Boat: Boats can also be used to travel around Bruges. Boats are mainly operated from the centre of the city of Bruges and this half an hour boat ride is pretty popular in the city, so one can expect a lot of people already waiting for their ride. There are frequent boats leaving to the south of the Burge mainly close to Blinde Ezelstraat and the Vismarkt. At winter times, the number of boats is fairly reduced. For the best boating experience, try taking the Lamme Goedzaak river barge to Damme. Damme was once known to be the main port of the city of Bruges, but lately it is just a pretty village. To take this trip, all you have to do is go to the Noorweegse Kaai at Dampoort, which is located 2 km to the north of Bruges on the number 4 bus route from the Markt. This boat ride to Damme takes 40 minutes and is operated daily from Easter to the beginning of September.