Cafe restaurant located in Mala Strana edgy. Czech cuisine is largely based on pork and to a lesser extent, in the chicken and beef. Recipes are also made with meat from other animals, but the Czech Republic is the ultimate destination for lovers of fish. The most typical dish is goulash Prague in its many variants. The base is a beef stew with vegetables. Prague dishes These are some of the dishes that can be found in restaurants: Beer Prague's famous Beef Goulash with dumplings Kulajda: Creamy soup prepared from mashed potatoes, mushrooms and sour milk. Bramborak: Tortilla fried potato dough. Dumplings: flour balls made ??from potatoes or breadcrumbs. Chlebicky: Small canapes different ingredients. Utopenec: Sausages marinated with pepper and fried onion. Bramborak: Tortilla chips made ??from potatoes, eggs, flour, onion and other ingredients. Šopský salat: Salad with tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper and cheese. Tla? Enka: Boar's Head with onions and bread. Pražská šunka: Prague ham. Chocroute: Sauerkraut. Kolache: Cake stuffed fruit compote. Vain? Ka: Traditional bread similar to brioche preparing for Christmas. Goulash: spicy dish prepared with beef, onions, pepper and paprika. Slivovitz: Alcoholic drink prune juice. Pala? Inky: Crepe is filled with ice cream, grilled fruit or jam.