St. Vitus Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Prague and one of its most significant monuments . It is located within the Prague Castle. Its construction started in 1344 by John of Luxembourg and, after various times and different architects , was finally finished in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries . St. Vitus Cathedral opened its doors to the public in late 1929 . The cathedral houses the tomb of Wenceslas IV ( King good), the Crown Jewels , and is the crowning place of the kings of Bohemia. In 1419 work was interrupted because of the Hussite rebellion . The Hussites , contrary to the veneration of the saints and the evidences of wealth characteristic of the Catholic Church, the cathedral looted and did crown the King Sigismund in the new temple . In 1485 the court returned to Prague Castle and began to restore the Cathedral. Built a new Oratorio Real , designed by Hans Spiesz , symbol of the sovereignty of the king, which was completed in 1490. The scenes from the legend of St. Wenceslas was completed in 1509 for the coronation of King Louis Jagiello . In 1526 Ferdinand I of Habsburg Habsburg became the first crowned King of Bohemia. From this period dates the Music Gallery , the work of Bonifacio Wolmut , mannerist , neo-Gothic vaults and the chapel of St. Adalbert was subsequently destroyed. In 1566 Maximilian II of Austria commissioned the Royal Pantheon dedicated to the House of Habsburg and his predecessors on the throne of Bohemia, was completed in 1589. The May 23, 1618 saw the defenestration of Prague, which would usher in the Thirty Years War . In 1619 the radical Calvinists caused extensive damage to the cathedral that had to re- consecrated in February 1621, after the Czech defeat at the Battle of White Mountain . Gaspar Bechteler carved wooden reliefs commemoran the defenestration and its consequences. In 1644 Leopoldo Guillem , Bishop of Olomue , did restore a candlestick Romanesque chapel of San Juan Bautista that supposedly came from the Temple of Jerusalem . With the arrival of the Baroque, the Habsburg emperor Leopold I laid the first stone of a ship designed by Giovanni Domenico Orsi , but the works were interrupted in 1675 for lack of funds . In the same way failed the draft Johann F. Schor . From this period dates the statues of Czech patron saints that are in the chapel of St. John of Nepomuk, Rinaldo Ranzoni work , the altarpiece of Saint Sigismund of Frantisek Weis and the Tomb of St. John of Nepomuk , a masterpiece of Antonio Corradini . In 1844 , Václav M. Asked Pesina Cathedral was over , a fact that would not happen until 1839 to become a society that is interested in it. In 1862 work began Josef'O Kranner restoring the presbytery which eliminated much of the Baroque additions . To celebrate the return to Prague of Czech Crown Jewels , reformed the House of the Crown alongside the works were finished from the main vault of the west façade . The December 28, 1929 was opened to the public completely finished cathedral .