room also can delight us more closely with the presence of five soldiers: a pair of archers, a soldier with his horse and a couple of officers of medium and high range. To see that they can be closer than it perceived the degree of perfection and handling of sculptures, in which he is attentive to every detail, taking into account, also, that none of the parts are made in series and each piece is unique and different from the rest. The pit three is the smallest and is located twenty meters northeast of the first. It contains only 72 figures, composed mostly of officers, commanders and senior generals belonging to the unit mando.Cuando one comes to the grave number one invades her inner silence, sign of astonishment at the sight of the 6,000 prospective figures of warriors, chariots and horses arranged in battle position and aligned towards the eastern end. The archers covering the southernmost areas but also occupy the first three lines of fire along the crossbowmen, then dragged the cars are arranged by four horses and a charioteer and defended by battalions of warriors. Subsequently, the bulk of the army appears ready in 36 rows and armed with spears, axes, daggers, swords and crossbows.