Henri Maes Belgian Beer, Brewery, old town, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bruges, Flanders, Belgium, Europe. Guided tours of the De Halve Mann brewery are offered daily. Tickets are purchased at the bar in the brewery’s restaurant, entering as groups into the brewery. Only part of the actual brewing process is still active at the Halve Mann brewery, making the tour half brewery and half museum. The tour leads from stainless steel tanks up through a maze of steps and ladders in the old building where the guides explain the brewing process, the demonstrating the flavoring agents of malt, hops and grains. The more interesting parts of the tour are perhaps the tools and machines left over from beer brewing of the past. The end of the tour is a view of Bruges from the roof of the old brewery. The Guided tours last 45 minutes and at the end, a full glass of the brewery’s signiture “Bruges Zot” beer is included with the €5.50 price of the tour, making the tour itself a bargain, well worth the modest price. The De Halve Mann Brewery is located at the Walplein square in the center of Bruges. The tour hours are from 11am to 4pm (until 3pm in winter), but the Brewery Pub Restuarant at the De Halve Maan Brasserie is open from 10am, serving lunch and dinner as well as the varieties of Henri Maes beers. P.S. the ‘Brugse Zot’ is very good and won’t make you feel foolish – unless of course you imbibe like a fool.