Padlocks on the Charles Bridge. The idea, inspired by the protagonists of the novel I have wanted you, by Federico Moccia, is to close a lock and throw the key into the river to seal a relationship. Although the Roman municipality removed the locks, they began to join in unexpected ways, and try to stop this tradition that endangers the structure of this bridge, the custom migrated to other cities where they are still closing promises of eternal love. Some other famous bridges are lucky they Vecchio, Florence, the de Triana in Seville, Pont des Arts in Paris; Tretyakov in Moscow; Hohenzollernbrüke in Cologne, Germany, in Wroclaw, Poland, Huangshan, China, the bridge mother, in Odessa, Ukraine; Bryggebroen in Copenhagen. Thirty sculptures, mostly of saints, guarding the bridge that crosses the Vltava river. But only two key locations concentrated magic. According to legend, Juan Nepomuceno, confessor of the queen of Bohemia, Wenceslas IV was executed for refusing to break the seal of confession. After being tortured, tied up and thrown into the river from the same bridge. Thus, the first special point is under the statue. You have to touch the figure of a dog, representing faithfulness, and the low relief of the saint's body that represents the time of his martyrdom. Recognize the right place is easy because, due to the contact of many hands, shines more than the rest of the work. It is said that to return to Prague there to touch it. The second place that attracts tourists is the exact spot where St. John was thrown, now marked with a plaque on which are five star, the same as they would have appeared in the San Juan water sink. Who put there your hand should make a wish and granted the saint.