Resturant and brewery. The brewery Novom? Stský brewery, which was in 1993 the first microbrewery opened in Prague in the twentieth century, houses a large restaurant known for its national gastronomic dishes. The restaurant is decorated with palace? Eský Krumlov and other famous Czech. Please beer keg own making with friends, you can ask from a ten-liter barrel or opt for gourmet beer tasting of four flavors. Equally interesting and varied is the range of meals, including not missing a hearty beef goulash stew stout brewer in Bé? With grilled chorizo ??and a variety of "dumplings" (flour dumplings), radish and pepper or the specialties prepared for a greater number of guests such as roast goose with crispy crust and almond filling, accompanied by braised red cabbage and three types of "dumplings".