Walk in the historical Bruges. Guided Walking Tours. Guided walks are a great way to experience the main sites of Bruges in more depth. There are an endless number of walking tours on offer which take you on different routes, depending upon your interests. Bruges is rich in medieval architecture and the guides are good at explaining their origins. You will encounter a variety of city sites, such as the Market Square (Belfry and historical building facades), the "Burg" (city castle) Square (City Hall, Basilica of The Holy Blood) the "Reien" (picturesque canals and waterways), the Fish market and the "Europa-College". You will wander along most foremost museums (such as the "Groeninge", "Gruuthuse" and "Brangwyn" museums), the Church of Our Lady (with a statue of the Madonna with child by Michelangelo), the old Saint John’s Hospital with the "Memling" Museum, almshouses, the Beguinage and the waters of the "Minnewater".