Marrakech Souk. Today, despite the degradation caused by the invasion of Western culture and products made in china, the souk gathers around 2600 artisans and 40 corporations that still maintain alive the traditional Moroccan art, giving a special charm to the largest market north African. The variety of items that can be found covering almost everything imaginable: clothing, jewelry, rugs, slippers, objects terracotta, wood, metal or leather, spices, nuts, meats and other foods, medicinal herbs ... the list is endless. Negotiate before you buy, besides being a whole Arab trading tradition, in this case it is also essential because the prices are usually quite high; if the trader looks real interest in the product will invite the customer with a mint tea and appreciated get a good deal, but be offended if you are only looking for fun haggling. The souk is a pleasure to enjoy with all the senses and an open mind. Just go with the narrow streets and let this great little world of smells, tastes and sounds invade us and immersed in a lifestyle that is certainly very different from what we are accustomed.