One of the guards guarding the main entrance to the Prague Castle . The castle consists of multiple buildings , palaces, halls , exhibitions , churches , and of course the golden alley and the cathedral. Login to the site and go through the courts is free , so you can go up and visit without paying. In addition , you can enter the Cathedral for free (but only enter the first few meters , to see it all you have to pay ) . ; Gold Alley also be free admission from 17 . In short , there is much to do .. There are at least three points of information where to buy the tickets in the courtyards of the castle 2 and 3 ; also be purchased at the Art Gallery at the Palace , in the alley gold and the Lobkowicz Palace so perhaps should be given a back to see if there are any with less people ... You can also buy online . Once the queue ( we imagine in summer it can be hellish ) have to choose what you want to see . Every "thing" is a number from I to X. There are several options , two of which grouped the entrance to several of the must , while the rest are inputs "individual" (a permanent exhibition room , the tower of the Cathedral , a painting gallery , etc). The two options are grouped entries : The Minimalist : includes a visit to the Old Royal Palace, St. George 's Basilica , the Golden Lane , and St. Vitus Cathedral . In 2012 costs 250 CZK ( about 10 € at current exchange rates ) . It can take easily 4 hours to see these 4 things , maybe more going slowly to fully appreciate all, or if there are many people . Visit long : includes the above plus : Exposure permantente · The history of Prague Castle ) , the monastery of St. George, the Picture Gallery , the Powder Tower ( not to be confused with the one in the center , in Nám ? stí Republiky ) and the Palace Rosenmberg ) . They are 350 CZK . The tickets are valid on two consecutive days , which may be useful if the visit is done slowly ( especially in winter , when visits are from 9-16 instead of ending at 18 ) In addition to the above, you can visit the tower south St. Vitus Cathedral , this entry is purchased in the tower itself ( we believe that manages the church and not the castle , so the price is not on the official website )