Inside the castle of Prague. Prague Castle ( Prague Castle in Czech) is an architectural located in Prague , capital of Czech Republic . Despite the successive fires and invasions , is one of the most notable and iconic sumptuous remains of great historical , cultural and social development of the city. Built in the ninth century , was the residence of Bohemian kings , emperors of the Holy Roman Empire , presidents presidents of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic . In it are the jewels in the crown of Bohemia. At 570 meters long and 130 medium width , is considered the largest ancient castle in the world. The interior of the complex houses the Prague Cathedral , the convent of San Jorge containing ancient art of Bohemia, the Basilica of St. George , the Royal Palace , galleries of Renaissance and Baroque painting in the old stables of the castle, among other things . It was remodeled by the architect Jože Ple?nik between 1920 and 1934 at the request of the first Czechoslovak president Tomáš Masaryk . In front of the castle is a statue of President Masaryk , the same as you can see in the luxurious Avenida Presidente Masaryk in Mexico City since 2000 . Daliborka Tower . Tower style late - Gothic Prague Castle , built in 1496. It was a prison until the late eighteenth century . It takes its name from its first prisoner , Dalibor of Kozojed , legendary character . Dalibor was a young "rebel" of the late fifteenth century relief sentenced to death by some servants who had rebelled against the tyranny of the nobles, during the reign of the Jagellion . Already imprisoned in the Tower , Dalibor was done with a violin and learned to play in prison while awaiting sentencing. The Prague They felt the sad and melancholic melodies that came from the tower and went to hear mass , carrying food and encouragement to young Dalibor . The nobles were upset by finding Dalibor awakening sympathies among the population , which gave vile being in cell death . The composer Bedrich Smetana composed an opera , Dalibor , based on this legend. Gustav Meyrink environmental Walpurgis Night around the tower.