Domes of the St. Vitus Cathedral view from Petrin. The dome of the tower of St. Vitus Cathedral located within the Prague Castle was returned on Monday to its original position after being subjected to several months of restoration work. However, the vagaries of weather have hampered the work of the restorers. Strong winds prevented was placed on Monday the golden lion banner that since the second half of the eighteenth century has been located in the top of the dome of the Cathedral and weighs about 140 kilos. Before fitting the dome, it introduced restorers copper tubes documents testifying each of the restoration work of the tower. "Four original tubes fifth is added with this information," said Milos Gavenda, responsible for the placement of scaffolding for the work on the walls and ceilings. The stone walls, the parts of gold and metal, as well as the covers of the main tower of the Cathedral, are restored every hundred years and in November for restorations should end this century. The first stone of the St. Vitus Cathedral was laid in 1344 by the Archbishop of Prague, Pardubice Ernesto and was completed in 1929.