Aerial view of Coastal Mountains and glaciers north of Juneau, Southeast Alaska. Juneau has an amazing number of fully accessible mountains and ridges. This site will concentrate on four or five of the most popular. All take about 7-8 hours to climb and return at a moderate pace. Those interested in further climbs may want to contact the Juneau Alpine Club. A variety of pictures of their various hikes are posted at the club's site. These trails should not be tried by the timid. Mt. Juneau, Jumbo and McGinnis have various steep areas. All require stamina and care. Take lots of water, energy foods, and layered clothing (since the top can be windy and cold). Check the weather and bring rain gear if there is any chance of rain. Let someone know where you are going and when to expect you to return. A guide (or at least someone familiar with the trails) is strongly recommended. Views are spectacular and worth the effort.