Bruges, Belgium via bike. It has been many years since I first visited Bruges, Belgium, but one image stays strong in my memory – bicycles. They are everywhere in this tiny town, about 50 miles northwest from Brussels, and are definitely the recommended mode of transportation while visiting. As you arrive in the train station, you will find the first opportunity to rent bikes, in the station, for 6,50 Euros for half a day, 9,50 Euros for a full day. The bikes must be returned before 7:30pm, and you are required to leave a deposit. If you prefer a guided tour, by bicycle of Bruges, Toerisme Brugge lists several bike tour companies, including Pink Bear Bike Tours, which arranges leisurely rides to nearby Damme via a tree-lined canal. Many photo opportunities abound, with picturesque windmills and Flemish villages. And if you are interested in exploring the country of Belgium via bike, it is good to know that bikes can be taken on trains, although you will need a special bike + train ticket. In addition, you are advised to travel off-peak with your bike, and follow the train conductors as to where to load and unload your bike.