Charles Bridge. Among the 30 statues from the Charles Bridge stands out the San Juan Nepomuceno, where you must not forget to touch the bronze relief at his feet. This ensures that carries a little luck Prague. This statue is not here by chance, but that was precisely the Charles Bridge from where he was thrown into the Vltava the body of this saint. Legend has it that San Juan Nepomuceno King would not reveal the secrets of confession of Queen and so was tortured to death. At the other end of the bridge conclude two Malá Strana Gothic towers that are part of the millions of photographs that take visitors to Prague annually. How the best way to enjoy one of the most beautiful medieval bridge in the world? Depart early and go to the Charles Bridge at dawn, when it will be all yours. Along with the first musicians, painters or sellers of beautiful memories, meet the authentic atmosphere of this Gothic gem linking the banks of the Vltava river for more than 650 years.