Tafraoute. The Anti Atlas, remains one of the least visited mountainous areas. Mountains are the bastion of chleuh tribes those living in a sort of confederation of towns scattered across the barren mountains, some of them completely beyond the reach of the central government. The French did not pacified the region until 1930. The Chleuh, molded the rough and granitic terrain of lava, have always been dedicated to their farms in the oasis, currently the most beautiful palm groves in Morocco. Tafraoute with its 5,000 inhabitants is located in the beautiful valley of Ameln, completely surrounded by mountains of red granite, it looks humble but the area is quite thrives thanks to money from the emigration of their citizens. This population is the place to start any tour Anti Atlas mountains instead. Between February and March, the surrounding villages celebrate the feast of ra collection Almond with dances and songs that last all night, these parties move from town to town, so that last several days. A lively market is held near the Hotel Salama from Monday afternoon until Wednesday. Tafroute is the perfect place to experience the hammams (hammam) place, as most of the village houses have no running water, three, residents frequent the oldest behind the market, the three cost 10 dirhams. Also in the population no offers for hikers, although most are strenuous, there are several companies. Not far from the population can also see prehistoric engravings, but the most interesting is 3 Km. Tafraoute, specifically Aguerd-Oudad, can be reached on foot or by bicycle, passing through a rock formation with the name of Chapeau de Napoleon (Napoleon hat), you must follow the path through the village, the mosque is surrounded and follow the trail to the river and then follow the plain, 1.5 Km. can be seen to the left a blue rocks, the Perres Belues (painted stones), by Jean Verane; Belgian artist I paint spray rounded rocks with different shades of blue, red, purple and black in 1984, are somewhat faded but still impressive. Directions The main bus companies are based on Sharia al-Jeish al-Malaki. Among his most important destinations include: Casablanca (14 hours), Rabat (16 hours), Tiznit (3 hours), Agadir (5 hours) and Marrakech (10 hours). Two local buses leave to Tiznit at 4:00 and 7:00. Morocco has a fast and economical system buses connecting major cities as well as an airline, Air Maroc, which offers domestic flights between major cities. The railway only covers the northern part of the country.