When approaching Bruges, one can already see from afar the highest tower in the city, the tower of Our Lady's Church. Although this church is not the most important one on the religious level (St Salvator's church is) it certainly attracts most visitors because of its medieval character and the important works of art that can be admired here. Architecturally Our Lady does not present a uniform style. The construction has to be situated between the second half of the 13th century and the late 15th century. The style varies from late Romanesque style over Scheldt-Gothic to French Gothic. Furthermore, in the 18th century Our Lady was transformed into a more contemporary style. Around 1900, however, the church was renovated whereby the renovators tried to re-establish the original medieval styles. The most important and eye-catching part of the church is certainly the tower. The building started in the middle of the 13th century. The tower reaches a heigth of 122 meters, which makes it the second highest church tower in Belgium (The cathedral of Antwerp has the highest  tower: 123 m !). A really enormous mass of bricks was used for the tower. It is impossible to imagine that this mighty edifice could one day collapse or that some authority would decide to demolish it. The tower looks like it was built for eternity. The reason why so many tourists visit Our Lady is, of course, the presence of the Madonna by Michelangelo and the splendid tombstones of Mary of Burgundy and her father Charles the Bold.