Statues at sunset on the Charles Bridge. Prague. The Charles Bridge is Prague's most famous monument, and communicates the Old Town and Malá Strana. Although currently is pedestrian, in his time could give way to four carriages online. Today, many of the statues that houses are copies, as originals Lapidarium consercan in Prague National Museum. Until 1741, this was the only bridge crossing the Vltava. It measures 520 meters long and is made ??of sandstone blocks, reinforced, it is believed, adding eggs to the mortar. The custom Carlos IV in 1357 to replace the Judith Bridge destroyed by the floods and is by Peter Parler. His first statue was that of Juan Nepomuceno, inspired Benini statutory Sant'Angelo Bridge in Rome, as Juan de Neponucemo bridge was cast by order of Wenceslas IV in 1393. Events in 1648 destroyed part of the bridge and in 1890 a flood destroyed the bridge three eyes. This is the list of the 30 statues that appear on the Charles Bridge: St. Wenceslaus, 1858 Christ between Saints Cosmas and Damian, 1709 St. John of Matha, St. Felix of Valois and the Blessed Ivan, 1714 San Vito, 1714 St. Adalbert , 1709 San Felipe Benzi, 1714 St. Lutgarda, 1710 San Cayetano, San Juan Nepomuceno 1709, 1683 San Augustine, San Nicolas Tolentino 1708, 1708 St. Jude, 1708 Saints Vincent Ferrer and Procopius, St. Francis of Assisi 1712 with Two Angels, 1855 San Antonio de Padua, St. Ludmila 1707, 1710 Saints Norbert, Wenceslas and Sigismund, 1853 San Francisco de Borja, 1710 San Juan Bautista, San Cristobal 1857, Saints Cyril and Methodius 1857 San Francisco Javier, 1711 Santa Ana, San José 1707, 1854 Crucifixion seventeenth century Pietà, 1859 Santas Barbara, Margaret and Elizabeth The Virgin, Saint Dominic and St. Thomas, 1708 The Virgin and San Bernardo, 1709