A couple kissing in one of the Prague subway tunnels . Single ? ? Have not managed to find their soulmate? Do not have time to go to bars to meet your future partner ? Maybe Cupid is waiting for you just a few feet underground. Or so the authorities have thought public transport system of Prague , capital of Czech Republic , who have proposed the creation of a series of " love wagons " in the city subway . The idea is that these cars , reserved only for singles looking for their soul mate , be a place for flirting , for seduction and , why not , to fall in love too. The " Love cars " would work in each of the three metro lines in the Czech capital . The three Prague metro lines , with a population of 1.2 million, adding up to a total distance of 59 kilometers . In 2011 transported 580 million passengers. No data on how many of these are single and have a desire to meet people . ROPID , the company that manages the district of Prague public transport , will begin surveying passengers shortly to determine if they are interested in this service, which could be available later this year . More public transport The initiative is one of the activities designed by the company to ensure that the inhabitants of Prague use less personal vehicles and public transport. This would have a significant economic and environmental impact for the city, says Filip Drapal spokesman ROPID . That would be spaces for singles relate to other people, maybe your future partner . " The idea is part of a new long-term campaign , which aims to show what activities can be done on public transport rather than the car , such as reading , studying, listening to music, playing electronic games and review the emails " Drapal told the German news site Spiegel Online. Prague expects the iniciactiva not involve extra expense for the city : the plan is that dating agencies are sponsoring and pay to advertise in the " wagons of love." Yes, the service will not work during the morning rush hours to avoid overcrowding of passengers in the other cars . In " Love cars " Cupid must act fast : while in Berlin a subway ride can take an hour or more , the average time in Prague is five minutes. "The trend is that more and more single people ," says Drapal . " So we would like to help these people and, in general , to draw attention to this social phenomenon ."