De Vier Winden (De Sneeuwberg) Restaurant. A fine setting accompanied with a delicious dinning experience, at good prices. The Restaurant is located directly on the Market Street and catches one eye immediately due to the rather surprising display of small thin screened televisions perching through the front windows. The Restaurant is split in to two sections, including a second stage. The orange room, as I call it, has a large screen TV hanging, which was showing at that time the latest mode from around the world. But I am certain that changes during popular Sport Events. The more relaxed atmosphere is in the adjoining room, (where there is no TV), presenting itself in a romantic light with fire place, decorated in a classical style, deep reds, wooden beams and candle light. The Staff is very attentive and friendly; willing to answer any questions you may have concerning Bruges itself (we tested them). We choose to eat a pot of mussels with a white wine brew accompanied with one of their specialty white wines from the region. As we would say in Swiss "Lecker", a simple form of saying "delicious".