Marrakech. Jemaa el Fna. In the morning until early afternoon take over the space the most unusual characters: snake charmers, fortune tellers lucky shielding under their umbrellas, starters teeth, women with henna tattooing and street artists: traditional dances, folk musicians, storytellers story surrounded by attentive listeners Seller water ... in other business, healers, preachers and other charlatans promise miracle cures to infertility and impotence using mysterious roots, ostrich eggs, incense and verses from the Koran. The orange juice sellers take advantage of the abundance of this fruit in the region to do their business, while others look typical costumes of ancient water vendors, but often do not have a drop and just trying to charge for any photo to tourists. To Western eyes this living showcase of traditions and customs provoke astonishment and curiosity time, and of course, it is logical to want to photograph everything ... but you should know that lives on tourism Marrakech and you better be prevented, bargain prices beforehand, even taking a single photo, and avoided bad.