Advertise on one of the access tunnels Prague metro . Wagons " singles only " to flirt in the Prague subway cleaning advantages and speed, the Prague Metro just add one more argument to promote public transport : in the hectic pace of today's society, a wagon is the ideal place to flirt and , therefore , reserved spaces for singles find partners. The idea is still in its infancy , but has good prospects to be realized before the end of the year. " It will not be difficult or expensive project . And it is spreading very fast through social networks ," says Aneta Rehková spokesman Municipal Transport Company (MHD ) , of the Czech capital . Since the company fits this initiative in the hope that people see public transport not only as an economical way to travel, but also as a part of daily life . "Although the distances are short lived , the frenetic pace we live , people have to find a soul mate fast ," argues Rehková , which is excited with the creation of these wagons for singles. Good reception the moment, that opinion is , according to the spokeswoman , shared by many Prague and the proposal is setting reasonable welcomed public opinion . A reader survey by the newspaper Tyden notes that 56 % of single wagons looks like a great idea while 43 % think it is nonsense . Sense or not, the idea emerged as a sales pitch , vaguely inspired initiatives such as women-only carriages operating in Tokyo or Mexico City. Thus, MHD conceived this idea as a way to " attract young people " to public transport . " The Prague metro , with nearly 600 million passengers each year , will become the greater chance to get acquainted. And sure what to choose between " promises Filip Drapal spokesman ROPID , the public entity who designs the plan city ??transport . Drapal arguments carry weight , " Surveys say that more and more increases the number of singles ." In addition , if the meter can be read and study , " why not find your partner? " Proposes . Doubts about how you would do with the motivation very clear , the company has yet to define the logistics of the plan, for example, if these cars will love the end of each convoy or the frequency with which circulate . " Do not know yet if it will be the last car that stops at the station, or work only one day a week or a certain time ," speculates Rehková . Do not be forced to flirt and will be sorely ahíEllo not depend on the segment of the public that preferentially targeting the campaign : "It may be at the time when young people leave school or work ," he explains . What is clear is that no one will be discriminated against . " Do not be forced to flirt and we will take them there," says Rehková on those subway down and the couple start or who prefer to abandon while still single. Currently , the last subway cars are longer and allow better access to those who go with prams or cyclists.