Sale of different books by Franz Kafka. Franz Kafka ( Prague , Austria -Hungary , July 3, 1883 - Kierling , Austria , June 3, 1924 ) was a Prague -Jewish writer who wrote his work in German. His work is considered one of the most influential literature universal5 6 and is full of themes and archetypes on alienation , physical and psychological brutality , conflict between parents and children , terrifying characters in adventures , mazes of bureaucracy , and transformations mystical . He was the author of three novels , The Trial ( Der Prozeß ) , The Castle ( Das Schloß ) and the disappeared ( Amerika or Der Verschollene ) , the novella The Metamorphosis (Die Verwandlung ) and a large number of stories cortos.7 also left extensive correspondence and autobiographical writings . His unique literary style has been commonly associated with the artistic philosophy of existentialism - which influenced - and expressionism , and on some level it has been compared with magical realism . Kafka scholars argue over how to interpret the author , some speak of the possible influence of some anti-bureaucratic political ideology , a religious mystic or a vindication of their ethnocultural minority , while others are set in the psychological content of their works. His personal relationships also had great impact on his writing, particularly his father ( Letter to his father), his fiancée Felice Bauer (Letters to Felice ) and sister (Letters to Ottla ) . Albert Camus , Jean -Paul Sartre , Jorge Luis Borges and Gabriel Garcia Marquez are among the writers influenced by the writings of Kafka Kafka the term used to describe Spanish language surreal situations as found in his books and has their equivalents in other languages. Only a few of his works were published during his lifetime . The majority , including unfinished works were published by his friend Max Brod , who ignored the wishes of the author that the manuscripts were destroyed .